Written by Gary

23 Aug 2018

I’m afraid my wife has developed a disturbing fetish if that is the correct word, and it’s all my fault.

Like a lot of men, I had fantasised about Paula being fucked by another man. However at 48 years old and married for 26 years this has always been a fantasy though when we have made love I had often spoke of this and Paula responded by cumming very heavily.

The fetish she has developed, is for young men of the legal age for sex under up to 20 years old.

How did this happen well let me explain.

Three years ago, a young lad started work in my firm and he was nerdy looking, glasses, skinny and lancky and he as teased mercilessly by the other apprentices and older men because he was a virgin.

One day I caught him wanking in the toilet and he had a pretty big cock on him, which looked even bigger because of his general skinniness. He didn’t notice me look over the top of the cubicle as he as engrossed in his personal pleasure.

That night I told Paula about this as we made love and I then whispered that perhaps she might consider taking his virginity. Almost immediately she shuddered violently and came there and then.

All week she quizzed me about him and then asked if I as serious and ho would we go about getting him between her legs.

I decided to invite him out for a drink and told Paula about our plans and to meet us in the pub.

When she arrived, my cock nearly jumped out of my pants. Paula has short black hair, is 5’5, shaply legs and a fine pair of tits which because of not having had kids, haven’t gone south yet. She had dressed for the occasion with 4 inch heels black holdups as we later found out a leather mini ish skirt that she had some years ago and a black blouse. I have to add that she doesn’t shave but she keeps a bikini line trimmed as she is pretty hairy if she lets it go.

I introduced her to Mark and he stammered a hello. Paula squeezed in beside him with her skirt riding up and showing more leg now and Mark had difficulty in talking to me while eyeballing Paula.

When Paula got up to go to the toilet L saw his eyes follow her and I broached the subject of his virginity and he looked very embarrassed but I reassured him and told him that I had told Paula about it and that she had suggested that she took his virginity.

The look on his face as a picture, he blushed, stammered a reply that I couldn’t make out. Paula came back and I winked to her to let her know that I’d let Mark in on the situation. She sat down beside him again and I think she looked a little embarrassed but placing her hand on his crotch and whispered in his ear that it as time to leave.

When e arrived home Paula sat next to Mark and I sat opposite. Paula leaned in and kissed him, putting her tongue in his mouth and stroking his crotch. He seemed not to know hat to do so I said to him to put his hand in her blouse and feel her tits. It as then that he realised that I as sitting watching. He seemed unsure of the situation so I told him again and he did, then without being told he stroked her leg and his hand disappeared up her skirt and his face lit up, unbeknown to me, Paula has taken her pants off when she visited the toilet, so of course Mark had his first feel of a hairy cunt, a mature hairy cunt and I had my cock in my hand wanking it slowly

Within 5 minutes they were both naked and I saw the full extent of his cock, about 8 inches, not thick but uncut and banana shaped. Paula lay on her back and reached out for him, howerver his first attempt at a fuck didn’t go too well. His breathing was very heavy and he was shaking like a leaf and making strange grunting noises. He lowered himself between her legs and like a bull at a gate, he made half a dozen stabbing thrusts at my wife’s cunt and just as she told him to slow down, he groaned and splashed cum all over the outside of her cunt and arse.

He looked shamefaced and said he was sorry but Paula reassured him, and when I noticed that he as still hard, I told him to look at her cunt, then I went over and kneeling beside her I opened her up for him and told him to support himself on his hands and while I held her open Paula took his cock and guided him inside her.

It as a fantastic sight to see his long cock slide inside my wife.

The look on his face was priceless and straight way he started going at her like a piston until within about 30 seconds he came again but this time his spunk as inside Paula .

He lay there a while thank her and telling her how grateful he was. I told him to move over and I got between her legs and fucked her for a good 10 minutes before my spunk combined with Marks.

It was then Paula asked him if he would like to stay the night and while I went off for a sleep in the guest room Paula took Mark to bed and once or twice when I woke I heard the unmistakable sounds of carnal exercises.

The next morning after breakfast, unprompted by me Paula told Mark that he could come again but only if he told no one about this to which he agreed.

However you ill remember that I said that Paula had developed a disturbing fetish, well a few weeks later I came in from the pub after an afternoon session and I heard laughing and sex noises and on going up to our bedroom found Mark and 2 new friends and Paula all naked and engaged in what could only be described as a teenage gangbang. At first I nearly blew my top but then just settled don to watch.

Since then Paula has regular sessions single or multiple partners but none of them ever over 20.

Even when we went on holiday to Thailand last year she had some of the younger workers at the hotel in bed within a day, however, as I said, this is all my fault for suggesting this to her in the first place and I have some wonderful MP4’s of her sessions