Written by dildodo

24 Jul 2010

I have always had my suspicions about my wife of 23 years and that she had been seeing someone else behind my back. Now if there was going to be anyone that didn't stray it would have been Debra as she has always been straight laced even though in the bedroom she has been adventurous at times.

Lately she has been working more full time hours than her regular part time ones as the workload and holiday cover requires it. There has been more times that she will let me know that she is going for a drink with some of the girls after work and then comes home around 10pm. I had questioned Debra about this and she just denied everything and telling me not to be so stupid. Well the next time she informed me that she was working later to cover the secretary and then going on for a drink I decided enough was enough. I decided to drive around to the works to see if my suspicions were correct. I arrived at the works and parked my car at the bottom of the long drive and walked up to the offices where I could see my wifesar and one other still on the car park. I crept upto the office window and with apprehension I peered in to see that my suspicions had been correct and Debra was there sat on a desk with this guy stood between her legs with his arms draped over her shoulders and both of them chatting and laughing. At this point I thought I should just burst in and do the manly thing and confront both of them but strangley enough I found it to be a bit of a turn on.

I carried on looking through the window and they were so caughtup in each other that they never even noticed anything as they bgan to kiss. He then began to strip Debra of her clothes and leaving her in just her bra and panties. Now she is 48 years old and a size 18 and her breasts are large 36DD but I have to admit she does still look good. He stripped himself naked and stood there only for Debra to pull him close with her legs and then reached down and began to masturbate him. He leant forward and cupped one of her breasts and began to suck her large erect nipple. Debra's head fell ack and I heard her moan a little as she loves to have her breasts sucked and fondled.

He then pulled her panties off and she was now sat on the desk with her pussy open for him to see and he duly stepped forward and pushed hi cock deep into her. Debra wrapped her legs around him and he bagan to pump for all he was worth as his hard dick slapped into her. Debra was riding his motions and calling out to him to "fuck me hard". I had never heard her do this before and thought I would have loved her to do this in our bed. Again he was pumping hard with her saying "come inside me, I want you". At this I saw a tension appear on his face as he pushed hard one more time and shot his hot spunk into her waiting warm wet pussy. Debra was now reeling back as she burst into her own orgasm and I looked on as they both just collapsed into each other.

I made a sharp exit now down the drive and into my car and drove back home waiting for her to arrive. She came back around an hour later and acted as if she had been out with the girls and went upstairs for a shower. I have not confronted her about it as I am now going to try and cath them again as I found my wife being fucked by someone else quite a turn on. Look out for more of her cheating stories.