Written by Rex

26 May 2018

This about my wife and the exstornery events that took place

We are a happily married couple my wife Sue is what appears to be an everyday housewife that has a part time job but sometime ago she had her moments after we got married as far as I know twic she got tempted when she must of felt safe and the circumstances where right and thought I wouldn't know she has parted her thighs and sheared what should of have been just mine the odd thing about that was Sue was is quite conservative even leaning to the prodish it's hard to imagine she want some extra cock

The first time she got her pussy pounded for over four months without her think I knew anything about it till it ended in a right mess the married guy who was doing the business wife found out and it hit the fan

I never told her I knew before it blow up and her story was it happen once it was a mistake and if I forgave her it would never happen again and could we keep it quiet and I agreed

Sue made a fresh start finding a new job everything moved on eighteen months later I found out the pussy was being poked again, this time it was more amazing to find out it was the man she worked for considering Sue was twenty five and he was mid late fifties I found out he was a man blessed with hidden talents , I sat back watching and waiting as the deception went on the silly excuses and stories the key to it was not asking too many or awkward questions, I fully admit I was terned on and excited knowing what was going on and that is why I was letting it happen

As the innocent husband the one in dark I did enjoy being demanding in our marital bed and I know sometimes I enjoyed following closely behind my rival the thing my wife didn't want in case I realized someone had been there before , it was obvious that was the case as she had been stretched and the wetness of being aroused you would expect was sticky slimy from have large deposits of sperm still in her I took great pleasher in tasting and yes eating his left overs the first time there was objections from Sue almost a panic after that she must of thought I didn't know

I didn't want this arrangement to finish but after a year I could see it was getting to involved my wife spent too mutch time with him she was getting expensive presents she was going on so called courses from work where she had to stay away I expect there would of been a lot of homework to do in her room I know or was sure on one trip he got her tight anal bud to blossom an area which was always off limits if that happened I would say she would do anything for him

The last straw came when I was told her friend was going go holiday and her husband couldn't go and Sue was asked if she would like to join her

This all came up quickly and I did think it could be genuine and said yes it was after Sue left I realized it don't happen like that names on tickets have to changed things with bookings, this was all arranged with taxis to and from airport

So on her reterne I was waiting at the airport and when she came out with an older man she was not looking for me I waited they had a coffee and a cozy chat first before leaving

As they left I walked up the look of shock on both faces well they where both lost for words the guy looked old and very worried

All I did was say to my wife let's go home and took her case, I was calm I didn't say anything to him we just left

The game was up driving home I will say was awkward excuses where no good now, I am not going into all that it woild be no interest to you

At home we had a lot to sort out I told Sue I knew all about it she couldn't understand why I didn't do or say something a lot of this is complicated bottom line I told her how mutch I liked my sloppy seconds and creampie and how terned on it made me knowing she was getting shagged

The old man's name was Derick he was her boss and what I was told about him was amazing despite his age he was a sexual athlete he did have a bloody big dick on him one that subpast mine by a long way I was pretty sure that was the case anyway

After a lot of talking my wife could see she was getting to involved after telling me about they talked about he wanted her to move in with him

I would say I got it right in the nick of time, on my wife's return to work she was paid off and left very handy at the time but I missed my fun with my encouragement after a month Sue spoke to Darick a few week later it was on again but with a understanding and she didn't work for him

With the new arrangement he got asses to my wife but it was different I knew when and what they did and he had to visit our house something I wanted was Sue to have him in our bed and he only came round in the afternoons when I was working that gave me fresh crampie

I wanted Sue in our bed as they left it damp patches tissus on the floor I did sometime sniff and lick the damp patches, I was right thinking Sue was not an anal virgin any more she left a tub of lubricant on the bedside table, I was soon pushing into her back door and she accommodated me very easily she told of her first experience it seemed it was painful and it took two attempts before it got easier she enjoyed me with a thinner girth and less depth now she prepares herself for me and tells me she is ready if I want to part her ring she likes to play with herself and cums

Sue had always given me oral but she had always stopped short of sucking me off finishing me by hand, it came as surprise one night as she went down on me I told I was close she wanked me and sucked harder till I shot in her mouth and she swallowed it all, it didn't stop there I have straddled and wanked till I cum and shot in her face she wiped my cum into her mouth and rubbed what missed and was on her breasts all over them quite remarkable

Some months later Derrick had erection problems at odd time with in months we found he had prostate cancer and in the end he couldn't manage it we keep friends with him in the end he passed away

That was not the end for us my quiet sometime quite shy wife needs cock she has to have one with more meat than I have got and I have encouraged this there is more to tell in any one is interested