14 Dec 2015

I posted on here a few weeks ago titled, "Wife's thongs".

I explained that I sometimes wear my wife's used thongs when I wank, and explained that I wanted to go a step further and let another man wank in her thong and then give them back, and she can wear them without knowing what has gone on.

I thought I might have had a couple of takers on this site, but unfortunately I didn't.

So, I came up with an idea. There is a secluded dogging spot near by, so I put one of her thongs in an envelope with a note describing my wife and what I wanted, and then placed them in a spot that I know various things have been left in the past.

I went back and checked a few days later, and they were there with a reply from someone telling me that he wanked over them thinking about my wife. I couldn't wait to get back home and check them, and when I did, there was the tell tale stains.

He left a note asking for something else, so I went through the same thing, this time leaving him a pair of my wife's used work tights that she wears without any underwear, and left a note explain this.

Again, I left it a couple of days before going back and checking, and they were there with another note explain that he tied them around his cock whilst he wanked himself off letting some of his cum dribble onto them. I checked them and found a couple of stains on them. He left a note asking for a photo of my wife with the next thing I leave for him.

I haven't as yet, but will let you know what happens next.

Anybody that's interested in maybe helping me with my fetish please message me, or leave a comment.