Written by Joe

28 Oct 2015

Just returned from a week on the Costa del Sol. My wife Janet has always been reluctant to strip off on the nudist beach at Cabopino, but we had had a couple of days of rain and our last two days were brilliant sunshine. Janet is 52, 5 foot 8 tall with a slender body with a 38DD bust. She is a bit prudish and with coaxing will go topless. I was feeling a bit down due to the bad weather and was dying to get to the beach and strip off and get some sun on my prick and balls. I am fairly well endowed, my prick is six inches flaccid and when erect gets to 8 and a half inches. At home Janet is completely different in our own house, she will walk around naked being a prick tease and keeping me erect until she decides to get me to suck her off and then fucking her in her favourite position doggy style.

We went down to the beach on our last day to get some rays. Even at 10 am it was hot and there were no clouds in the sky. We walked along to an area that was near the dunes and plonked ourselves down on the beach at the edge of the dunes. We spread our towels out and I stripped off. To my amazement Janet remained standing. She then pulled her semi-transparent dress off, then removed her bikini top followed by her bikini bottom and stood there fully naked for all to see her perfect large breasts and her shaven pussy. She then said “I thought you might need cheering up and this is a one off being naked in public, so don’t get any funny ideas”. We both laid down on our backs on our towels, me with a semi hard on thinking about Janet’s naked pussy in the sun shine. We lay in the sun for about an hour and a half, laying on backs then our fronts. My prick remained semi hard all the time. I kept telling Janet she was teasing me and she should give me a gentle wank. She refused saying she was not going to do it in public with people around us and walking by. Every now and then we had been drinking water and I needed to have a pee. I told Janet that I was going into the sea to have a pee. She said she would join me as she needed one. As we walked to the sea across the beach I enjoyed the view of her tits bouncing as we walked. We waded into the sea, a bit nippy at first but as we went in further in was quite pleasant. As soon as my prick was covered by the sea I had a piss. I turned round and saw that Janet was standing with her legs apart in the clear waters and told me she had her pee. We both stood facing the beach, when she took hold of my prick and slowly wanked me. My prick soon rose to full erection of 8 and ½ inches. As the waves went back and forth my prick was exposed for all to see it being wanked. I looked at Janet and she asked if I wanted to come in the sea. I told her not now but perhaps later to which she relied “OK”.

As we looked at the dunes we noticed a group of men standing around a dune and as we watched I could make out a bloke on top of a women and they appeared to be fucking. I asked Janet if she wanted to go and see what was going on and she said yes. We walked hand in hand back to the beach with my prick still hard and slapping against my stomach as we walked. We clambered up the dunes and went towards the group of men. I was gobsmacked that Janet was walking out in the open with all her bits on show. As we got to the group Janet said “They are all wanking their pricks”. We moved to the side of two blokes and looked into the dune and sure enough there was a woman on her back being fucked by a bloke. The woman was moaning each time the bloke thrust his prick into her pussy. Janet whispered in my ear and told me the bloke next to her had is hand on her left bum cheek. I looked over at him, a bloke about 40 and smiled at him. He nodded back. I told Janet to watch the show and see what developed. I could see that Jane’s nipples were erect and that meant that she was sexually aroused. The bloke was still fucking the woman and she was enjoying it. I turned so I could massage Janet’s right tit and nipple as she watched the couple fucking. She then took hold of my prick and wanked it. I asked if she was alright and comfortable with everything and she nodded. She shuffled and spread her legs as the bloke on her left had now eased his hand in between her bum cheeks and had found her pussy and was fingering her. Janet was moaning gently and she started to rock up and down on his finger. Then with her left hand found his prick and wanked him. She only gave him a couple of rubs before his prick jerked as he came in several squirts.

I told Janet to stop rubbing me and I moved my hand down to her pussy and found her swollen clit and gently rubbed it. The bloke still had his finger up her pussy and was now finger fucking her. She was holding on to my shoulder as she came with a loud moan. I removed my hand from her clit and she moved away from the bloke. I thanked him for helping pleasuring her. Janet asked if we could go back to our towels. As we laid on our towels I asked her if she was alright and she said” That was one fucking great sexual experience. My body is tingling all over with excitement”. I said2 Shame this is our last day, who knows what might have happened tomorrow” With that she asked if we could go back. We rolled our towels up and Janet just slipped her dress on. I just put on my shorts, everything else went into our rucksack.

As they have now built new wooden boardwalks to protect the dunes we walked along one back to the car park. As we walked along Janet unzipped my flies and pulled my prick out and wanked me as we walked along. We reached an area in between two dunes when Janet sat on the top railing, pulled her dress up and spread her legs. I wasted no time and licked her moist pussy, fingering at the same time. She then said” I can see a small clearing over there, it looks quite secluded, let’s go there”. We wasted no time and got to the clearing. Janet was already naked. I slipped out of my shorts as she got on her knees and sucked me. She licked my balls and all up and down my erect hard prick. She then got on all fours and I got behind her. I slipped my prick into her moist cunt and fucked her. I fucked her for a good ten minutes, slapping her bare bum cheeks as I went in and out of her pussy and grabbing her swinging tits. I came with a shudder, feeling my cock explode 3 or 4 times up her cunt. We both collapsed in the dune. After a couple of minutes, we got dressed. Janet only had her semi-transparent dress on. As we walked back to the car she told me that my warm spunk was coming out of her pussy and running down her thigh. She left it like that until got back into the apartment when she asked me to help her rinse my spunk out of her cunt. We ended up fucking again before we went out for a meal. Janet went out commando and we fucked again when got back in.

Janet has completely changed. She is now looking up nude beaches in the Caribbean for a winter break and going to book a week in the summer back in Spain next year. As soon as Janet gets in from work she strips naked and we fuck every night. Roll on the winter break. I am hoping she will go further and fuck someone, while I watch and then join in.