Written by keeper75

8 Jul 2012

After several conversations with my fiance my filthy mind raced with excitement, I made the decision tonight; fantasy would become reality. A brief mention for the plan of action consisted of a chinese followed by drinks in Manchester's gay village. My cuck and I visited the village last month, I had been previously on several occasions but never with the fiance. He had expressed his thoughts of other men kissing and fucking me. I felt the occasion was ideal, being quite flirtatious i attracted the attention of two young boys on the dance floor, I instructed cuck to remain stood watching his girl dance with the two youngsters. I moved closer grinding my pelvis on the now growing cock and began seductively kissing one of the boys, his friend cautiously stepping between us as he pointed out cucks glare of envy. "Your man is there and he's seen you kissing my mate" "Its fine" i replied, "ive told him to stay there, he'll do as he's told, he's my cuck" my heart raced with excitement, i loved being a flirt and although i felt the youths cock bulging in his trousers and tasted his sweet lips, i had no intention of fucking him.

My mind raced with all the fantasy stories and the teasing events of those young boys, I really wanted to treat my cuck to something he has never encountered but has recently spoken of....

The taxi was booked and the train time was observed, cuck was a good boy at helping me to get ready. I had showered and he sat waiting to cream my small toned body. massaging my freshly waxed legs and pussy, i had a seriously filthy night planed. i stepped into my dress and cuck, being a lover of seductive high heels chose the stilettos. the taxi had arrived and to my joy, cuck was wearing his pink silky knickers which we had purposely purchased last weekend. my first hint for a thrilled evening was his mention of how sensual the briefs felt, "at least your wearing knickers" i replied. As we sat on the train i placed his hand up my dress; "Oh you dirty bitch, where are your knickers?"

I couldn't wait for the night to begin, I had so much planned and hoped my naughty little mind would take place in real events. The chinese was delicious, the first bar we went into consisted of people watching and my time to check out cucks willingness to partake in the treat i had in store. I caught his eye looking at the very attractive men dressed with their stilettos, dresses, excessive make up and big hair. tonight i wanted to treat him to his fantasy, I wanted one of these special ladies to seduce my man. his first ever encounter of cock sucking and fucking.

The fourth bar approached and after purchasing drinks a tall, slim fabulous legged guy overheard my cuck say "um, she's got stunning legs" he back tracked and corrected cuck "Guy... Now what do you think?" "ummm, yeah, still very stunning" the conversation took hold. Lynn was lovely, I suggested how much i would love to watch my cuck kiss, and become sexually intimate with another man. "umm, maybe i could help you?" "well i hope so" immediately he turned and observed my cucks toned muscular physique, running his hand across his chest down his arms and around to his arse, "very toned, i like this" moving his hand around the front of his jeans taking hold of his semi hard cock he announced " oh and i like this too" I looked over at cuck and gave the slight prompt to kiss his new playmate. i could sense his heart racing, the adrenaline bursting around his body as he leaned in for the first kiss. fuck me i was ironically turned on far more than i imagined. As lynn was dressed feminine, cuck asked, "so have you still got a cock?" with realisation in hearing himself he apologised but lynn immediately answered "hell yes, I love my cock, i love cock!" we found ourselves a seat and chatted more as lynn continued to stroke cucks hard cock initially over his jeans and then to my surprise, cucks buttons came open and out came my beautiful thick cock, i could see the head glistening with the sticky pre cum, Lynn also caught sight of this and clarified it when he grabbed hold of cucks throbbing cock. "you have a gift for me? umm i just would love to suck and clean this cock. cuck looked at me almost asking for permission, i smiled and said "suck his cock" his lipstick covered lips wrapped themselves around his erect cock, cucks heart raced as he grabbed hold of lynns long golden locks forcing his head deeper onto his cock. my heart raced as i was watching my fiance have his cock sucked by another man and the prospect of them being seen by someone. i knew from the angle they were positioned that they wouldn't be seen but my mind raced and i didn't want it to end. I wanted to watch him being fucked and i knew from cucks fantasy he would want to suck lynns cock. moans and groans reached a pitch of cuck being on the verge of cuming, lynns mouth filled with spunk, passing it back as they kissed i felt myself getting extremely wet, as lynn lapped up the cum from on and around my cucks cock i placed cucks hand under my dress, "fuck me your wet" i looked at Lynn "I want you to fuck him, lets go home" Lynn lived close so we made our way back there. en-route in the taxi i lifted my skirt and began to play with my pussy. the two boys started to kiss as cuck had his hand up lynns dress releasing his 7inch cock. The taxi driver had a free show, i caught him watching a few times and suggested he parked up before he crashed. I was feeling really horny and wanted more than my pussy being played with. i wanted fucking too! we pulled up outside lynns place and i asked the taxi driver to help me out the car. as he opened the door i stepped out leaving my dress pulled up over my waist. "ooh, can you give me a hand pulling this down too please?" he grasped hold of my arse and pulled me towards him as we kissed i felt his huge cock, i sensed how frustrated he was 'You can clean my pussy before i go inside if u like?" squatting sown he offered my pussy the full length of his tongue, lapping up my juices, sucking hard on my clit as he sank two fingers slowly in and out. I could see cuck watching me from the window with his cock in his hand vigorously wanking at the sight. Lynn beckoned me inside, "were waiting for you, come on" I thanked Mr Taxi man for his cleaning and swiftly made my way to the front door towards lynn.

As this was cucks first experience, i wasn't sure about a second opportunity, so out came the phone and video mode began. "My little cuck, be a darling and show me your playmates cock, then get on your knees and suck it" the view was awesome, Lynn stood and turned cuck facedown as his 7inch cock was lubed with oil , lynn kissing and sucking cucks arse hole then layering it with oil, I could hear him describing the coming event... as cucks arse pushed tightly into lynns face, he was gagging for it. "fuck him" i demanded from the chair. Lynn took hold of his cock as he firmly guided it into cucks arse. oh the relief and pleasure on cucks face. groaning sounds coming from his aroused body as he was experiencing his fantasy, he was no longer aware of my presence as he was loving the fantasy come true. as lynn was ready to come i urged, "come in his face" "and you... fucking lick it clean and maybe i'll let you fuck him" oh he did a good job, "ok, lets see you fucking your friend" Lynn lay on his back as cuck placed his cock snugly into lynns arse, "oh fuck" cuck repeated several times, I watched as he slowly dipped his hard cock in lynns arse, gaining speed as he held lynns legs firmly up, lynns balls beating against cucks stomach, cuck shot his load up lynns arse. they finished with a long lustful kiss as Lynn asked "did you enjoy that Cuck?" "Fuck yeah, Thank you and.... can i have your number?" we each laughed, Lynn questioned " where did you buy your silkies?" grasping cucks bright pink silk knickers from the floor cuck looked over at me embarrassed and said "she makes me wear them" before the night drew to an end, cuck made sure of a telephone exchange!

Amazed by his experience we have moments of flash backs, conversations of the event and lots of laughter. Not to mention our iphone video. ooh that does get watched over and over! crazy night. cant wait to meet Lynn again.