Written by Lucky Hubby

25 Jan 2009

My wife and I have been going to a respectable “private” club for a while and had visited about six or seven times. We have had strict rules in as much as we only go to play together be it in front of others or watch others play. It has done wonders for our sex life which had been flagging for some time. We have two children.

We were at the club a while back sitting in the Jacuzzi together after having a walk around the play rooms. My wife squared up to me when we were alone and came up with the following idea straight out of the blue which took me aback a little.

She explained that she had enjoyed going to the club but it was loosing its appeal to her and she felt that she would like to stop going there. She was a bit tired of walking around a place naked in front of strangers and was really worried about bumping into someone she knew.

Coming out of the blue I was a bit taken aback but before I could comment she said. Look I know you like coming here and I am not letting you come alone so I am willing to make one of your dreams come true for a night if you agree that we don’t bother with the club anymore. Again before I could speak she said right here’s the deal.

I know that you would like to see me getting it on with another chap as a threesome. Well if you would like to give this a go tonight as a once in a lifetime experience then I will go along with it, and enjoy it, But then we keep away from the club. What do you think?

Again I was taken completely by surprise and before I could comment she went ahead with her plan.

You see just tonight for the first time since we have been coming here I have spotted a chap who I have the hots for and I have over heard him talking to another couple about his situation.. I think if you feel its right he might be just the chap to fill your fantasy. And if you would like to give it a go I will have a chat with him. Just a one off though.

From what I heard he is due to emigrate to New Zealand and his wife and children have been out there for a month and he joins them in a few days. He has been let in here tonight as a one off if he only plays if invited as its couple’s night.

There is just one condition though. If you want to go for it I will make it clear to him that it is me that is giving the pleasure tonight and as such I say who does what and puts what when and where. I will be in charge.

All I could say was ok and so she went off around the club to find him leaving me with a terrific hard on in the Jacuzzi.

Within ten minutes she returned with the chap and she introduced him to me as Jimmy

When we were in the Jacuzzi she was sat between us and she made it clear that she was fondling us both one in each hand. He closed his eyes and let out a quiet groan of appreciation. Sal had us both as hard as a rock and then sat up and said well I have explained to Jimmy the rules shall we dry off and get to our room? She was first out of the Jacuzzi and we followed glancing towards each other with apprehensive but friendly smiles still both having massive hard ons.

We got to our room and all slipped off our robes. She instructed Jimmy to lie on the bed and turned to me. You had better open that bottle of Champagne whilst I lie on the bed with my new friend and get him ready for me.

I walked just the few yards across the room to get the bottle out of the fridge. Jimmy was up on the bed and Sal lay beside him, she pushed him flat onto the bed. She then moved her head down to his cock and began to run her tongue up and down its length. I watched transfixed and was over the moon when she took at least half of its length into her mouth. I had never seen anything so sexy in all of my life. She looked a real natural. Her eyes looked over to me and she smiled. Letting his cock slip out of her mouth for a while she said to me, have you got a nice glass of champagne for me my darling.?

I filled three glasses and walked over to her putting two onto the bedside table and handing her the other. She took a deep sip from the glass and then before swallowing sucked his cock again, He groaned sensing the coldness I guess. She reached over and rubbed my cock which was oozing with cum.

Would you like to see Jimmy’s Cock inside me darling she asked. I just nodded giving her a knowing smile. In one swift move she swung her leg over him allowing his cock to sit flat against his chest but pushing on her clitoris. She rocked back and forward pushing her clitoris against him and I heard her give a quiet groan of pleasure.

She then got off him and reached under the pillow and pulled out a condom, He ripped it open and slid it over his erect cock, Sal then swung herself back on top of him.

I sat at the end of the bed and watched her rub his cock up and down the opening to her pussy then she slowed down and let the head of it nudge inside the entrance to her, It looked far to big to fit but after a couple of rocks it began to slide inside her. What a fantastic sight.

They both moaned as he had pushed it all the way in as far as it would go. Sal then sat upright and opened her eyes to look at him. Right now I want you to fuck me as hard as you can and it had better be good ! She seemed to be enjoying her dominant position.

They started to move together in rhythm and he was thrusting up with all his worth to get his cock as far into her pussy as possible. After a short while he began to groan and sensing him coming Sal slowed down the pace and reached round to grip the base of his shaft. It worked and he did not come just yet.

Sal let his cock slip out of her pussy and beckoned me over to her. Did that look good my darling she asked and again all I could do was nod. She took my cock into her mouth and sucked me deeply for a couple of minutes.

Sal then looked down at our new friend and said well tonight is your lucky night, I heard that you are a faithful chap to your wife and so as I know you are clean I am going to let you fill my pussy up with your spunk, Would you like that ? He just nodded and then Sal reached down to his erect cock and tugged off the condom.

Sal then slipped his cock back into her pussy and began those fantastic movements of her’s again, this time she pressed really hard against each of his thrusts and moaned out loudly when his cock was fully inside her. It was not long before he warned her of his climax coming and she virtually screamed to him to give it to her harder. He thrust up and I watched his cock spasm a number of times as he pumped his sperm into her. God thank you he said as his cock stopped jerking and it shrank quickly and dropped out of her.

Sal rolled off him and lay on the bed beside him, she looked over to him and said to him that he had better get his clothes on and get himself back off to the club.

No that’s enough sex for me I will go over to the bar and call a cab. Sal looked over to me and said and ad you my stud you had better get me another glass of champagne and come and watch Jimmy’s spunk trickle out of me and then you have the job of making me come. She looked sexier than I had ever seen her since we had met. I was a very lucky chap and as our friend disappeared out of the door with a smile I got down to the job of pleasing my little minx of a wife.

Well she said that was nicer than I thought, I had always thought that it could only be a humiliating experience for you but it was absolutely fine, If you are a good boy I might in my own time do that again if you are a very good boy. We shagged all night and I have never come so many times in my life. I am a very lucky chap.