Written by happy husband

20 Feb 2010

one night going back last year my wife and i hit the town like we often did and had a great time as normal after a few drinks the wife get into the mood for some hardcore sexy dancing this quite often gets male intrest and as she is up there on the dance floor often for 20-30 mins a time theres a lot of touchy feely she enjoys this of course (what woman doesnt)this one night there was a bloke and he was all over her and she didnt fight him off but lapped up the attention he dissapeared off in the direction of the toilets she came over to me and said what do i do ?? i said to her babe what do you want to do i mean you look like your enjoying yourself ... she said i am and hes kinda fit so i said if you were single would you fuck him ?? she said dam right oh yes hes been dancing sexy and rubbing himself against my bum his hardon is massive .... so i said babe i love you i leave it down to you ok she said love you too ... and dissapeared off to the dancefloor the guy came back they started dancing again behing her and ran his hands up around the front and grabbed her tits i was shocked but also didnt quite know how to react so leaving it they carried on and she pointed at me and whispered in the blokes ear something he looked at me and smiled then they both came over to my table and sat down he said mate ytour mrs is one horny woman i smiled back an dsaid she sure is and with that my wife leant over and whispered in my ear hes coming home to bed with us my eyes widened with complete shock oh right i said ... she said are you ok with that i really would like to fuck him and you did say youd let me live out my fantasy so what could i say my wife was soon going to be playing with some other guy !!!!! ok babe lets do it so we went outside and hailed a cab on the ride home she sat next to the guy and he had his hands all over her tits then they started kissing which i didnt feel comfortable about but then this was my wifes fantasy who was i to get in the way ???we got home and coats got flung on the floor and i think lust took over a bit as they were off on the couch i didnt know quite what to do she pushed him back and started to unbutton him and fumbled around and oh my god pulled out what was still semi soft a cock that was 10 inch aprox and almost coke can thick and looked at me and kringed i felt totally inadequate and immediatly thought how the hells he going to get that in my wifes tight little pussy i mean im 7" and quite thick and even i have trouble she sucked him as best she could then it was huge... i undid her jeans pulled her knicks down and started to get her wet after 5 mins he said to me is she ready i looked at her and she smiled that naughty smile i said oh yeh so he rubbed it up and down her entrance then slipped the head in she screamed as he slid in inch by inch he only got half in and she said no more he grinned then started to ram her hard ... she was screaming he planted it right up to the balls she was on a different planet and loving his rythem she came 3 times in 5 mins not wanting to feel left out i stuck my cock in her mouth which she geedily accepted,shortly after me and lover boy came together one load in her tight pussy and my load right down her throat ... she was needless to say very sore after but she seen him out and gave me the biggest cuddle ever and thanked me !!!!! i enjoyed the show as well may even sujest doing it again with a female ohhhhhhh yessssssss hmmmmmmm