Written by Her husband

4 Sep 2013

I finally get to write a true story about my wife. This happened last Saturday. My wife Jem is 5,5 size 10, firm 34d boobs, bob blonde hair and 32 but looks younger. We have been married 12 years, have a good sex life but. i have always had the fantasy of my wife being with another man.

Like other men have written, my wife has shown no interest herself in anyone else and always said i was enough and one night stands were something she did before we met so really just not interested. i have had my doubts though. When she is drunk she is a massive flirt. One night when we had only been together a year and were freshly married a mate stayed over after a night out. He stayed in our spare room and we went to bed. My wife was drunkish and horny so we started making love when all of a sudden i pulled out of her and said, "if you want finishing off then Dan ( my mate ) will have to do it, i will go and get him". She looked at me with a little panic and said no way. I said go on im really up for this. She looked at me so wonton and said ok then, but didnt look too happy. i said are you sure, she said yes. i walked to the doorway of our bedroom with my stomach churning hoping she would call me back. She didnt.

I bottled out. Still dont know why or what would of happened that night but kept me thinking for years would she ever be interested some day. As i said before she is quite flirty when tipsy and my jelousy rouses when she is flirting with someone but also my curiosity and somewhere in me my hope she will say sod it and take a bloke outside and just fuck him silly. It has never happened. We talk about it but thats as far as it goes.

Recently though her friend has split with her husband and another friend is single and another friend plays away from home, so my wife is getting stories of one night stands and witnessing lots of slutty behaviour from her friends on girls nights out. My wife constantly gets chatted up because really she is the best looking, but always declines. She has recently admitted that she has started snogging a few men but mainly hangs back with the two of her friends that arn't interested in naughtyness and always go straight back home to their hubbies. They have a laugh but that is it.

So with her friends having fun on girls nights out and me going on about the fact that the two of us are very much in love and if she were to stray it would only be sex and nothing else just a bit of fun, also showing her choice stories from this site of wifes who finally relent and do go for it, and that im more than happy for her to have some fun i actually think she got the message.


Shes been excited about going out with the girls on Saturday for weeks. What to wear, planning about transport, where to go ect...

This is a bit wierd now. Ive changed my wifes name already but with actual events being relayed on this site, getting paranoyed anyone who was there reading this would know her. ( it was only 3 days ago ). so no venue name.

5:00pm now, meeting her mates at 7:30

Long bath, hair and make up, glass wine. Then change of dress.

As usual before she goes out with her friends she talks all slutty to me, telling me shes going to fuck someone tonight as i always hope for. she never does, but always goes through with this little ritual so as to get me off so i dont keep phoning her all night or sit there with antisipation of her pulling. She likes to milk me so im done and dont get too fruity with her when she gets home.

She asks me what dress would be best for pulling tonight. Fuck, I thought. She never asked this before. She looks so sexy just standing there with nothing on, I choked "I dunno" She smiled at me, would this thong do or this one. I chose the pink satin thong. she asked me satin skirt or leather. Fuck, i could have cum right there. I chose leather. "ooow what a surprise" she smiled to me. "good choice", "my ass will get fully touched up in this, all night long I should think". My hardon nearly took off. She pulled out the walldrobe her pink clingy sequin pink top that shows off her boobs to perfection and squeezed it on. "If I dont get fucked tonight Im doing something wrong". Well i nearly jizzed there and then. She rubbed herself down from tits to her feet along her fantastic legs and ask what shoes to wear. Out came her platform patent leather fuck me shoes and as her feet sunk into them her pink polished toes pushed into view. She slowly raised her leg to the bed and put on her slutty ankle chain. She was now standing 6 foot tall in her shoes and looked an absolute goddess. "well do you think i will pull tonight"? I just sat there nodding, close to shooting my load. She bent down a little looked me in the eye and this just took me over the edge, She said " i promise you, tonight i will be home and when you fuck me just know,,,,,,,, someone else would have already been there and you will be fucking his seconds". I jizzed all over my hand and she laughed i will see you later. Sprayed some obsession on and gave me a wink. she left the house with her mobile and little clutch and got in the taxi to her friends.

I sat there and didnt know what to think. she done this a few times but tonight felt different like she meant every word. The kids went to bed i just sat up watching crap on the telly with my inside churning around. sleeping was pointless and trying to get my mind to a different place rather than whats my wife up to. The only way to get over this is to resign myself to belive like past times that my wife just wouldnt do anything like that and she would be home soon to be in my arms.

