Written by Thomas Jefferson

2 Sep 2010

Beer Fest

While I was at work a co-worker of mine was talking about a local beer festival that was taking place this up coming weekend.

My wife thought it would be fun since we had not been out drinking heavily in a few years. We purchased the tickets online and went to the festival on Saturday night.

My wife is 37 years old and is as hot as the day I met her. She has a great figure and a pair of tits to die for.

On this evening she decided to wear a knee length black dress with a black low cut v-neck sweater. Man was she looking hot.

When we first arrived at the festival we were handed several small plastic cups to taste the 200+ samplings of beer from around the world. We walked around and sampled some of the beers and then ran into my co-workers and some of his friends.

While moving from tent to tent in the crowded area I would gradually rub on my wife’s backside. I would occasionally sneak a feel of her covered breasts.

As more and more time went on we must have tasted all of the 200 beers, while we sampled some more than once. We were both feeling no pain.

As several hours passed the gathering became rather large, and it became more and more difficult to move freely through the crowd. Every once in a while the guys would rub their chests against her chest to move through the crowd. My wife didn’t seem to care and one out of every ten guys she moved past would intentionally and blatantly cop a feel of her luscious breasts as they rubbed past her.

I noticed that she was not complaining and as we took a potty break I convinced her to take off her bra for the rest of the evening. As she was drinking rather heavily she didn’t seem to object and was more than happy to oblige my request. When she returned from the bathroom she was grinning from ear to ear. I looked at her chest and noticed that her nipples were standing at the ready, and were garnering more than their fare share of attention from those who passed by.

She took the opportunity to flash me for a split second before we disappeared in the rather large and drinking crowd.

While we were still partaking in the beer sampling, it was easy to tell that everyone in attendance was drinking rather heavily. The men in the crowd were obviously staring at my wife’s chest and the rather bold drunk ones were accidently on purpose rubbing her nipples with their arms or the back of their hands as they passed her holding their beers at chest height.

My wife who claims she doesn’t overtly require attention was actually loving the accidental rubs and the obvious stares she was garnering from the drunken patrons.

We decided to visit the inside of one of the dance clubs and we found a place adjacent to the dance floor that allowed us to lean over a railing the was raised above the dance floor. The room was smokey and crowded and dimly lit. She leaned forward against the railing and I stood directly behind her leaning the front of my body into the back of hers. We had a few more beers and while we listened to the music and watched the dancing directly below us I directed my hand under her skirt and rubbed her through her thong. She spread her legs a little big to allow me better access to my favorite spot on the planet. Unbeknownst to us there was a group of college age fraternity boys directly underneath us on the dance floor. They were looking up underneath my wife’s skirt directly into her sex as I had moved her thong to the side, while she allowed me entry into her luscious, wet and warm spot that was glistening from he dampness. The way the lights were on the dance floor they could easily see how shiny and moist her lips were. They could also see how they were parted and an inviting invitation for further probing.

My wife became so drunk that she was flashing the crowd below. Apparently the band was encouraging women to flash all at once and my wife had joined in. Sort of. Since I was too busy with my fingers to notice, I discovered that every time they wanted the women to flash she was just lifting her arms up above her head, leaving her sweater undisturbed.

So, every time the band announced for the ladies to flash I decided that when she lifted her hands up I would lift up her shirt for her. The first time this happened I lifted up her shirt exposing her two beautiful mounds, she half turned around and playfully said, “hey what are you doing?” I said how come your not doing it. She said that she was way too bashful. But she added that as long as I did it it would be OK. As long as I stopped when she asked me to. Again when it was time to flash I lifted up her shirt and flashed her beautiful boobs. The college boy crowd loved it and you were driving them wild with excitement.

We realized it was getting late and we both recognized the fact that we were way too drunk to drive home. We thought the cab ride was going to be free but that ended hours earlier. We hailed a cab and asked him to take us home. As usual I was all worked up and started to lift up my wife’s skirt and get a little some before we got home.

She let me rub her slightly. She could see the cab driver looking back in his rearview mirror. She was sitting behind the cabbie’s seat and he could not see her. She realized this and allowed me to continue to caress her. I slid her underwear off and she allowed me to taste her. She was apparently already as worked up as I was. While I was buried between he legs she was resting her back against the rear drivers door. I reached up and slid her sweater up and over her gorgeous tits. I exposed her tits to the night and was playfully squeezing and pinching both of her engorged and puckered areolas and nipples. I now had her skirt up around her waist and had all her private parts completely exposed. Since she was directly behind the drivers seat the cabbie couldn’t see anything. She was so excited that she had one hand on the back of my head and the other was squeezing her own breasts over my hands. Within three minute she was having an incredible quiet orgasm.

I looked at her with her eyes closed and could tell her wheels were spinning. All of a sudden she sat up, not bothering to cover herself. Internally she was thinking that we have been getting along great and she wanted to do something just for my pleasure.

She reached for and pulled my zipper down and pulled out my now raging hard on.

She unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down. I was sitting in the middle of the backseat. The front seats were bucket seats and there was a large gap between the front seats. There was no plastic barrier between the front and back seat.

My wife faced me and plunged herself onto my stiffness, She was so wet that it slid right in without any friction. She went up and down a few times and was biting her lip. She asked if this is what I really want. I unhesitatingly stated yes, not knowing exactly what to expect next. She breathed in real deep and turned around to face the front seat. The entire front of her body was exposed, to make me even happier she lifted her sweater above her head and pulled off her skirt. She was now completely naked with my dick firmly planted inside of her, and completely exposed to the cabbie who could clearly see her perfect breasts glistening with her sweat. She put both of her hands on the front seats. One on the drivers side and the other on the passenger seat.

She was riding me nervously at first. She then thought that if this is what I wanted that she could push herself to make me truly happy, since she knows I have talked about this in the past with her.

She obviously wanted me to come quickly and she knows how I like how much she grabs her own boobs while we make love. She was now squeezing her boobs in her hands and rolling her nipples between her forefinger and her thumb. She looked into the rearview mirror and was shocked to see the cabbie staring back at her. You suddenly realized how close you were to the cabbie. He was easily with touching range of your breasts. Part of your brain was hoping that he didn’t touch you, but you then noticed that he turned his head and his face was only about 12 inches away from your tightening breasts, and realized the other part of your brain was hoping he would reach out and touch you. When he didn’t, you realized why. You looked into his lap and realized that he was slowly sliding his right hand up and down on his glistening mushroom shaped head. It would disappear when he came up and would reappear when his hand went back down. You saw that his mushroom head was leaking pre-cum and could tell that he was really squeezing it hard.

You suddenly realized that you were about to explode again in another orgasm. You said I’m cumming, in a low deep throaty sexy voice. I started to have an orgasm deep inside of you. You saw the cabbie speed up his stroking and then he erupted into an orgasm with his fluid being forced out of his mushroom head landing on his shirt and then back onto his hand. You couldn’t take it anymore and clenched your lips and squeezed your eyes shut and had the most intense earth shattering orgasm of your life. Culminating with the three of us having a simultaneous orgasm.

You fell off of me onto the seat, and couldn’t move. I slowly gathered our clothes and realized that we had arrived home. You were almost asleep on the seat and I said we are here. I paid the cabbie and opened the door. You didn’t bother to get dressed. You said you were too tired. We both walked naked into the house walked into the bedroom, laid down pulled the covers over us and we both were in a deep sleep within two minutes.