Written by col66

8 Jul 2018

Well after leaving my wife to go out with Eric and spend the night in his hotel she arrived home at 11am.She is now asleep upstairs after a hard night with Eric and the last 2 hours with me in bed telling me about last night.For the 1st time since we married 23 years ago when we were 30 she has fucked another guy.I first mentioned it turned me on last year the thought of her going with another guy and again 6 weeks ago before she went to Benidorm.since she got back we have both opened up and been honest with each other.she has never had sex with another guy but has told me she has twice been back to a guys house she used to work with 5 years ago but she gave him a wank but that's all as it was with Eric a few weeks back but he got a couple of blow jobs.myself I have been faithful but I just want her to be fucked by another guy..i would love to watch or have a threesome with her..hopefully maybe with Eric as he wants to se her again.back to last night after getting back from a few drinks just after 1am they went to bed and she finally shagged Eric.3 times she said he shagged before they checked out this morning.she said it felt different than with me as had a longer dick but not as thick as me.She said if I agree she would like to see him again as he is a nice guy but not to worry as it would just be a casual friendly sexy meet now and again.i asked what he was like in bed that was different to me.she said he tells herwhat to do and talked dirty to her which she said turned her on.he also licked and fingered her arse which I am not totally into..i said if one day she would let me watch or join in and she is going to suggest it to Eric but she thinks he may agree as he was a dirty sod in bed.she sent me another pic this time he was in the shower with a hard on..quite impressive too..I only wish I had mentioned this earlier as she has turned into a different woman the past 2 months..