Written by kajon

13 May 2018

Me and Karen went down to London, just the two of us. We'd been to the same hotel previously to see a couple of shows. This time it wasn't to see a show, just somewhere different to where we lived in Northern England in a small town. Karen isn't as reserved away from home because there was no chance of her being recognised. Because we weren't going to a show, the only thing to do on a night time was go to the Pictures or go drinking so we just opted for an Indian and a few drinks in our hotel. During the day we always went for a look round Soho as we love the excitement of browsing round the numerous sex shops. I always bought a mens magazine for later and she bought a black dildo/vibrator . Then later if she didnt score she'd gobble me as I used her toy in her fanny. She also liked to hear me read the stories while she sucked me. . Her favourite stories were wrote by husbands who like to share their wives. It gets her horny thinking of the cocks she's had off a few of my friends including John in his taxi..

I always find the last night the horniest night so are on the lookout for another cock for her. So she dressed to attract with stockings and suspenders under her short button fronted skirt and a thin nylon blouse that showed off her black bra and her 38c tits if she opened her jacket . Well this last night after having an Indian and then a few drinks we sat in our hotel and a couple of young men started chatting to us. I thought to myself I wonder if she'd be up for teasing two men rather than just one. I could see them eyeing her up as if I wasn't there. I knew she was enjoying it so I whispered they fancy her and she said she knows that. I I suggested she open her jacket which she did and try to let them get some upskirt views. She is good at flashing her knickers so she started teasing them discretely.. They must have got a nice view of her cleavage cos her bra's are always quarter cup type with the tits nearly out of the cups. Then they were soon getting the odd upskirt look. The flirting then started more and because they could see by my face they knew I didn't mind them flirting with her . In fact at some of their comments I smiled over at them especially when they said in Tenerife one of them tapped a married woman up and she had said bring your friend cos we cant leave him out.I gave them a Thumbs up when he said that and said I dont think Joan would do anything like that. I knew that would bait her cos she said two men is as easy as just one. One of them said how do you know that ?and with her being a bit drunk she said she's had two men lots of times. As soon as she said that one of them said 'fancy coming up to our room' . She looked at me so I said its ok with me. We finished our drinks and went up the lift to their room. I stood behind her and she stood next to them. One had his arm around her waist and I had the horn on cos I knew they wanted to fuck her. They had already figured that I didn't mind sharing my wife.

We got to the room so I sat on the chair and Karen sat on the side of the bed.They sat either side of her .Karen doesnt normally let men kiss her but this time she must have liked the fella cos they started knecking on.

Watching her between two men being kissed was a real turn on for me, so I just watched as the other guy started to undo her blouse while the other kissed her. In seconds the blouse was wide open, then he unclipped her bra and started to suck on her nipples. I knew then that she was going to let both men fuck her after allowing them to get that far.

She told them she doesnt want stripped off so they just unbuttoned her skirt and left the top button closed so her skirt was wide open showing her stockings and suspenders and her skimpy nylon knickers. With her being between them one guy sucked her tits and the other pulled her knickers to the side to lick her fanny lips. I enjoyed seeing two men wanting a chance to fuck Karen so I got my cock out and sat wanking slowly.

She looked over and saw me with my cock out standing up rock hard. I heard him say he wanted to fuck her and heard her say thats why I'm here. So they got her to lie on her back on the bed and put a couple of pillows under her bum. He was soon on top and started fucking her. He had a fair size cock so I knew she'd be pleased. Just guessing it wasn't far off 8 inches while his pal put his 7 inch cock to her mouth. As she sucked him he groped her tits. She gobbled him too good cos she sucked him off but didnt want to swallow so made him pull out and spunk over her tits. His pal called him allsorts for cumming cos he'd now miss a good fuck of her. He just said he'd be up and ready again in an hour and he was. So Karen got two cocks in that room and when we got back to ours she wanted me up her. The dildo and mens mag wasnt needed that night so packed in our case to take home.