Written by Tina's husband

25 Jul 2019

I don’t usually look on sites like this but I have just come back from Texas where I lived with my wife for 5 years and what we did would make a slut blush. We lived in a typical Texas house with a big garden and big pool, even thought it was a big plot our neighbours pool butted up to ours so the screens almost touched.

This is going to be a long story but I have to set the scene to explain how it all came about.

We hardly talked to our neighbour who was a horrible woman, he was in her late 40’s, big as in a bit overweight but butch and muscular and as we found out, which I will explain later, was an out and out dyke. Now, I apologise to any women who read this, I don’t; mean to be stereo typing lesbians but she was the epitome of a butch lesbian, rough and tough and her mouth was foul and she thought any other woman was hers for the taking and to be honest, in our case that turned out to be right.

My wife Tina is 35 like me, attractive and looks after herself so she has a great figure with nice full breasts which she loves to show off, not as in getting them out in public but wears low cut dresses and would go topless round the pool which attracted the bull bitch next door much to Tina’s amusement. Over a period of about a year the bull bitch entered our psyche a lot during sex, I would joke about what it would be like for Tina to be under her and how she would be crushed and damaged and how I bet she even had a rubber dick. We thought it was hilarious and to be honest the sex was amazing when the bull bitch was in her head.

Over time we would have to endure the bull bitch walking around her pool topless, her huge tits hanging and swinging with her occasionally coming up to the end of her property and ‘talk nice’ as she put it. For me, looking at her in her shorts with her butch body with her hanging tits put paid to any hard on I may have had and we had to concentrate on not laughing and the sight, along with her southern Texas drawl and ‘fuck’ this and ‘fuck’ that and we loved that she didn’t make any attempt to hide the fact that she was looking Tina up and down.

So, it was decided to have some fun. Tina would go topless and walk around until the bull bitch came to talk with her ‘fuck, you got great tits girl’ and grabbing her self between her legs laughing telling Tina ‘fuck girl you betta look out when daddy isn’t home’ taking a drink from probably her 10th can of beer. Tina and I would hold it in until we were in side before laughing so hard we had to sit down.

One evening when I came home Tina told me that our neighbour had come over and had tried to be sweet but was as course as ever even suggesting that she had a bigger dick than me which we didn’t get but she had promised my wife that ‘she would see’.

A week past before one Saturday I convinced Tina to sunbathe naked for our neighbours’ benefit and sure enough it had the desired effect. I hit out of site First of all she just stared, then motioned for Tina to come over to the end of the pool closest to her. Tina wrapped a sarong round herself to cover up. I watched them talk for a few minutes before Tina looked around and let her Sarong fall. The bull bitch grabbed her fencing and shook it making a whooping sound. Tina covered herself up and walked away giggling.

She came into the house her eyes wide open as though in a state of shock, the bull bitch said to her ‘ honey I just have to fuck you’ to which Tina told her she was being ridiculous, covered herself up and walked away. For the rest of the weekend we talked and talked about it and I asked her over and over if she ever wondered what it would be like, Tina would cover her mouth and shake her head pretend screaming ‘nooooooo’.

We decided to see how far the bull bitch would go and we agreed to tell her at some point that I was away for the day. The very next weekend I kept the car in the garage and stayed in the house. Tina regularly went from being game to changing her mind and back again ‘but what do I do if she tries it on’ she would repeat. I joked, either run or fuck her and we would laugh.

Tina lay there naked, her tanned skin shiny from sun cream, her gorgeous body shining from beads of sweat. The bull bitch appeared at the end of her pool in jeans and an old t shirt. She called something out, I heard Tina say ‘he’s away until this evening’ then ‘yes I’m sure’.

The bull bitch disappeared, Tina looked back towards the house, I ran to the French doors by the pool and told her to stop looking in, we both laughed hysterically then Tina coughed and tried to compose herself. Moments later the bull bitch was back, this time walking into our pool in shorts and the same old t shirt. She was nervous end hesitant but looking intensely at my wife.

