Written by seastcpl69

10 Jun 2012


we are a swinging married couple, we have meet2 couples before and also met one single guy from this site, we have met with him for 3 sums 3 or 4 times and each time has been hot sticky fun.

One night in bed while we were talking about maybe meeting him again i asked her if she would ever play with another guy while i was not here, she seemed to like this bit would only do it with the guy we know, as she can be shy and knowing him she felt relaxed and trusted him, as did i.

she text him and asked if he would be up for this, it did not take long for him to say yes, so it was set, but the only time he could do was daytimes, lucky enough she do's not work Mondays, so next Monday would be the day. That Sunday night we talked about what she was going to do and if she was going to let him fuck her, as she has not done this without me being there, she said she would she how she felt at the time and did not want to plan.

I went to work Monday morning with a hard on, she took the kids to school then went home and had a long bath, at 11.30 she sent me a pic to ask if whats she was wearing was ok, she had black bra black thong and hold ups, i text back saying very horny, she then said she would answer the door like this, at 11.50 she text to say he was here, then nothing for a bit, then about 15 minutes later she sent me a pic of his cock in her mouth, i was so hars at my desk at work, then 5 minutes later one of him licking her,

45 minutes later she text to say had left, she had cum twice and fucked hi, this turned me on me and i could not wait to get home.

That night she tied me to the bed and laid next to me whispering in my ear every detail of what they did while slowly stroking my cock, as soon as he walked in he kissed her and then they sat and talked while stroking his leg, them more kissing while he took of her bra and she took of his jeans to see he was hard already, she then went on to give him a blow job, to which he asked her to stop because he was going to cum, he then removed her thong and licked her, she liked this and told me this made her cum, he then asked if he could fuck her, she was turned on and wanted to feel him in her, the put on a condom and she went on top, she said it was very nice but he came to quick, they then rested and talked until he was ready again, this time he went on top and they both came at the same time,

i did not last too long as her telling me this was enough, but she had also made a small video of him licking her which was to much and i came all over her and my belly.

We have talked about doing this again and he has said yes and that he has afb that would also like to join them, and then also me join him and her,

can't wait