27 Feb 2016

Hi this story is true - really - and happened last year.

I'll cut the pre-amble about how me and my wife got onto the subject of her having sex with other guys and how I'd like to see it, or just have her tell me about it. We are at the point where we have great sex talking about it and have some good fantasy and role play going on. To have our first experience my wife liked the idea of a massage that went a bit further. So we looked at male masseurs in london and picked out a guy that she liked the look of.

Being our first time a hotel seemed a little daunting, we would be thinking all the time did the staff know what were up to etc - all that kind of crap, lol. So we picked a rentable apartment and booked it for a night. We contacted the masseuse and booked him for an hours Yoni massage - swapping a few texts and hinting that extras were on our mind.

The day came and we caught the train to London. The journey to the station didnt go as planned and we only just caught the train. When we were on the train we realised we hadn't got any condoms "Dont worry I said, he'll have some. After all he's a professional"

We arrived in London and high tailed it to the apartment to meet the cleaner who gave us the keys. Being slightly late and in a rush we quickly showered, put on dressing gowns and opened the wine we had brought with us. Our guy, Luke, text to let us know he was running late - about an hour! So we just sat and finished the bottle and started on another!

My wife was getting a little tipsy and dirty now. As we sat there I was rubbing her large tits and sucking on her large erect nipples. She could hardly wait to get into the action - I was leaking pre-cum at this point as well!!

Luke finally arrived and not a minute too soon - any longer and I would have had to fuck my wife, hard and dirty!! He came in and we chated briefly before we all moved to the bedroom. He was younger than us and in pretty good shape, Indian heritage gave him good skin tone as well. He lit candles, put on some soothing music and went to shower. Coming back from the bathroom he had only pants on and looked quite big in them too!

My wife was laid on her front, naked, ready for his massage. He covered her with oil and gave her a really relaxing massage that she was enjoying. As his hands rubbed her ass I saw how she pushed against them slightly and I could see her eyes closed and the smile on her face. I was starting to get aroused watching Luke massage her legs from ankles up and over her ass.

It took me a second or two to realise that his hands were massaging her inner thighs now and I saw her open her legs to give him better access. That made me hard and I was straining not to wank myself. I saw his hands move right onto her pussy now. I looked at her face and she was enjoying this a lot. I saw him work his fingers all over her pussy and how she lifted her ass up to him to apply more pressure. When I saw her gasp I knew his fingers were inside her now. She pushed her pussy out to be finger fucked and I watched as my hot wife laid there being pleasured by a younger man! He had an excellent technique she later informed me - I knew because I watched as after only a few minutes she started to shudder and moan as he gave her the first of her orgasms. I looked at her face and her eyes were wide open, her mouth in a massive smile and she was pointing at me and mouthing "Thank you!"

Luke turned her on to her back now and started his massage on her shoulders, down her arms, waist and outside of her legs. He was doing a great job with the massage. As his hands massaged by wifes big tits I watched her arch her back to thrust them up to his touch. Her dark nipples were the hardest I'd seen them I'm sure. He lingered rubbing and squeezing them and playing with her nipples for a long time. She was rubbing her legs together now, eyes closed tight, moaning softly and enjoying it fully.

Luke moved his hands between her legs and massaged her inner thighs now before moving back to her pussy. She gasped out loud now as he entered her again - fingers deep inside and doing his magic. His left hand went to his hard cock now and he pulled it out of his shorts and started to wank it!! He was a pretty big boy - over 7 inches, certainly bigger than me but nowhere near the size of the 9 Inch dildo I sometimes get to use on her.

I watched mesmerized as he pleasured my wife. I couldn't hold on anymore and I took out my cock and started wanking it slowly. My wife looked at me and it sent her over the edge. She came VERY hard and called out his name as she did - that was the horniest thing I have ever seen. My wife cuming on Lukes fingers and calling out his name!!! Luke was hard as fuck now - he asked me if I had any condoms!! Noooo I said - I thought you would have them. He'd forgotten them too - what are the fucking chances of that!!!

My wife was definately needing fucking now so I joined in. I slipped my hard cock into her soaking wet pussy while Luke massaged her tits. I guided my wifes hand onto Lukes hard cock and she wanked him , gripping him tight. She was in total heaven as I fucked her and she wanked Lukes hard cock. I asked her if she wanted to taste his pre-cum. She loves that - its her favourite. She was too far gone to talk, she nodded as she moaned and squirted pussy juice all over my cock and balls. When she gets really turned on she squirts like a porn star. Luke moved towards her face and she put his cock in her mouth. She didnt just suck it - she gobbled it!! She took his big cock deep in her mouth and down her throat. I must admit I was shocked when I saw her right hand go up to his ass and pull him in to her mouth as her left hand held the base of his cock. She pulled it from her mouth and licked it all over his swollen bell end before gobbling him again.

It was too much and I had to pull out and stop my self cuming. I wanted to save that for when Luke had gone and I was going to fuck her and have her tell me how much she loved his fingers and cock. Seeing me pull out Luke took the hint and went off to shower. At the time I was in too much of a rush to get my wife on her own and talk to her, looking back we both agree we should of let her finish Luke off and get him to cum all over her tits and get me too lick it off!

The first thing she said was "Ï want to fuck him!" I nearly came there and then!!! Then she kissed me deep and we intwinned our tongues. I could taste Lukes cock all over her tongue. Again she said Ï want to fuck him now". She carried on and asked me why he didnt fuck her, I told her about the condoms. I though you would have heard I said, but she said she was enjoying it far too much to hear exactly what was going on. Luke came back from the bathroom dressed and packed up his kit. He left us and went on his merry way.

As soon as he was out the door my wife kept kissing me so I could taste his cock as much as possible before it wore off. I slid my hard cock back into her pussy and fucked her hard. All the while she had her eyes closed tight and kept saying "Fuck me Luke, Fuck me hard" It didnt take long for me to cum hard deep inside her.

When she is feeling dirty now she calls out Lukes name when I'm fucking her as she knows how hard it gets me, or better still she fucks herself with a dildo while I watch and asks if i like watching her get fucked. I always do and then I put my cock her mouth and take over the dildo action for her - we just love 2 cock action now and we will make that a reality again soon, but with me watching her getting fucked next time.