She stopped a few feet from the end of my wife’s sun lounger and pulled her t short off to reveal her big dark sun burned tits. She was on edge, shifting from one foot to the other, I could barely hear then talk but I heard her tell my wife that she was ‘fucking hot’. Then she pulled her sorts off to reveal a thick long very pink rubber strap on, ‘told you my cock was bigger than his’.

What happened next was a bit of a rush. The bull bitch took the 5 steps it took for her to reach the bottom on Tina’s lounger in a second or two, she grabbed Tina’s ankles and pulled her towards her, Tina’s book flying to the floor. The bull bitch knelt between my wife’s legs lifting them up so they were over her shoulders and pushed her ‘cock’ into my wife. Tina screamed and I watched her grip the sides of the lounger. The bull bitch just knelt there and looked at my wife breasts before lifting the back fo the lounger and lowering it so Tina was flat on her back. I waited wondering what to do, waiting for a signal to come and rescue her but there was none.

The bull bitch started to pump my wife, one hand gripping her breast the other steading herself so she didn’t fall over, the lounger sliding an inch at a time with every thrust. I could hear Tina squealing and moaning still gripping the side of the lounger until she grabbed the bull bitch by the head and pulled her down and started sucking her mouth. I think I had my answer, my wife didn’t; want rescuing.

I was horrified at the site but turned on at the same time at both the sound of the bull bitch grunting as she fucking my wife and the site of it all but also gutted at the sound of my wife crying out ‘fuck, fuck, fuck’.

The bull bitch was in full flow, she had pulled her cock out and was eating my wife’s pussy whilst squeezing her tit’s before climbing up and sucking one then the other before pushing hers into Tina’s mouth for her to suck then re entering my wife to finish her off. I had to stand there in the dark and watch my wife climb from under this disgusting woman, then lower herself onto her rubber shaft and ride her until she had an intense orgasm calling out to announce that she was cumming and cumming hard. Then she collapsed onto the bull bitch and they continue to suck face until my wife climbs off, tells her she should go and grabbing her book and sarong walks into the house, past me and into the bedroom.

I listen to the shower run then the silence before I walk in to find Tina sitting on the bed in her towel.

She looked at me and said ‘well’? All I could say was ‘what the fuck was that’.

She was angry, she stared at me and said ‘ I let her fuck me and she made me cum.

We sat on the bed and eventually held hands and talked before we fucked.

Pretty much every weekend or at least every other weekend I would hide in another bedroom and occasionally sneak a look through the slatted blinds of the window at my wife underneath the bull bitch. Her full tits and long hard nipples being gripped or sucked, sweat pouring off her as she is being hammered begging for it not to stop. I got used to it after a while and would toss myself off at the sound, the three of us cumming at about the same time.

What made it bearable and somewhat horny was the bull bitch demanding and ordering my wife to ‘do thing’ , ‘fucking suck my cock your bitch’ and ‘suck those fucking tits your fucking bitch’ with the occasional mumbling as she gave a running commentary on how sweet my wife’s pussy was.

Then every time my wife would cry out how ‘big and hard’ she was followed by ‘ fuck your making me cum ‘ and begging for more but begging for her to stop, that she couldn’t take any more before there was aloud long cry and groan from them both followed by ‘stop, stop, stop from my wife and then silence.

The very last day that we spent in Texas I was alone. We had packed and were staying in a hotel, I dropped Tina off and her new fuck buddy to pick her up later that evening. We were supposed to go for food before going back to the hotel but Tina had to lay on the back seat. She was soaking, her clothes crumpled and damp and she was hardly able to walk. I went to ask if she waned food but she just whispered ‘ I can’t’ and collapsed onto the back seat.

I looked over at the bull bitch who was stood in her door way in an old towelling robe and a big grin.

Eventually Tina told me that they had fucked for hours and that she had used every toy she had on her. I asked her if she had made her cum, Tina looked at me and said that she had rubbed and oil into her pussy that made her so sensitive that she made her cum over and over.

That was a month ago and Tina won’t talk about it much. All I have got out of her is that she never wants to fuck a woman again and that part of her life is over but she had told me that she loves me and wants another mans cock in her to ‘balance things out’ whatever the fuck that means.

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