Written by Owen

3 Apr 2019

Let me introduce myself, I’m Owen, I’m 30 years old and a little over 6 feet tall, I’m muscular. I used to be in the army and still keep myself fit. I’m been married to Emma (Em) for 4 years she’s 27, very pretty and petite, she has a perfectly formed 36D pair of tits. We have 2 children.

I must take full responsibility for what happened a month ago.

It was a Friday night and my mother-in-law was babysitting for us.

My mother-in-law, Sian, despite being 52, I’ve always found her to be very sexy and have always fancied the pants off her, she is a little curvy in all the right places and has a great pair of tits 38DD’s.

She has been married to Edd for 34 years.

I had left a bottle of wine for her while we were out

We got back about half past 11, Em was pretty pissed so I took her upstairs undressed her and put her into bed, she went out like a light, I got into my sleeping pants and T shirt and went downstairs

I grabbed another bottle of wine and a glass for myself and poured us both a drink, I sat opposite Sian on a chair, I had purposely put one leg up with my foot on the seat knowing full well that my cock would poke out of the bottom of my shorts after a few minutes I glanced at Siam she was looking at me but quickly turned away, I knew she had seen it because she blushed.

I’m sure curiosity got the better of her because she looked again, this time when I caught her she didn’t look away.

After a few more glasses of wine I was now feeling quite drunk and reckless and I was feeling very horny, so I said to Sian, you’ve seen mine how about a peek of yours.

I thought she would tell me to piss off but what happened next completely threw me.

I watched her stand up lift up her skirt she was wearing a pretty pair of pink satin panties, she then put her hand inside and slowly pulled them down until I could see a patch of pubic hair, I moved over to her and we started to kiss, I undone her blouse and soon my hand was inside rubbing her nipples, which soon became hard, I then gently laid her back onto the settee, my hand then slipped up her skirt, I stroked her pussy which was now quite wet, next I slipped in a couple of fingers and started to play with her.

She raised her arse and I eased off her panties then slipped in my cock into her, and although it was very wrong it felt so good.

We started to gently fuck she whispered in my ear that she hadn’t had any for years.

She was very eager and receptive, we changed positions I was now behind her, my hand playing with her clit must have been fucking for at least half an hour before she said she was coming, she started to quiver I started to pump harder and harder then I gave one hard push before emptying my sack inside of her.

We both took a well-earned rest before continuing, I fucked her again before we made our way to bed.

The next morning Em said she was having a lay in was soon again fast asleep.

It was early only about 6am, I got up and was surprised to find Sian in the kitchen, she was wearing a robe, she asked if Em was coming down I told her she was asleep.

I moved over to her she undone her robe revealing she was naked under, needless to say we fucked again we knew what had happened last night and now again was so very very wrong.

Sian said what happens next, I told her that was up to her, did she just want it to be the one drunken shag and this morning or did she want sex on regular bases.

Sian chose the latter, and now we have sex as much as we can.

Sian regularly lets me tit wank, she even gives me blowjobs which Em never does.

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