3:30am Sunday

I must have fallen asleep because i awoke to see her walk into the front room. Fuck she looked good. A bit disheveled but good. She also looked a little sheepish. My thoughts probably because shes late home. Without a word she sat next to me. In that outfit tight leather skirt squeezing her legs together i was starting to get horny.

She looked at me, took my hand and smiled "are you ok" she asked.

"Yes fine now youre home, did you have a good night out."

"Yes it was great" then she took a deep breath "I fucked someone else"

She reminded me how much I kept going on about it, that shes glad shes done it, has no regrets and hopes i understand.

I didnt know what to say. She hit me with that, although I half expected it but my emotions were everywhere. All i could say was, "good girl". She looked so relieved and happy and i just smiled at her. We kissed, I guess she needed some reasurance and just held hands looking at each other. "Well youve had some fun, its all for nothing if I dont get any as this was for us both." "Yes of course" she said. She stood up took my hand and led me upstairs to the bedroom.

I could hardly wait, afterall this is what i wanted, if more than her probably.

We sat on the bed and i just needed to know what had happened. she looked so fucking horny and even excited as she told me what had happened.

It was eleven in the club and her friends were looking about and sizing up the men when my wife and her friend went to the bar to get a drink. These really goodlooking guys were at the bar and offered them a drink. The girls took the drinks and started to pair off almost immediantly. My wife found this man to be genuinely friendly and not too pushey about sex.He had been married before, was 28 and looking for fun. Obviously sex was the main attraction and the only reason they were talking and when they danced his hands were everywhere, squeezing her bum, holding her close and lots of kissing. They went back to the girls table and sat together kissing and groping. His hand rubbing her leg the entire time, rubbing her skirt as they talked. She said this was turning her on like mad and it was then she decided she was going to let him fuck her. She had told him previously that she didnt want sex just a bit of fun but he was getting to her badly. She said her legs were bucking and when he eased his hand between her legs getting higher and higher utill he manage to squeeze his hand to her clit and then entered her with his finger untill she was squerming on her seat and her juices were starting to dribble. She whispered in his ear "Take me some where - anywhere and fuck me". she looked him straight in the eyes and he said really. She nodded and said you need a condom though. She said she hadn't seen a man move that quick before as he went to the toilet and got some condoms.He went over to his mate then came back to my wife. He had got his mates flat keys. They left holding hands as they walked out the club and to his mates flat. It wasnt too far and all my wife could think was, this is really gonna happen omg. she said she was so turned on by this man and the situation of just meeting that she started to get so wet it was running down her leg as she walked. They got to the flat, walked up the steps and he opened the door. he took her hand and led her to a bedroom. She said it wasnt romantic at all it was just sex as he laid her on the bed took of her skirt and put on the condom.Frantic and mad was her discription of what happened. She didnt want romance she didnt want love she wanted fucking and lots of it. It was raw and pasionate. It was sordid and dirty. it was sex. he pushed into her with ease and pounded away. They both came together very quickly, too quickly. The only regret was he was wearing a condom, but he had to my wife isnt on the pill. totally unprotected. They sat there on the bed congratualting each other on how good it was, but they needed more. He rolled off the condom and my wife took him in her mouth. She sucked him as her head bobbed up and down he took her head by the hair and pushed and pulled her head up and down his shaft each time going a little deeper to the back of her throat. This she absoultly loves.Then he pumped a mouth full of hot salty seed into her mouth and down her throat. She was getting off on this but needed more.

They both went to the toilet came back and sat on the bed. He asked her to stay all night but she declined and said she had to get back home to hubby.This got him going some and he asked her to wank him with the hand her wedding ring is on. She started wanking him slowly and was feeling even dirtier now. He was nice and hard and told her he was going to fuck her married cunt. She replied her married cunt cant wait. He quickly put on another condom but my wife said if he had run out she would have let him fuck her bare she was that desperate for another good shagging. He was in her hole as soon as he could and started pounding away. My wife built up a massive orgasm and that lead on to another and another. He flipped her over onto all fours and fucked her again. He lasted ages this time and that was all the better for her. She didnt count orgams she just kept having more and more. He flipped her over one more time and they both looked into each others eyes as they both came together.

She got up and dressed looking for her clothes flung across the room. As she left she walked past his mates who had got home and were sitting in the frontroom giving her looks of, we all know what youve been up to. Im sure they would have all had a go if they could. She walked back to her friends. Her and her friends got taxis back home and now this is where we are now.

I was so excited at what had happened and asked if she would do this again. she said shes a married woman with kids. She said she might, never say never. She only goes out with the girls every other month. I hope she will and look forward to another time, cant believe my luck this time though and had the best sex with my wife that night. We fucked for hours till morning while she kept telling me what a slut she is.