29 Aug 2016

Good Morning, I am Douglas a 37yr old surveillance technician from the East Midlands, we design and make security cameras etc.

I have long had a fetish about Women in tight white jeans, blue or black denim jeans don’t quite do it for me, has to be white. I have bought a couple of pairs for my Wife Jilly, who unsuspectingly wears them, (well maybe she does as we always end up having sex when she wears them).

Well I finally confessed on Holiday last Month that she looked super sexy in them, she just laughed and wiggled her bum at me,

Jilly is a year younger and takes full of the free Gym membership our company allows us, to the point where she has a very trim figure, great legs and firm boobs (34D).

Well we came home from Holiday and the following weekend we were out for a meal, and yes Jilly had her white jeans on, sleeveless top and a orange Bolero jacket,

We had a very nice meal and several glasses of wine, on our way back to the Taxi rank we passed a bar / club and decided to call in for a drink, I had commented on how sexy she looked and the way her bum swayed when she walked, adding I am surprised no one is staring at it! Jilly laughed that sexy laugh of hers and said well they won’t while you are here will they? I stupidly asked her what she meant! And with a twinkle in her eye and a smile she said, don’t think I don’t know about your websites, especially that swinging whatsit, for a surveillance technician you leave a remarkably easy trail.

I was Gobsmacked, and sat there with a stupid look on my face, Eventually I tried my luck, I said, so! What your saying is I should go and leave you here? Again that smile and a simple Yep!, oh right I said well err …well I’ll be off then, ok she said, right then ermm see you later, ok she said again with a laugh.

I walked slowly out of the bar, glancing back through the window, to see Jilly sitting at the table alone, I caught a Taxi Home my head in turmoil, I hadn’t bargained for that, although judging by my bulging trousers it seemed obvious it appealed to me.

I got home, and went to my Den. I have of course security cameras installed as we live in the country, I had also put one in our bedroom, an upgrade on the Teddycam, it was built into a replica ornate carriage clock, I confess on occasions watching Jilly get undressed, I flicked the screen on and watched all the cameras on the screen, not much to see as it was dark, about 1am I got a txt from Jilly, on my way back, and I have company, half an hour later the external camera showed a vehicle sweeping up our drive, out stepped Jilly and a guy, couldn’t really get a clear look, but he seemed slightly taller and with what appeared to be an athletic build. I have no sound on our cameras, but I definitely heard Jilly giggle in the hallway, they made their way upstairs and the lights came on in the bedroom, I could see quite clearly as they stopped just inside the doorway and kissed, short kiss at first, then a much deeper lingering one, his hands went to Jillys bum, her hand straight between the guys legs,

Off came the jacket, followed by her top, his tee shirt was off, it was quite frantic now, I was tinged with anger and jealousy yet strangely drawn to what was unfolding, Jillys bra followed and the guy started playing with her boobs, paying attention to Jillys nipples, she was busy undoing his belt and trousers, he laid Jilly down and started sucking her breasts whilst massaging her Fanny through the Jeans, he back was arching and her mouth partly open, I realised I had my trousers undone and my cock out and I was surprised to find it hard, the guy started peeling Jillys jeans off until he had my Wife naked on the bed, he stood and shed the rest of his clothes displaying an impressive hard on, he then positioned himself between my Wifes legs and slowly entered her, his motion was slow at first then getting quicker, the two of them were locked together in in perfect unison, he was certainly a stayer this guy, he must have been screwing for 20 minutes, a couple of times I noticed Jilly arch her back and neck and go rigid, a tell tale sign of orgasm, finally they stopped and stayed in that position for a few minutes before he rolled off and they just layed there smiling at each other, I had sprayed cum all over the display screen, the bedroom lights eventually went off, however the car remained, so I sat and waited, I dozed off because next thing I knew it was light, I looked at my stained screen to see the bedclothes going up and down, he had stayed all night!!!! Eventually the tell tale signs of orgasm again, this time eventually they both got up, he dressed and Jilly slipped a robe over herself, they went down and she let the guy out.

I came out of my den and looked at Jilly, she smiled that smile of hers and asked if I enjoyed that? Not as much as you did I replied, she went to make coffee, I followed, Jilly motioned me to sit down, now then she said, Don’t think I don’t know about the cam in the Bedroom, and don’t think I don’t know about the Woman from the seminar, the guys name is Billy, he likes white Jeans too and we have been seeing each other for about six months on and off (pardon the pun) if it’s ok for you Douglas it’s ok for me!

I had no answer to that…….

Jilly has stopped seeing Billy, and we are still happily together. However that image of Jilly with another guy is firmly embellished on my brain.