Written by Jenny

4 Aug 2019

We thought many years ago we were very adventurous with public sex,by today's standards we were probably not in the running,we used to come down to London every other weekend, to buy stock for our business, we arrived early got the work done and had the day to ourselves. I used to wear suits in those days to impress our wholesalers, consisting of a blouse straight skirt and jacket, stockings and suspenders an d petticoat.

These memories were brought back by the couple of recent cinema posts,on our trip down on the train my husband would like to move my skirt up showing a bit of my petticoat and feel my suspenders through my skirt if someone was in the carriage,Petticoats were normal wear in those days but still exciting for other men watching.We had done on a few occasions and he asked me to show more so on this trip I crossed my legs knowing the other passenger could see up my skirt.

We went for lunch to an Italian restaurant we used regually, we sat side by side had a couple of glasses of wine, and spoke about our trip down, do you think he could see your knickers, I'm not sure but he must have seen my stocking tops and suspenders, I put my hand under the tablecloth and felt he was rigid.

I gave it a couple of rubs, he said stop or I'll come, didn't realise it turned you on that much,he put his hand on the hem of my skirt but it was quite tight, fell nice I asked him, great, but I'd like more would you,yes.

We left and strolled around and found a cinema( this is what jogged our memory on s/w).We entered and found a seat, the film had started so it was dark, we settled down and was soon kissing, he opened my blouse and felt me through my bra, it felt fantastic, he carried on till my nipples were hard,I felt his still rigid cock, his hand went to pull my skirt up but as before a bit to tight.

I felt his hand move to the side of my skirt and open the button and move the zip down,take it off, I looked around and slipped it down, he put it on the seat next to him,to any outsider it looked just like a white skirt.We sat for a while with his arm around me watching the film, and a man walked past us and sat in the row in front of us about 4or 5 seats along from my husband,we looked at each other, was this just a coincidence or had he been watching us.

Let's find out, I moved my petticoat up to past my stockings just showing my knickers, my husband moved his hand inbetween my legs and felt my damp knickers, this was quite discreet, no response from the man,we started kissing again his hand went in my blouse again, felt so good,I purposely moaned to see if there was any reaction, he looked around, then looked away, I told my husband I think we have caught his attension, do you want to go further, as far as you do.

His hand went straight to my knickers, my legs opened and a finger went in easily,I started to wan k him, I looked over and he was watching,we'd gone this far why not carry on.

He pulled petticoat up to my waist, my stockings and suspenders and knickers were completely on show, with now two fingers in me, he said he couldn't last much longer, I caught a sight of the man wanking, this was something I'd never seen in public before but wanted to see again,I told my husband what I'd seen, do you like watching him yes, go and finish him off, I was shocked, go, I pulled my petticoat down and moved next to him and immediately pulled it up again, he looked around at my husband who just nodded, his fingers are soon in me and I took over wankin g him, I knew my husband would be wankin g but not for long, the man was starting to shudder and I knew he was coming, he did and made shore it went over my knickers.

He got up and left without a word,I moved back to my husband but had left it to late as he couldn't contain himself,we sat for a while, I got dressed and we left for the train.

We sat and spoke about our day,he said it was the most erotic experience he had, I said the same for me, I managed to pull my skirt up far enough for him to make me come.Thanks s/w for nothing our memories.