Written by zepherman64

5 Sep 2013

I say yawn, because i guess another massage story is a lot more boring than many of the adventures we enjoy reading about on here.

We read a story on here about a masseur/photographer some time ago and since then we tried to suss out who it was as i fancied booking my wife up for a treatment, plus some photos, but to no avail, we couldn't locate him.

During a spa visit down the south coast last month, we got talking to a couple who turned out to live just a mile from us on the Suffolk Essex border. Talk about a small world.

I'm Brian, 60, over weight and well past my prime. Helen, my wife is 40, she has a wonderful size 10 figure, small boobs and always looks a knock out, needless to say, i'm very proud of her.

We've been married 20 years, weren't able to have children and became so wrapped up in each other that we don't have a large social group of friends.

Following a health scare last year, we have been going to places like naturist spa's, visiting naturist resorts for our holidays and generally living life. We like the openness and honesty of such places and although we have never actually swung with other people, we have enjoyed the odd groping session in the hot tub.

Anyway (samphire-lady), Ann the woman we got talking to know the guy we'd been trying to find and gave us his contact name which is found on another site.

During the spa visit we enjoyed their company,plus the odd fiddle in the tub and when they went up to one of the play rooms, they invited us to join them, but we declined with some feeble excuse. But they put us at ease and said if we wanted to watch them, we were welcome.

We left it quite a while, then curiosity got the better of us and we wondered up stairs.

There was two single guy's also watching them but made no attempt to intrude, they just stood there pulling them selves off.

Ann and her husband were in a 69 position and as we watched them, Helen began stroking her boobs.

After a while Ann and hubby began to screw and one of the guys asked Helen if he could touch her boobs as her nipples are very large and obviously too tempting for him, without asking me if it was ok, Helen said yes.

I was in heaven as i watched her boobs being caressed by a stranger.

We didn't join Ann and her hubby in any actual play, but later in the jacuzzi, they both touched her, which she enjoyed.

We swapped phone numbers with helen, but with holidays ect, times have been hectic, but they're coming round next sunday for a BBQ.

Yesterday, having phoned the masseur last week, we popped round to see him.

I have to admit, he's not what i expected. He's the same age as myself, nearly bald and got a bit of a gut, but he was easy to talk to and i knew Helen felt comfortable in his company.

He told us about the range of treatments, plus he used a female friend if she was needed for either an extra body if needed on a tuition day or she was another therapist if required.

Helen said she like the idea of a Sensual massage, and i just nodded in agreement but inside i was shouting YES.

I was then disappointed when he said there was never any penetrative sex during a massage, regardless of the style chosen.

He had this idea that a client would gain more from it if her mind took the journey instead of her having sex and knowing it wouldn't happen prior to starting, the client would allow herself to relax more, and eventually be more in tune with her own body and sensations?????

Helen was all yes yes, i agree with what you mean, and i was thinking, what a load of rubbish, but i continued to smile in agreement.

Helen asked if she could have a massage there and then or did she have to rebook?

The chat was all part of her first booking, so it was all sorted.

After a loo visit we all went down into the garden.

Music was playing and a massage couch was already set up under a wooden gazebo with plants climbing over it. The sun as we all know was beautiful at 23 degrees.

Helen undressed in a lovely furnished shed and wearing a light robe she came out, P helped her slip the robe off and get comfy on the couch.

I enjoyed watching him run his hands over her body, but it didn't seem very sexy.

I looked at my watch, 10 minutes has passed and i was becoming bored, he did say the massage would take about 2 hours. So i focused more on the magazine i'd brought than watching.

It was as i glanced up some time later that i noticed helen, still lying face down had spread her legs apart, but still seemed totally relaxed and not at all turned on.

NOT what i'd hoped for.

I did buck up when i heard him say turn over.

Watching her breasts being massaged was great and i later noticed his hand was gently moving between her legs.

Her breathing seemed deeper and she was slightly moving her hips, her hands had taken a firm hold of the massage couches towel, but nothing much seem to be happening.

i was surprised when she began to moan and shuddered to an orgasm, as everything had stayed so calm and slow, not the deep thrust of stimulating fingers that i'd expected.

Helen laid quietly on the couch and p stood beside her just gently resting his hands upon her her thigh and tummy.

Helen said it was exactly what she'd hoped for, and asked about doing some photos. we are doing the sunday week.

I have to be honest, i was hoping that he'd openly play with Helen, but the massage was just that, a massage.

I now know i'm a wantabe swinger, so i hope when Ann and hubby come round, things go further.

Helen is aware of what ive written here, but i find it easier to write about my hopes than talk about them.

Although the massage was boring from my point of view, helen genuinely loved it and is booking for another.