Written by Richard

7 Oct 2011

My girlfriend and I have just returned from a holiday in France. Nothing remarkable about that but I would like to relate a true and very horny experience we both had while touring around the Mediterranean coast area. We are a mature couple (62/49), straight, and have never been involved in any swinging before in the 4 years we have been together. It was not our desire to experiment in the scene only to satisfy our curiosity on a purely voyeuristic level to see if attending one of the famous Cap d`Adge clubs would enhance our enjoyment of each other and create a possible bi scene for my girlfriend which has long been a fancy of mine and one I think she would also like. There is no doubt that being away in another country where nobody knew us probably helped the experience but I am hopeful that at some time while in the UK this fantasy will be fulfilled.

We spent 3 days in Cap visiting Le Glamour and Le Juls as well as the extensive nudist beaches during the day. This proved a relaxed prelude to the evenings entertainment on offer as couples were quite openly exploring each others bodies which with the sun shinning and sea air obviously affected everyones libido! It proved very stimulating and a tremendous learning curve from the preparation and anticipated excitement of "what to wear" (I arbitarily decided underwear would be banned) and with sexy little dresses the order of the day very horny knowing you can feel the wetness of your partner at any time without fear or embarrassment. This we indulged in while others were sucking,fingering, having girl on girl experiences on the dance floor plus some phenomenal pole dancing by non professional girls just having fun and airing their bare pussies. We did get to fuck together in a private room while others around were doing whatever they felt was their scene in a very liberated, sexually charged atmosphere that existed in both the 2 clubs we visited.

I would strongly reccomend the experience as we both were turned on by the complete freedom of these places where we were never bothered by unwanted intrusion into our space or interference from others. The club scene was a revelation to us but one in which we enjoyed ourselves and one that brings with it some good horny memories.

Not your made up recollection only a true observation that we will share in more detail if any of you want more information?