Written by Tom

30 Jun 2018

By way of an introduction my name is Tom, married to Becky. We are both in our early 30’s with two boys one aged 7 the other 5.

Around September of last year everything started to change when our youngest started to go to school; Becky had always said she wanted to work once the boys were both at school, so this wasn’t really a surprise to me and at first she got a job in the local pub. But, early this year she let me know that she wanted to get into modelling lingerie. I must state that although Becky has given birth to two kids she still has an amazing figure, nice long legs and a very firm pair of 36DD tits. So, in short she had the perfect figure to model lingerie and as I really liked seeing her in quality underwear and the venture should result in an extra income I gave her my full support.

After a bit of research and a few phone calls etc Becky very quickly figured out that she would need a portfolio of photographs; so after a bit of a search she found a professional Photographer who had studio very close to where we live.

After the first shoot Becky came home really excited and couldn’t wait to put a memory stick in the computer and proudly show me around 20 photos that were taken with her wearing various bra’s and panties. I must admit they did look really good and I told Becky so.

About two weeks later Becky went for a second photo shoot and again she came back and showed me the photos on the memory stick. This time she was wearing seamed stockings, suspenders, stiletto heels, a G-string and a very low cut bra. The photos all looked very professional and some of the poses Becky made were really suggestive and sexy, whilst leaving loads to the imagination; I remember that one of them had her sitting in a chair with her legs wide open being held apart by her hands. This didn’t leave much to the imagination and her thong hardly covered her shaved pussy. I asked her about this pose and she said it was just a bit of fun and it wouldn’t go into any of her portfolios.

Everything seemed to settle down after this with Becky doing the occasional shoot, some of which I looked at, others I didn’t. Then about a month ago Becky told me that she was going to a photo shoot the following week, to be honest I didn’t think anything more of this.

Then about three weeks ago I collected the kids from school, as Becky was at her photo shoot. When I got home I could hear the shower running up in our bedroom and about 5 minutes later Becky appeared and started to make tea for the kids. I asked her how the shoot went and she said great I’ll show you the pictures later; I must admit she didn’t sound that enthusiastic which I found a little strange.

Anyway later that evening after the kids were in bed I asked to see the photos so Becky then started looking in her bag for a Memory stick. I noticed that it had ‘Shoot1’ on it. The photos were quiet different, Becky was dressed in a very silky see through blouse with a tight full zip back skirt that went to just above her knees, seamed stockings and very high stiletto heels. All of the pictures had Becky fully clothed but I had to admit they all had a very sexy and suggestive look, especially in the shots where she pulled her skirt right up to sit on a chair giving an amazing view of her stocking tops and suspenders….or the shots where she was lying on a large leather padded stool showing off her legs. Overall Becky looked a real temptress but all the shots were far less revealing than previous ones; I let her know this and she just said it was an idea the photographer had and that something a bit retro would look good. I thought nothing more of it.

About a week later Becky was out working at the pub and the kids were on a sleep over, so I called Paul, a friend of mine, and asked if he wanted to go out for a beer. Paul was up for it so I went to get my car keys but couldn’t find them anywhere. I then started looking in the less obvious places and ended up looking in Becky’s bag. I put my hand in the little pocket where I knew she kept keys and there they were together with two Memory Sticks. I briefly looked at the two memory sticks and saw that one had Shoot1 on it the other Shoot2. My curiosity got the better of me so I put the Shoot2 Memory stick in my laptop.

I saw that the stick had a video file and folder marked ‘stills’, I double clicked the video and there was Becky sat on a chair dressed in the skirt and blouse she was wearing in the still photos I had previously seen. In the background I could hear the photographer directing Becky and the click of a still camera. I started to fast forward through the video footage and about halfway through I then saw a bloke come into the footage, I then switched to normal speed.

The bloke was Alan who I knew from the pub where Becky works and he was stood there in jeans a tee shirt and flip flops, he looked really out of place for a glamour shoot. From what little I knew of him he was a bit of a strange bloke, nothing really special to look at a smallish bald bloke in his early sixties with a little narrow grey beard which ran from his lower lip and whenever you spoke to him he came across as a bit of letch always saying what he’d like to do to various ladies or what he’d done…non of which I believed.

Almost immediately a voice said “Ok Becky start taking Alan’s clothes off”. I was absolutely gobsmacked by this comment and immediately thought what the hell is going on here. I was even more gobsmacked as I watched Becky take Alan’s T shirt off. Then his trousers came off, at first I thought he was commando but I then saw he was wearing a flesh coloured thong.

There then followed a number of poses with Becky and Alan and at one time the camera zoomed in on Becky as she sat on her heels just behind Alan’s right with her left arm through his legs and around his thigh, I then noticed that the pouch on Alan’s thong looked really full, it must have been padded I thought to myself. After a few more shots I heard what I assumed to be the Cameraman say “Becky, pull his thong down”. What amazed me was that Becky didn’t question this she put her fingers around Alans thong and started to lower it.

