Written by Hazel

25 Aug 2009

This happened to me just over a month ago. My name is Hazel and I was the live-in Private Secretary to an independent business man. He was married and I got on well with both him and his wife. Living in of course does mean that you hear and see things which most people keep to themselves, it was obvious, from their activities, that Mike and Sam were a very highly sexed couple.

I won't bother with any of my usaul duties but get right on to the nub of the situation. Both my employers were attractive people, around my age, ggod-looking and physically well made. One Sunday morning Sam came down for breakfast while I was in the kitchen. It was obvious to me that she had just had sex, they never bothered too much to hide it anyway. We said good morning and smiled at each other and Sam said, 'Hope you donm't mind me saying, Hazel, but you don't seem to have much of a love-life!' I laughed and replied, 'Yes, I have to admit that I have been going through a bit of a fallow period lately.' 'No need to go without,' she then said, 'Mike and I are pretty liberal, I am sure that between us we can meet your needs.' It was a bit of a shock though I would admit that I did find them both physically attractive. But Sam continued, 'Have you ever made love with another woman, Hazel?' I shook my head. 'There then, that's something we could do for you, I bet you anything you like that you would enjoy it. Only the other evening Mike was saying that it was about time we had a threesome and we've always fancied you!'

I didn't know what to say, I certainly found Mike sexually attractive and I'd always had this curiosity about same sex sex. Sam moved to me and kissed me on the lips, it caused my nipples to tingle, when I didn't draw away she continued kissing me, I became aroused. 'There,' she murmured as she held me, 'you liked that, didn't you?' 'Yes,' I replied. She was in her nightie and I was in my housecoat, she pulled the zip of it down and began kissing my, now erect, nipples. I put my hand on her surprisingly firm breast and rotated my thumb on the nipple which hardened immediately. I became more and mre aroused, somewhat surprised at how easily it had happened. After a minute or two Sam drew away, 'There you see,' she said, 'we could easily make love couldn't we? Just think of you and I making love while Mike watched and then have his lovely cock pushing into your fanny when you were all aroused.' I could think of it very easily, my thighs were already slick with my juice as it oozed. 'But not now, darling,' Sam said, 'I'l talk to Mike and we'll see what we can do.'

Sundays were normally my own and I returned to my room with a cup of tea and a couple of slices of toast and lay on my bed reading my latest book. However I could not ignore the sounds coming from my employer's bedroom, it was obvious that Sam had told Mike about our encounter that morning and he was now extremely aroused. No-none emerged from their room that morning so I made a cold lunch and prepared vegetables for dinner that evening then, after I had eaten my lunch I went for a walk.

I returned later and found them both in the living room watching a football match on TV. 'Hi,' Mike said, 'Sam's been telling me all about you two having a bit of fun this morning, really got me going.' I could feel myself blushing as he continued, 'Do I gather that you wouldn't be averse to a little threesome fun?' 'You'd be right,' I replied, I hadn't had sex for more than six months and I have a pretty healthy appetite for it, I didn't see what harm it could do, silly me! 'Right then,' Mike went on, 'we'll organise this properly and set aside next weekend for a real fun session, all right?' 'Yes, that's okay with me,' I replied, not really knowing what he had in mind.

I soon found out, the next Friday evening after dinner Mike instructed us to have showers and return to the sitting-room in just a dressing gown. My bedroom was en-suite, as was theirs of course, so it wasn't long before we were back in the sitting-room. Mike then made us drinks, vodka and tonic for Sam and me and Scotch for him. He then turned on the TV and the DVD player, you've probably guessed that he had a porno movie on, it was two women and a man. Well, I have to say it got me going as much as it did them and, as it came to an end, Sam came and sat with me and began kissing me.

It wasn't long before the dressing gowns were off and we were kissing and fondling each other. Sam had a great figure, as I said firm breasts rather smaller than my own, a shaved pussy which displayed her mound and the long lips of her cunt to great advantage. But before I had the chance to get further acquainted with that area she was kissing mine. I'm blonde and have always shaved what little body hair I have and she wasted no time kissing the lips of my cunt then using her tongue. I lubricated profusely ans I could hear her swallowing my juice and she penetrated me and tongue-fucked me strongly before sucking my clit. I climaxed immediately and pushed her head into all the soft flesh between my thighs, she licked and sucked furiously and I came and came.

Then we reversed and I did the same to her. I had never seen another woman's cunt and was very curious to see the differences between us. She had, as I said, very long lips and they swelled and parted quickly revealing well formed inner lips, a tight looking little hole and a bulging clit. I paid it all due attention and found that I enjoyed the taste of her juice and sucked and swallowed lots of it until, after she came, came and came again she pleaded with me to stop.

Mike, who had been watching entranced and wanking, now wasted no time. He pulled me down on the floor, I spread my legs as I looked at his cock, it was about eight inches long and quite a lot thicker than normal, I had never seen one like it. Urged on by his wife he entered me easily and began fucking. We are constantly being told that size doesn't matter, well length probably doesn't but thickness certainly does. I could tell the difference the instant he entered me, for one thing my smaller cunt lips formed a circle round the shaft while his cock was in contact with my clit all the time. He slid into me courtesy of the sloppy state of my cunt and began to fuck me, I started coming almost immediately as he thrust quite hard his balls banging against my bottom. It didn't last long though, he had become too excited watching Sam and me, and soon he was ejaculating deep inside me. God I loved that feeling! The strong spurts filled my cunt and made me cum all the more. Then he was flopping on me breathing like a grampus.

After a few minutes, Sam hauled him off and went down on me. She began sucking and swallowing the mixed juices, she was gluttonous keeping on sucking even when it was obvious that there was no more to come. Not unnaturally I had been having incredible orgasms, so intense that I convulsed and my body was wracked with huge thrills and so much that I was left completely exhausted. She rolled away and I watched as Mike mounted her and started fucking her like a maniac, she was cawing coarsely and clawing at his back, ramming her body up at him as he rammed his cock into her. I was amazed at how long it lasted but obviously he did come, causing Sam to cry out and spasm as she came.

I waited until they were still then pushed Mike off his wife and buried my head in the delicate tactile, sloppy, flesh of her cunt and greedily drank the juices. Sam fought me as if she didn't want to feel the thrills she was getting, but I took no notice until I was satisfied that I couldn't extract anything else from her pulsating cunt. Then I rolled away.

Long minutes passed before Mike staring at our cunts began to wank, he soon achieved an erection then he came to me, hauled me up on my hands and knees and entered me from behind. It is one of my favourite positions and feeling thet thick cock pistoning in and out of me thrilled me to the core. He'd already come twice so now he took ages to reach that fulfilment again, not that I minded, my mind was on sex. All the images filled my mind cocks, cunts, fucking, spurting spunk in every possible combination. I had never had such a complete sexual experience in my life.

That weekend continued the same way, how Mike had the stamina to fuck us so often I cannot imagine, but I enjoyed literally hours of same sex fun when ever Mike was fucked out. The next morning I had a sore pussy, my legs felt like jelly, and my inner thighs kept becoming slick with the juice that oozed from me. We all agreed that we'd had wonderful time and similar weekends followed until a month ago. Then I got the sack! Mike said that I couldn't perform my business duties adequately with the knowledge of what we had all done together, so that the sex cost me my job, I was just an employee after all so they got rid of me as if it didn't matter.