Written by Lynd7635

4 May 2010

This is an update on my Slag wife with reference to our submission 'Slag in the woods'.As readers will remember Ronnie and I went dogging and we met a Black guy called Leo,who she exchanged mobile numbers with and was going to be taken out by .

Well since that day they have been out and met up at every opportunity .On Saturday I went to the local pub with the wife ,she had got dressed up and mentioned that leo was picking her up from the pub around 6pm.

Ronnie had got dressed in a nice short grey skirt and tight black and white blouse and hi pair of black killer heels .Underneath the usual black wide suspender belt and white see thru white g string and a black bra and seemed stockings.

We arrived at the pub and we started to have a few drinks and Acouple of friends joined us .Comments were made on how smart and sexy Ronnie looked and I had a constant hard on thinking that soon her black lover was about to pick her up .

Six oclock approached and I saw Leo's Audi pull into the carpark ,Ronnie came over to me kissed me on the cheek and looked at me with her doe like sexy eyes and a smirk and then went off across the carpark .I watched as my wife walked towards Leo's car with that sexy wiggle and as she opened the door and got in her skirt road up and you could see her stocking tops.

A few of my friends noticed this and commented 'where's she off'I said oh thats a cab shes going to a job interview for a bar job

I continued to drink in the pub my mind raceing thinking about my slut wife.

Now this was the second time in a week that Ronnie had been out with Leo,now as you would know from our first dogging meet has a cock like a babies arm.Ronnie let him fuck her unprotected and cum deep inside her.

Even after only seeing him twice I noticed how he small cunt has started to be stretched and my cock hardly fills the void.

I was quite drunk by 9pm and walked home not expecting to see Ronnie until sometime later,but as I came into our road I saw Leo's Car on the drive.As I got to the end of the drive I could hear Her moans from even outside.

I went in the front door and up stairs,I went into our bedroom to see my wifes arse in the air ,skirt up around her waist being fucked hard by Leo.Her heels still on and arse framed by her suspender belt,white thong pulled to oneside.Leo was slowly fucking her pussy giving her all it length and really going deep inside her.She was moaning and wiggling on ever thrust.His black cock was really stretching her pink white pussy and dragging her pussy lips in and out.

Ronnie looked around and smiled and told me to come and snog her as she fucked,I love this as you can feel her response to ever thrust and see the delight on her face.

I can't describe the filth and the atmosphere in that room .But I watched as Ronnie sucked and fucked Leo and watched as he emptied his seed into her unprotected pussy .

I loved to watch it dribble out and down her stockings and then lick her red and swollen gapping pussy.

Leo withdrew his cock and Ronnie eagerly licked it clean and as she did so she looked up and Leo in this worshipful and doe eyed manner that just sends me wild.

Leo annouced he was going and that he would call and left

Ronnie just laid on the bed spunk oozing from her swollen pussy, looking Horny as hell

I climbed on to her swollen pussy and fed my cock into her gapping hole and fucked her.

It felt so sloppy and wide ny cock didn't even touch tht sides,I camein seconds and add my spunk to her full pussy.

Leo will be a regular feature for a few weeks,Ronnie always says to me 'I bet you would love to see me with a swollen belly from Leo'and you know what I think I would.

I would recommend anyone think of turning their wife into a slut do so.