Written by col66

24 Jun 2018

For years I have always wanted my mrs to cop off but never had the bottle to tell her..the past 2 years she has gone to Benidorm with a few girl mates..we have been married 20 years and have a below average sex life..we are both 52..when she went last year I told her when half drunk that when in Benidorm she could have some fun if the chance arose.She just laughed it off and said no way..same again this year I said the same but a few times so she might realize I am serious..this time she seemed more interested saying if I did kiss someone how far can I go..i said blow job or wank but if u want a shag I cant say cop off but here is a list of things you cant do..she went for 4 nights and I told her if she did I wanted to know next day.needless to say each night I lay awake for hours with a hard on wondering what she was up to..the 1st 3 nights she said all girls were home bt 3am..the last night came and it was champions league final night and I said if Liverpool win you can shag a waiter expecting her to say no chance.well we lost.i spoke to her after game and she said she was doubly dissapointed as she had been chatted up during game by a cockney who she told what I said. When I said would you really have done it she said yes as he seemed a genuine nice guy..i said well go for it do what u want but ring me in morn or text me.if piss get a pic so I can see what he looks like..she said she will see how things go but will text if she goes off with him to put me out of my suspense..this was 11am our tome..1pm I got a text saying she was going to his room am I still ok with it..i told her go for it and its been my fantasy for years..next morn after a sleepless night for me I get a pic on whatsapp of Eric.i meant a normal pic of him in pub or whatever but it was him standing naked making her a cup of coffee..he wasn't what I expected he was a balding guy about 5ft 5 but a decent sized dick a inch or two bigger than me..she said she sucked him a couple of times and he ate her out and made her come twice then they got ashower together but she didn't shag him..l am not sure bout that bit cos when she gets her pussy licked she likes a shag too..i told her it doesn't bother me if she did..since she has come back we have more fucks than on the last 5 years..she has asked can she see him when he comes to Liverpool for the races later this year..i am going to say yes but only if she fucks him..do u thin she will agree?