Written by Sexy Cathy

12 Jul 2008

I recently posted a true story about becoming a Swinging Heaven member, in order to find someone to fuck me, it lead to a very wild web cam session in which I fucked myself with a dildo cast of the guy’s cock that we had met on the site.

A couple of people have asked if it went further and did I get fucked by the real thing, well I did and I have carried on the story below.

The next few days passed in a haze. I found myself going to the gym every lunch time and in the evening. By Friday night I admired myself in the mirror the previous days of strenuous exercise had really paid dividends.

On Saturday morning I went to the local beauty parlour for a full leg and pussy wax!

When I got back home Richard was on the phone to Jay, over the past week they had become the best of friends, which seemed a very strange bonding of husband arranging for another guy to fuck his wife. I had queried this with Richard and his answer was that he just wanted to make sure everything was just fantastic for my “first time”.

During the afternoon I had a very long soak in the bath, carefully applied my makeup and then chose my clothes for the evening, changing my mind many times. Eventually with Richard’s help I settled on a silky black shirt, black pencil skirt with a long split down the side (for easy access), push up black balcony bra, a tiny black thong, black stockings with peep toe, stainless steel high heels.

We made our way to the hotel and whilst in reception I was very pleased with the attention I was getting from passersby, (I thought if only they knew what I was here for!!!!)

To be honest I was trembling inside but determined to at least meet Jay in person. Richard phoned Jay to confirm we were in the hotel and on our way to the hotel bar.

Jay informed Richard that he was already there.

Richard looked at me and asked if I was sure. I took a deep breath and gave a nervous smile. “Let’s go”.

We entered the hotel bar and saw Jay standing by the bar. He immediately came over to us shaking Richards hand and kissing me on the check, he then escorted us to a table before going for drinks. Again it struck me as really odd that Richard should be formally shaking hands with a guy who might be exploring all my secrets before the night was over.

He returned to the table and conversation although a little strained at first got easier as we talked about holidays and places we had been. I found him to be physically very attractive and hoped he wanted to fuck me as much as I wanted to be fucked by him. After about half an hour he excused himself to visit the gents.

Richard asked my thoughts and I said I was very keen if it was okay with him. He agreed with me and suggested I visit the Ladies when Jay returned and he would find out how keen Jay was to progress things. Richard paused and said “However apparently there is a ritual for this, if you are keen you return with no panties and pass them over to the other person”.

When Jay returned I made my way to the Ladies leaving them to talk. Once inside I pulled my thong down over my ankles, I thought this is going to be a little embarrassing as my thong was very damp, I placed it into my handbag.

I walked back to the table and saw that they were both smiling at me, no doubt a sign that Jay was keen to fuck me.

I sat down next to Jay, reached into my handbag and passed him my very damp thong.

Jay feeling them laughed and made some remark about how damp they were.

Then things took a big surprise, Richard said that Jay had asked if I fancied going dancing, I thought it would be a good idea to head back home and let you two enjoy yourself.

I was shocked, Richard got up to leave and I followed him back into reception, where he gave me a kiss and discreetly passed me a packet of 3 extra large condoms, “enjoy yourself tonight, make sure you use them and tell me all about it in the morning”.

We had a long lingering kiss and I said “thank you so much”.

I went back to the bar area and sat down next to Jay, We got on really well and after a couple of bottle of wines I had loosened up, we laughed and joked about our web cam session. I felt comfortable with Jay’s hand on my leg, and had no intention of stopping him as it moved up my stocking legs to the bare flesh of my thighs. When Jay reached my waxed, smooth pussy he let out a soft “wow that is just amazing, absolutely amazing”, I looked around nervously to see if anyone could see us and was pleased that the bar was empty with no one around. Jay then skill fully set about pleasuring me with his fingers, first of all stroking and rubbing my pussy, exploring it and then finger fucking me first with one finger and then finishing with three fingers. I had to bit my lip as I climaxed.

After this had finished we looked at each other and sensing now was that time Jay looked at me and said “do you fancy going out to a club now or are you ready for bed”

“I am ready for bed”.

I reached into my handbag for my phone and sent Richard a text message “I am off to get fucked now”

Jay also reached for the phone and sent a text, I questioned him as to who he was sending it to and he handed it to me, it was Richard’s number and the message read “hi mate, just going to take your gorgeous wife upstairs and fuck her for you”.

I thought that Richard would no doubt be wanking himself shortly to the thought of his wife being fucked by a fit, handsome black guy.

I followed Jay to the hotel lift, my legs felt like jelly at this point and I was trembling. Jay noticed this and put his arm around me and reassuringly whispered in my ear “don’t be afraid you are really going to enjoy this”.

I took the room key from my handbag and opened the door. Richard had chosen one of the best rooms in the hotel, there was a big king sized bed, and a lovely big window with a fantastic view.

Jay surprised me by walking over to the curtains and pulling them back, “you may find this exciting, there maybe someone out there who wants to watch a beautiful white women being fucked by a black man”.

I found the thought of that Jay had said exciting “yes leave then open and turn the lights on”.

