Written by boltonlad

15 Sep 2008

My wife had been screwing other men for a couple of years with my blessing !!! Being told by her when she came home to me about the size of her \"lovers\" cock and how they make her come never failed to get me hard and ready to slip into her wet used pussy!!!!

I recently told you how she had gone out one night in a local pub and ended up at a blokes house where he ended up putting his big dick between her masive boobs (she had a boob job as a present for my 40th birthday!!!) while she sucked him off. My wife really wanted to fuck him that night but was bothered that they were being watched by his mates from the kitchen.

She was really going on about fucking Paul but for once I was bothered because he was a local lad and our village is on the small side and secrets are hard to keep!!!!

My wifes way around this was to suggest that we have a threesome !!!!

We have done this once before and it was the best sex ever !!!! Knowing that someone is fucking your wife is exciting but seeing someone holding your wifes arse as she is lowered onto a well hard cock is unbelievable !!!!!

I was up for this straight away the only problem was having to ask Paul if he would be interested.

After some time I finally managed to get him to meet me in a local pub where over a couple of pints and some awkward explaining by me he eagerly agreed to our proposal.

When I told my wife that Paul was up for it she was more excited than I had ever seen her before !!!! She told me over and over again about how she had struggled to get his hard cock in her mouth and couldnt wait to feel it between her cunt lips.

Later that weekend my wife went out down town on her usual night out

I watched her getting ready putting on some tight jeans and knee length boots with shirt type top that was really tight showing off her tits to good effect..... especially her nipples!!!!!!

I dropped her off in town then made my way home asnormal to wait for her to call me asking to be picked up at the end of the night.

Anyhow shortly after midnight she called asking for a lift which was earlier than usual but I went to collect her anyway.

When I got there she told me that she had been texting Paul all evening and had arranged that we would be giving him a lift home s well !!!!!

Sure enough about 15minutes later Paul arrived and they got into the back of the car leaving me to drive home he couldnt take his eyes of her tits and all I could think about was his cock between them the last time they were together.

On the journey back it was my wife who suggested that we go back to his house as it was still quite early Paul agreed straight away and then started to kiss my wife.!!! I was sure she had her hand on his cock but i couldnt see properly what they were up to in the back of the car. Thankfully we were soon at his house and we all settled down on his sofa in the living room where we sat with my wife between us and made a bit of chit chat.

After a while I couldnt wait any longer to see my wife being fucked again so I took her right leg and pulled it towards me so that it was over my lap and started to stroke her thigh she immerdiately put her other leg over Pauls lap and we both started to rub the inside of her highs through her jeans !!!! She told us how good it felt and that she wanted to take her jeans off and let us rub her cunt !!!!!!

I got off the sofa and bent down to take her boots off Paul started to unfasten her jeans at the top so that I could pull them off as i was pulling her jeans down her legs Paul started to unfasten the buttons on her shirt letting her tits spill out into view!!!!! By the time I had my wifes jeans off Paul was sucking on her tit making her moan out loud !!!!! Paul then put his hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy pulling her thong to one side........ I just watched mesmerised as he then worked his finger up into her cunt making my wife wriggle trying to get more of it inside her !!!!!

Paul then pushed my wife off and stood up unfastened his jeans and took his cock out....... my wife told me how big it was but to see it for real was something else !!!! My wife did no more than put her boots back on and stood bent over the sofa and stuck her arse towards Paul telling him to fuck her hard !!!!! Paul moved towards her holding his big hard dick and eased it between her thighs and I then stood there and watched my wife ease it between her cunt lips and up her pussy. Paul then started to literally bang his prick up my wifes cunt making a loud slapping noise on her arse as he pushed his cock up her cunt at the same time he was grabbing her big tits as they were swinging about as he fucked her !!!!!

My wife kept telling me how marvellous it was and pushed her arse back at Paul as he fucked her.

It wasnt long before Paul tensed up and grabbing her thighs he pulled my wife right back onto his cock as he shot his come right up inside her !!!!!

My wife absolutely loved it and flopped onto the sofa like a rag doll but Paul wanted some more so we all went up to his bedroom where she lay on the bed. I put my head between her thighs and saw his cum running out of her wide open swollen pussy so I just had to lick her out it was a fantastic feeling tasting all those mixed up juices I was so hard that I had to slip my cock inside her as I started to screw my wife Paul was rubbing his cock getting it hard again and moved to the top of the bed taking my wifes head and guided his cock into her mouth and started to fuck her mouth this was too much for me and I came almost immediately !!!!!!

Paul was now fully erect again and lay on the bed, I stood back and just watched as my wife straddled him and lowered herself onto his impressive prick !!!!! The sight of her cunt lips being stretched around his massive prick was incredible and as she moved up and down his shaft I swear I could see his shaft pulling her cunt lips from inside her pussy !!!!!!!!!!!!

They carried on fucking like this for some time while I wanked my cock suddenly my wife must have remembered that I was actually there a beckoned me over so that she could suck my dick at the same time, it didnt take long for me to shoot my cum in her mouth after which I became a spectator again until eventually my wife let out an almighty moan and told us that she was coming !!!!!!

She sat right down on his cock so that every last inch of it was inside her and she just wriggled herself on him until he came inside her for a second time.

After some rest we got dressed and made our way home Paul asked if this could be a regular thing which wasnt going to be a problem for us !!!!!!! My wife absolutely loved the way she was fucked and used and I loved seeing her being fucked.

We have had lots and lots of sessions.... taking part is so much more fun than hearing about my wife screwing.

Much more to tell you about !!!!!!!