Written by james

15 Mar 2008

We decided to have a weekend in london. Kim is mid 40's small, slim with big tits and a neatly shaven fanny.While she likes a fuck has never been particularly adventurous.

We had been to a show and returned to the hotel where we got progressively more drunk in the bar.

After we had been there a couple of hours to men joined us. Both in there 40's I would guess and said they were sales reps. Both were overweight but smart.

I was sat on a chair, and kim on a settee and the two men sat on either side of her. From where I was sat I could see slightly up her skirt. She had skimpy white see through pants on and no stockings.

The conversation livened up with the drink. Soon the sales guys (never got their names) were talking about the women they had loved and lost.

This seemed to have an impact on Kim and she opened her legs slightly and I could see even more of her pants.

There was no-one else in the bar, and I noticed one of the men touch Kim's knee and leave his hand there. As he was talking it slipped slowly up her thigh and I saw his fingers close to the leg of her pants.

She seemed as if she had not noticed, but my cock was stiffening by the second.

Kim then said we should get some sleep, but quick as a flash one of the guys (with the wandering hand)asked if we fancied a knight cap.

We all went to his room. They must have been minted as it was huge. Kim sat on a settee with one guy next to her, I sat on a chair facing, and one chap lying on the bed.

I was given a drink but must have dozed off. I woke when I felt lips around my cock and immediately went hard. I heard the unmistable sound of Kim gently screaming and opened my eyes. Her arse was in the air and she was being fucked doggy style and loving it.

I was being sucked off by a bloke. It had never appealed but seeing my wife get fucked by someone else was too much to handle and I shot my load as I heard Kim squeal. Then, she pulled clear and begged me to fuck her, but I couldnt, so the bloke that had sucked me off dribbled my spunk on her arse, and shoved his cock up her glory hole. Even i hadn't ever done that. She loved it and she came within seconds.

We have never spoken about that weekend. But I have wanked while thinking about it plenty of times since.