My phone beeped, it was Richard’s reply, “Go for it, enjoy yourself and show Jay what a great fuck you are”.

Shortly after Jay’s phone bleeped, he showed me the message “hi mate she is one hell of a fuck, make sure she rides you !!!”

Jay took me in his arms, we kissed and I felt his hands moving down my back and over my bottom. I could feel Jay's hardness against my leg as he felt my breasts outside my shirt. I undid his shirt buttons and worked my hand inside his shirt to feel his smooth chest. He slipped off his shirt, I unbuttoned my shirt and removed it, and Jay then reached behind me, unclipped my bra and pulled it away from me and let it drop to the floor leaving me standing before him with my boobs naked. Jay reached out with both hands cupping them and teasing my nipples until they were rock hard. Jay then slid the zipper of my skirt down, leaving it to fall to the floor, I stepped out of it and kicked off my heels.

I put my hand flat against his thigh and could feel a very large bulge in his trousers. Slowly I unzipped him and loosened his belt allowing his trousers to fall to the floor where he kicked them away. I glanced down to see his underpants straining to hold him in. He lowered his mouth to my breasts, and then began to tongue and suck my nipples as his hands explored my bottom and inner thighs. His face moved down across my stomach, soon his face reached my pussy. Gently he parted my thighs and his tongue explored me.

He stood up and started up to caress me again. I slipped my fingers into the elastic of his pants and pulled them down to his ankles and released the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was longer than Richards and a lot thicker.

I took it in my hand and I could feel its pulsing power. Jay moved me back onto the bed as my head went down. I was really keen to suck him, but it seemed so big.

Jay lay on his back as I raked my nails gently on his chest and managed to get most of his hard cock into my mouth.

After a while Jay moved me onto my back and went down on me, his tongue expertly finding my clitty. He was driving me wild with his tongue, his hands alternating between my bottom and boobs. I was withering about and purring with pleasure. Then Jay turned me around and I find myself in a 69 and my pleasure was increased by taking his big cock in my mouth again and this time exploring every inch of it with my tongue.

This went on for ages, until finally Jay moved between my legs. He took a condom from the side cabinet and slipped it over his cock.

Jay’s large rock hard cock dangled on my tummy before he drew back and reached down. I raised my legs and I felt the tip of Jay's cock begin to enter me. I was soaking wet and it felt huge as it stretched me on its way in. I gasped and Jay stopped for a moment before moving gently back and forth, each stroke taking him a little deeper me and then finally he pushed the last inch into me.

I felt completely full and could feel his heavy balls against me. Slowly he withdrew until he was almost out and then very slowly slid all the way back. He did this several times and I just lost control, I felt my orgasm building and building until I went rigid, bucking, heaving and screaming loudly as I climaxed. Jay thrust strongly into me now demanding and dominant making me cum, embarrassingly harder then I had ever done before. I could hear wet squelchy noises as he slammed into me. His hands seemed to be everywhere. As my orgasm subsided his thrusts became gentler.

Jay then moved me into the doggy position, facing the open window. He entered me again in a single hard thrust. Jay was cupping my bouncing breasts as he gave it to me very, very hard. Jay had both his hands were around my waist and he was grunting and groaning very loudly as he slammed into me, he mentioned that someone in a room to the side of ours was watching and was I okay with this, I looked up and could see a curtain twitching directly opposite, “oh my god, yes, yes, don’t stop just keep fucking me”, this had turned me on even more, at that I started to play up to the unknown admirer watching us and Jay just continued to aggressively hump me.

I could tell Jay was going to come soon, he was now very loud and gave one final push and then cum, even through the condom I felt him jet and throb into me. I fell down on to the bed and slowly Jay pulled out and dealt with the condom which was absolutely full of spunk, he then laid back beside me. I looked down at his thigh to see his cock limp now but still large lying across his thigh.

We laid side by side on the bed recovering and I leaned over and kissed him thanked him for the most amazing fuck ever.

After awhile we took turns to use the bathroom. I was still wearing my stockings I slipped them off and joined Jay on the bed again, this time completely naked.

I grabbed my phone and sent Richard another text message “you are now no longer my only cock, have just been well and truly fucked”.

Richard instantly replied “that’s fantastic, can’t wait to see you in the morning and hear blow by blow account”.

Jay’s phone bleeped, he read the message and smiled “Richard wants me to send a picture of you”.

I giggled, laid on my back and opened my legs wide giving Jay and Richard a full of my stretched, freshly fucked pussy. Jay’s mobile phone flashed and he tapped away at the keyboard for a few seconds and then fell back on the bed.

I was pleased to see Jay was showing interest again as his cock stiffened and he started to stroke my leg and began to suck my boobs, then teasing my swollen pussy. I grabbed Jay’s cock and began sucking him, I took a condom from the side cabinet and this time I slide it over Jay’s cock.

He lay flat out on his back and said that he wanted me on top, saying something about seeing how good a rider I was.

