Written by the husband

16 Aug 2010

This is the follow on we had our first experience when it was over and the guy had gone we both I think felt a bit guilty not much was said till we got to bed Lyn had showered but it seemed as if she had the sent of sex about her

She was the first to say in a loving way, I really love you, are you okay with what happened I had to admit I was, in a strange way I really enjoyed watching it also the build up was a turn on for me

She asked do I want it to happen again, I had to say yes, and do you want him again after a little pause she said yes I think so he a nice bloke, I had to ask was he better than me

Lyn said different I said he look bigger than me she said it did feel different with it being fatter than yours

As we chatted her hand was round my dick which I think was as hard as it been in a long time I slipped my hand between her legs her pussy was a bit puffy the lips feeling a bit swollen I pushed a finger in it was moist

Lyn said make love to me I sucked a nipple which was already stiff and kissed my way down over her tummy as her legs parted to let me lick her as I moved my tongue her lips apart a dribble has oozed out I was right into it she was panting it tasted different

I came up over and pushed my dick in, it did feel looser than normal also very sloppy it only took a few thrusts and I shot my lot

We cuddled till she fell asleep,as I lay there thinking it came to me my god I have jest tasted another man's cum

When we got up not much was said about the night before, late morning our phone rung I picked it up it was Mark on the other end after a bit of a uncomfortable start we did talk and I handed it over to Lyn who chatted away and seemed happy he had called

She put her hand over the phone and said can he come over tonight is it aright with you I nodded I hear her say yes that be fine what time

I had gone in the lounge and was watching the telly, she came in with a big smile on her face to tell he will her by seven, looking very happy ones more she asked was I okay about it I told her I was

I was sent out to get some booze it looked as if the plan was for them to stay in tonight

By the time I got back she had cleaned the house made the bed up fresh and was showering to get ready for him I sat in the bedroom watching as Lyn got dressed and made up which gave me a hard on

By the time she was dressed hell she looked horny she had on a short halter neck dress which was backless and plunged at the front hardly covering her cleavage with no underwear apart from hold up stockings she asked how do I look I had to say dam sexy

Looking round the bedroom she said I think you better taken off the quilt and put it out the way which I did smoothing the bottom sheet I picked up the packet of condones I had bought she looked and said no we don't need them do we

Back downstairs time had gone I had opened a bottle of wine the door bell rang it was Mark Lyn was up to lit him in I heard the door open then close and it was silent then talking before they came in the lounge holding hands they sat together as before I got Mark a drink and conversation got going mostly between them it was time for a refill as I was getting a new bottle of wine in the kitchen and Lyn came in kissed me on cheek and said mite be a good idea if you stayed out the way for a while and took the bottle

This was never talked about but I stayed where I was I did go into the hall but the lounge door was closed after what seemed like ages I heard a shout are you okay honey we spilt a glass can you look after it as I came into the hallway they where going up stairs both naked apart from her stocking as I get to bottom of the stairs they where on the landing going into the bedroom

I quickly moped up the wine and picked up there closes and rushed up stairs I pushed open the door to see them on the bed kissing as I went in Lyn sat up and smiled as she lifted his semi hard cock her heir was matted and looked wet on one side with sticky smear on neck I missed her sucking him off I thought

I went and sat on the edge of the bed as she sucked him he was stiff by now after a little while she looked up at me and whispered do you mined your a little close sit in the chair out the way

I did go and sit down and watch as she lifted her self over his dick and guide it into her self as she came down on it I heard her say fuck that feels big half way she said Jesus and lifted a bit he put his hands on her hips and pushed her down on to it up to the makers name as she cried out and bent over him he humped her lifting her up she lifted her self up her tits swinging and her nipples where rock hared sticking out

He flipped her on her back and rammed it in putting her legs on his shoulders he fucked the hell out of her it went on and on the bed banging on the wall Lyn screening and shouting given her one climax after another and one last huge thrust he shot his lot inside her as she panted they lay together for a time I was told to leave them alone

Sitting downstairs I heard the bed bang as he fucked her again I must of nodded off next thing the front door was closed and his car start