Written by steve

4 Oct 2016

We lived close to London and my wife Grace 52 and I started to take mature foreign exchange student as short term lodgers.

This summer we were contacted by the coordinator and asked if we could accommodate three guys from Barbados for a few months .At first we were not sure but we received a email with there pictures and Grace immediately said ok what harm can it do.As we usually only took females ,so I agreed.

when they arrived we were introduced to Ben who was 31 and Troy 29 and Will 27 .We spent that night having a meal and showing a few family photos .They seemed to enjoy looking at those of us on holiday with Grace in Bikinis and short skirts .

Over the next few days I noticed them being attentive to Grace .I noticed them looking up her short skirts and getting close to her and flirting with her,which grace obviously loved the attention.

I start to fantasies about Grace fucking one of them .I notice that Ben when he wore shorts was clearly well endowed .

I would go to my room and want furiously about Grace being fucked by all three of them.

Whilst having sex with Grace I told her my fantasy and what i would like to see .This made her even wetter and grind her self into my cock.I asked her if she wanted to have their large cocks and she said she would love to and demanded that I asked them.

The next day I was at home and Ben came into the kitchen ,Grace was out .I asked him if he fancied Grace and he said he would sure like to fuck her .I explained that I was ok with that and that Grace wanted all three of them.He called in the other guys and told them laughing and smiling at me ,they suggested that saturday night.They continued to joke with me,saying things like het Steve you not big enough and hey can't you satisfy Grace.

I told Grace that we were going to have small party saturday night and that she would end up fucking the guys ,she couldn't believe I had actually asked them but was very excited and wet.

On saturday she went and got completely wax and had a totally smooth pussy .When she got dressed I got instantly hard .

she wore black hold ups and a black tiny thong that went right up her arse crack and cover her bald pussy .

she wore a red pleated tartan mini skirt and a black blouse and black half cupped bra.she turned and said to me " At least I am going to get some proper sized cock tonight"

Grace for her age has the body of a 30 year old and a lovely little arse great leg and 34c pert breasts

As the party started the guys put on some music and asked Grace to dance .She got up and i was sat in the chair gobsmacked at her moves

she was gyrating her hips and groin simulating sex and doing slut drops and bending over showing her arse and thong

I could see the guys sat watching and clearly they were hard and rubbing their cocks

Then as the music stopped Grace sat on the coach between Ben and Troy ,her skirt rod up showing her stocking tops .

as she sat there chatting she was rubbing both the guys legs and moving closure to the bulges in their trousers.ben then turned towards grace and put his hand on her shoulder and other hand on her leg and lent forward and started to kiss her and they were soon snogging full on .As ben rubbed her leg he looked over at me saying " you have a very beautiful wife,do u like watching her enjoy real men" i blurted out "yes I do,i have such a small cock she needs more"

Immediately his hand moved up her leg and then her skirt and he stared to rub her wet pussy through her thong .Grace started to moan and move her hips around.Troy placed his other hand on her other lag and started to take turns snogging her .Grace then moved her hands and unzipped their trousers and pulled out two very large black cocks.she looked over at me and smiled .Bens cock was about 10 inches and was only slightly smaller and they were rock hard.as she wanted both of them slowly they lifted up her top and started to suck on her hard red nipples .Ben was now fingering her slowly and she was gasping with delight .

Troy stood up and looking at me and smiling ,undressed ,he then got grace up and got behind her and pulled up her skirt and bent her over the side of the coach ,pulling her thong to one side ,he placed the tip of his cock in her pussy ,Grace instantly pushed back let it enter her with moan of delight ,he then started to speed up and as he did so ,Ben offers his cock for her to suck which she struggled to get in her mouth.

Troy was starting to moan and then shot his cum inside her and she screamed Then I notice Will get up and take out his cock and this was a monster about 12 inches and fat ,he turned grace over on the floor and entered her from the front .her pussy stretched around his hard black cock as he started to pound in and out. Grace wrapped her stocking legs around him and was moaning and screaming and her heels knocking together with every thrust

Will came and as her dismounted I could she his cum dribbling out of Grace's gapping fanny.Now Ben was ready for his turn ,as he got between her thighs he lifted his cock and guided it in to her soaking hole .Grace gasped and started to buck on his cock to get more if his length into her I watched mesmerised as his black hose went in and out of her red pussy .

grace then had a almighty orgasm and he seem to last longer than the other until he sent his spunk into her to join his friend seed

Grace was then carried up stairs and i could hear them pleasuring her all night .My treat at about 4am was grace coming in and telling me to lick her sore pussy clean which I did eagerly

For that night on they used Grace as they pleased and I was sent to the spare room .This went on right up to when they left

Now Grace insist on having male visitors only from the caribbean