As I looked at the screen I couldn’t believe what I was looking at as Alan stood naked facing the camera with Becky behind him still sitting on her heels. He was completely hairless from the neck down and hanging between his legs was a huge limp cock, it was both long and really thick with a huge vein running along it and even though it was fully flaccid it was at least half the length of his thigh, so over 8 inches and much bigger than mine. Becky just looked at it and said “Fuck that’s big”. The cameraman then said “We did tell you now see if you can make it bigger Becky”; Becky hesitated but then looked up and grinned as I watched her pull Alan’s saggy balls with the hand between his legs and then slowly wank his cock with her right hand. Very quickly Alan’s foreskin stretched back to reveal a very large glistening purple cockhead. Becky then let go of Alan’s cock to admire her handy work; it looked a little bigger probably just over 9 inches but what really struck me was how thick and heavy it looked. Alan was hung like a horse and as he stood with his hands on hips it was obvious he knew it.

What happened next shouldn’t really have surprised me but it did….Alan looked down at Becky and just said “ Blow me girl”. Becky again didn’t hesitate, it was almost as if she knew this was going to happen, she just turned Alan slightly to the side and started licking his cockhead and shaft. After a few minutes of licking Alan she opened her mouth really wide and then started to take his cock down her throat. I could see that she was struggling with the girth of it but she didn’t stop, in fact she started to take more and more of him until she almost had him all down her throat. Alan just looked down and said “Good girl, there’s not many can do that”, Becky just looked up and slid Alan’s cock out of her mouth and as she smiled a mass of spit and pre-cum dripped out of her mouth and onto her blouse.

Alan then looked down at Becky and said “Stand up, we can’t have you messing your clothes”. Becky did as she was told and Alan immediately un-zipped the back of her skirt until it fell away fully revealing her seamed stockings and a very retro six strap suspender belt and no knickers. Next he just put his arms round her from behind and undid her blouse to reveal a shelf bra that had her tits on full view. Alan then started to massage her tits until Becky’s nipples stuck out like I have never seen them before, she was obviously very aroused. Then before I knew it Becky was lying on her back on the large stool with Alan telling her to hold her legs apart. The camera then zoomed in and showed Becky’s fully shaved pussy; what immediately struck me was that her pussy lips had folded back, she was definitely aroused. Alans face then appeared and almost immediately his tongue darted out and started to lash Becky’s pussy. Becky started moaning with pleasure and then she groaned, “that goaty is amazing”, Alan just looked up and said “its not there for looks, its there for pussy” and as he went back to work I could see what he meant as Becky went into the throws of a massive orgasm. I now started to believe everything Alan had said in the pub.

Alan then looked up and said “we need to fuck” and with that he went and sat in the chair with his legs open and his huge cock lying right over his thigh. The camera then moved as if it was just over Alan’s shoulder and next Becky appeared and facing away from Alan she lowered herself towards his menacing cock. At first she just sat on his cock and started rubbing it up and down with her ass cheeks after a little while she just sat up, bent forwards a little and opened up her ass cheeks exposing herself fully. Alan then grabbed his cock with one hand and stuck his thumb up Beck’s ass with the other and then he started to rub Becky’s already soaking pussy lips with his cockhead until they were spread really wide, then all of sudden his cockhead started to slowly disappear as he entered my wife’s pussy. Becky just slowly started to work herself up and down, it was obvious she was struggling to take his size but on each thrust more and more of his cock disappeared until eventually she was landing her ass cheeks in his groin…amazingly she was taking all of him. Then the real fucking started and to my surprise Becky was the one forcing the pace as she held onto Alan’s knees to make the most of his huge cock. This went on for a few minutes with Becky riding Alan’s cock as hard as she could until another massive orgasm hit her.

As her orgasm subsided Alan just stood up with Becky still impaled on his cock and as he moved forwards he just grabbed her waist by her suspender belt and then started to really pound her. Becky just moaned and moaned, it was obvious she was loving things. Then all of a sudden Alan leant forward and said “get on the stool”. Becky just moved forwards and got on all fours on the large stool; she looked an amazing sight in stockings, suspenders and heels; just waiting to be mounted. Alan did not disappoint and few seconds later he climbed up on the stool with his legs outside of Becky’s and then started to crouch down. At this point the camera moved to behind Becky and Alan. Above Becky’s dripping pussy I could see Alan’s asshole as he lowered himself and then his massive cockhead came into view as he pushed his cock down. I then saw Becky’s hand come up and grab Alan’s cock and start to feed it into her pussy.

The camera then panned out to show Alan leaning forwards putting his hands under Becky, holding her tits. Becky then started moaning and say “yeah oh yeah” as Alan roughly pulled her nipples whilst sliding his cock relentlessly in and out of my wife’s pussy. I don’t know how long this went on for but all of a sudden Alan upped the pace until he was now fucking Becky’s brains out. This immediately took Becky to a howling orgasm but Alan didn’t stop, he just kept on fucking like a machine whilst Becky carried on howling with pleasure. I then heard Alan also started to moaning. The cameraman must have picked up that Alan was close to coming as he zoomed in to show Alan’s massive cock pounding Becky’s pussy. Alan then slowed right down which at first puzzled me ; Then I saw white cream start to appear out of Becky’s pussy as Alan pulled back a bit; it then dawned on me that he was seeding my wife. A few seconds later my thoughts were proven as Alan’s cockhead appeared followed by a massive stream of cum pouring out of my wife’s pussy.

Alan then got off the stool and went and stood in front of Becky, he didn’t say a word but she just grabbed his glistening cock and started licking, whilst she looked at the camera…she looked a complete slut.