Written by John

18 Sep 2016

Part 1 - Whilst tame in comparison to some of the stories on here, i found this experience incredibly horny, and the best part is that it's 100% true..

On the rare occasions when Jane and i have time alone, we like to go out for a few drinks into town and i always try and get her to remove her underwear so other men get a glimpse of her pussy, its something that's always got my blood pumping, but unfortunetally its not often that she agrees and when she does shes very concious how she sits and what she does so that she doesnt expose herself.

However last night was the exception, Jane wore a light material navy dress which had a split going up the middle, everytime she stood up or moved it opened up revealing her knickers to anyone who happened to be around. A few drinks later Jane came back from the toilet with a big grin on her face, at first i thought nothing of it and put it down to the drink...

Then when she sat down her dress opened again revealing her shaven pussy, and her nipples were like bullets poking through her dress, we were sat by a bunch of men playing pool and although im not certain it would have been hard not to have noticed.

Through the course of the evening, Jane flashed her pussy and tits to me at every opportunity, regardless of who was around, then late on we were sat alone at the back of the bar when some guy came to sit opposite us, amazingly Jane made no effort to cover up and he would have seen her in all her glory which made me incredibly horny. After a short while we got chatting to this guy and we asked him if he could take a photo of us both and he duly obliged, then when i had my phone back i looked at the photo he had taken and Jane had her legs open with her pussy on display! I then asked if he would have a photo with her, and of course he did so without hesitation, the image of my wife with a complete stranger and her pussy and display is one i'll never forget.

Part 2 - Since this instance we've tried on many occassions to repeat this incredibly horny scenario, but unfortunately the circumstances never really seemed to pan out as we'd hoped, however just before Christmas we decided to go away for the night (far enough so we were unlikely to be seen by anyone we knew...), and again it was either too busy or the opportunity didn't come up.

So we thought we'd get a taxi back to the hotel and have an early night, slightly worse for wear Jane got in and sat behind the passenger seat and nodded off, i sat directly behind the driver. I noticed on quite a few occassions that the driver would take a long glance in the rear view mirror, i don't know if it was the drink or the disappointment that the evening hadn't gone to plan but i was totally oblivious to the fact he was watching Jane sleeping!

When it finally registered what he was doing i was hard instantly, looking over at Jane i could see that her skirt had ridden up and her legs open a little, so it was possible that he could see her pussy, but i couldn't be sure, and there was no way was i going to miss this opportunity.

At this point i shuffled over to Jane, pretending that i was unaware he was watching, then started to kiss her neck as this drives her wild, she started to breath a little heavy but kept her eyes shut and head up against the window. I then took her right leg and lifted it over my lap, so at this point her legs were completely open and there's absolutely no doubt that he could see everything, (and at this point he made no effort in pretending that he wasn't looking, eveytime we came to a stop he'd turn around and take a good look)...i placed my hand on her pussy, rubbed my finger up and down her slit and couldn't believe just how wet she was, it maybe because of something she was dreaming of but i'm sure she knew exactly what was going on.

I removed my hand from between her legs not to block the view for him, then pulled down Janes top so both her tits were exposed, i started sucking on one and groping the other, her nipples were rock hard, and i have to admit the thought of her being completely exposed to someone we only met a few moments ago had me almost bursting!

I pulled out my cock and placed Janes hand on it, she gripped it tightly and started wanking me, it's then i knew for sure she knew what was happening, then after a few moments she opened her eyes, turned to look at me with a cheeky grin and a glint in her eye and asked if the 2 off us were enjoying, she could see from my face that i was loving it and about to burst, Jane then got up and sat on my cock, still facing the driver so he could see her soaking wet pussy slide up and down my cock, and her tits bouncing in doing so! Within minutes we both climaxed, but rather than adjust her clothing she remained exposed for the rest of the journey.