I lowered myself gingerly onto Jay’s massive cock, shortly I was enjoying the glorious feeling of being totally filled. Jay moved his hands up and as I slowly increased my pace. Jay began working my bouncing boobs, kneading and licking them. I could feel his cock getting harder and harder inside me, it was magnificent!

After a while I turned around on Jay’s cock, so my back was facing him and again I started to bounce up and down on Jay’s cock, occasionally stopping and wriggling my bottom before starting again, I was in total control of the fuck and really enjoyed the hold I had over Jay.

This continued for another 15 minutes, until Jay’s grunts started to become louder and louder and began to thrust upwards, I could feel he was about to cum, I was a little way of my own climax, then Jay took me by surprise and slipped a finger into my arse, this always makes me climax straight away and tonight was no different. I began to roll my head from side to side, screaming with pleasure and a bit of pain as Jay finger fucked my arse with two fingers, I then felt Jay cum and fill his condom again.

We collapsed onto the bed and again lay in each other’s arms, I sent Richard another text message “I have been fucked again!!!!!”.

Richard replied “you r really rampant tonite! Hope it was as good as the first time”.

Jay went to the bathroom and washed his hands, as he walked back to the bed I admired his lovely toned body and how his large cock swung from side to side.

Tonight I was absolutely insatiable, I rolled over and sucked Jay again, I was pleased that it didn’t take much work on my part to get him hard again for a third time !, he put the last condom on and mounted me from the front. He slid in easily this time as I had been so stretched by the two previous fucks. I wrapped my legs around Jay’s waist and arms around his neck and started to passionately kiss him, Jay then started to aggressively fuck me.

Then disaster struck, we both felt the condom split, Jay stopped and immediately pulled his cock out of me and removed the condom.

“Shit, I will go and get some more condoms”.

I looked Jay in the eye, paused I was on the pill, and wanted to carry on.

“Please don’t go down for condoms, I am safe are you”.

He reassuringly said he was.

“I am trusting you then, but please please do not cum in me or ever tell Richard that you fucked me bare back”.

He relied “trust me I am safe and I won’t”.

Then he pushed into me, it was the most beautiful feeling, even though I was so stretched I could still feel his every inch and contour of his cock. I again hooked my legs around his waist and arms around Jay’s neck and hung on to him as we started up again with him pounding my swollen pussy.

Then he rolled with me so that I was on top. I eased myself up so that I was riding him again and his monster cock was stretching me so wide. I rode him to another climax where again I was in control before Jay rolled me over onto my back again.

I could feel Jay wriggling trying to get out of me, I was just so far gone and so near yet another climax I could not even think about him pulling out, I just held my legs tighter around his waist.

Jay stopped and shouted “Cathy, I cannot hold out any longer, you need to let me go or I am going to explode in you”.

I replied “forget what I said; just keep fucking me and fill me with your spunk”.

At that Jay just pumped into me hard, he only lasted a few strokes and then exploded inside me. The strength of Jay’s ejectulation took me by surprise, shot after shot of Jay’s hot spunk hit the back of my pussy, it was also strange because it was so much warmer then Richard’s had ever been.

At that we were both well and truly shagged out and I fell to sleep in Jay’s arms, in the morning I woke up before Jay, I had a slight hang over and I looked down at my swollen pussy.

I went into bathroom and showered, my phone bleeped it was a text message from Richard “back in reception, come down for breakfast and tell me all about it”.

I quickly pulled on the clothes, well at least the ones I could find which were my shoes, skirt and shirt, my stocking were ripped, my bra was nowhere to be found and Jay had my panties from the night before.

I dashed down stairs and met Richard giving him a great big passionate kiss, he ushered me into the breakfast area and we sat down and I excitedly gave him a blow by blow account of the night before (I decided to miss out the bit about the split condom), Richard’s hand was running up my leg to my very swollen pussy, his hand run over my gapping wide slit, he didn’t say anything about how stretched it obviously was.

Richard phoned Jay and said “why don’t you join us for breakfast”, in about 15 minutes Jay was sitting next to us.

Later it occurred to me that I was sitting with two men, one black (my lover from the previous night) and the other my husband, with a shirt showing the outline of my boobs and nipples, bare legs, and a “just been fucked glow”, I was receiving a few disapproving looks, a few knowing smiles and no doubt some people wondering if they should try their luck.

I was sitting between Jay and Richard; both of them were caressing my legs,

Richard whispered in my ear, “We have the room until tomorrow, how do you feel about coming back to the room with me and Jay”.

I gave it some very careful consideration and replied “I would love a threesome, I am not sure if I am ready for this, can we save it for another time”.

Both of the guys looked really disappointed, I nearly changed my mind, but my pussy was throbbing after the pounding it had got from Jay.

We said goodbye to Jay and I gave Jay a really long and passionate kiss in the car park, in front of Richard, Jay placed his hand inside my shirt, and started to rub my boobs and tweak my nipples. After a while I broke away and thanked him for the most beautiful night.

Richard gave him a slap on the back “thanks mate, let’s hope we can persuade Cathy to have that threesome soon”.

I added “we will definitely have it soon”.

Richard and I went back to the room, we had a long very slow and gentle fuck.