Written by Db

23 Aug 2017

It was freezing cold outside and I was glad that paul had arranged this year's Christmas night out as a meal and a disco in the hotel we were all staying at in York. No walking the streets in the wind and rain. There were around 8 of us this year and we'd all worked together for over a year and everyone got on well.

It was a good night. Food was decent. We'd had some laughs and some of the team had been up dancing. It was all very pleasant. At this point nobody had done anything to cause an office scandal......yet. It was 1st and the disco was finishing. The 3 smokers in the team me included headed outside for a last smoke. Me Paul and bianca. All of us were tipsy but still had good control of ourselves. I suspected that bianca had a thing for Paul and that I should make myself scarce however after I got back from the toilet Paul had gone to his room and bianca had waited for me. We were both staying on the same floor so made our way along the corridor arm in arm giggling. Bianca said she had some wine in her room and did I want a night cap. Sounded good to me as 1am still seemed early. We lay on the bed drinking and listening to music and by this point I was in my boxers and bianca had taken off her black chiffon top and was laid on her bed in just her bra and black lace knickers. I asked her if she minded if played with my cock whilst she watched. She said she didn't. Soon her right hand was sliding inside her underwear. She didn't take her eyes off my throbbing cock..... she pulled her huge dd tuts from her bra and asked me to cum all over them whilst she continued to play with her swollen clit. Fuck the sight of this very sexy lady who was a lot older than me strumming away as she told how much she wanted my warm cum was too much and I was soon spurting all over those huge tits. Never had I thought she'd have behaved so slutty licking my cum from her nipples . Office scandal at Christmas party. Tick :-)