Written by Jayne

1 Oct 2009

Hi folks to carry on.

My gardener had just fucked me again and we had agreed it was just sex .

I laid back on the floor as he started to lick around my nipples while gently teasing my pussy with his fingers .Telling me what a hot little rich whore I am as I lay there agreeing with him when he started to run his tounge into my pussy I was begging him to fuck me. He laughed and told me I was a whore and he wanted to hear me say it .

Please fuck me I am a whore and need you to fuck me I said ,Louder bitch he said .I screamed the words at him as he slid himself into me calling me all the names he could think off.He put my legs on his shoulders and started to fuck me slow and deep I could feel my self coming as I begged him not to stop .

He smiled and pulled out and said back in a minute and left the room when he came back he threw me a bannana and told me to use it on my self I slipped it straight in and started to fuck myself in front of him I had my eyes shut and could hear him telling me to go harder .He told me to get in my bitch position so I rolled over with the bananna still in me and he started o fuck me him self. After a while I felt him start to push his finger in my bum .i said no dont but he slapped my backside and told me to shut up as whores like this.Next second I could feel myself come and he shoved his cock staight in my backside still fucking me with the bananna.

AS I came round he pulled the bananna out and told me to suck it while he slowley fuck me up my arse .He asked if I let my hubby do me there and I told him he was the first bloke to do me .He smiled and said I am going to get used to it as it was his favourae sex position .

With that he started to fuck me harder and grab me by my hair now lets have a proper ride he said smacking me on the back while pulling my head back by my hair whos bitch are you he said, yours I answered good then bark bitch I started to bark as he came in my arse .

He then started to get dressed and said dont be to long calling me back .I wont I said, oh by the way o you like my new screen saver he said and when I looked he had a picture of me with the bananna .Just some insurance he smiled then left.I lay there thinking what am I doing here .