Written by YoungNStupid

9 Sep 2018

I was 19 - young and stupid. I had pleaded with her to eat a black gay and then let him eat her, and then I would fuck her. She finally agreed. I finally found one and we had him to our flat one night. He was tall and slim, about our age, and looked like a street thug. I could tell as soon as she saw him he interested her, but gave it no thought.

Went into the bedroom and I undressed her in front of him. When she was naked and stood before the bed I finger fucked her. I found her surprisingly wet with my first finger insertion, but shrugged it off as I put another finger in and fingered her. When I sensed she was getting close, I turned her over to him. He had gotten naked from the waist down and moved in to face her, she with her legs against the edge of the bed.

He had a big cock and she immediately sat and pulled it to her mouth. She sucked his cock for a couple of minutes. He had his hands behind her head pulling her mouth into him as she sucked him good, then she abruptly stood and was pulling him with her onto the bed. As they flopped onto it, she opened her legs and his body fell between. As she fell back, she pulled his upper body down onto hers and pulled his head down and kissed him. It looked like she was taken with passion. I just watched, not quite knowing what was going on since I assumed she would be the passive one.

They kissed and he reached down between them like he was going to put his cock in her. I said, "No, don't fuck her!" He didn't seem to hear me as she said to him, "Yes, put it in. Fuck me." Before I could reach them he was in and already grinding her. By the time I reached the bed, she had her arms and legs around him and was fucking him back. My cock went into an instant hard and I stopped stood right next to them.

I stared at her and she was in the throes of passion, her eyes shut tight and her arms and legs urging him on. His fuck action was slow grinding and deep. And she was into it. I saw her matching the power and slowness of his thrusts with rolling her hips up into him. Her mouth soon was open and she was expelling deep breaths in time with his cock. And she was close.

He sensed it and I heard him say to her, "Come, baby, come with me." She moaned in agreement and his hips fucked her even more powerfully and a bit faster. She did too, and within a few seconds she came. Her hips pushing even harder against him. He sped up and came with grunts and jerking thrusts. I knew that meant he was coming in her, filling her up with his hot cum. I hadn't realized I had been slow wanking my cock through my trousers as I watched, but seeing them come made my hand speed up.

I caught it in time and hurriedly got rid of my trousers, pants and shoes. I slow wanked as I watched them finish their mutual comes and deep kiss at the end. When finished, he turned his head to me just a few feet to the side bed said, "Sorry man, but she is so hot I couldn't help myself. You want a turn now?" I nodded and e switched places.

I got between her legs and shoved my stiff cock up her. As I settled in and began fucking her, she looked at me with a slightly defiant look and said, "I'm not sorry. I loved him fucking me. And I want him again after you're finished." I fucked her to a quick come and grunted it out. She almost pushed me aside as he took my place.

They went at it and after a bit longer fuck, they had another mutual come. I was angry at her so I fucked her again immediately after and gave her another load. By this time, her pussy was a swamp full of cum. When I pulled out I noticed there was a puddle of it on the sheet below her hole, which was leaking come.

Long story short, she insisted he stay the night and wouldn't let me have a say. I finally went to the sofa in the lounge and heard them fuck every so often through the night. Twice I went in and fucked her after hearing him come.

I made him leave around 7 in the morning even though she wanted him to stay longer. When he was gone I pulled her back to bed and began fucking her in a bit of an anger. She let me, but said, "This is not the end. You wanted this and you got it, but I want him again. And maybe other black guys. I didn't realize they had such big cocks, and his felt fabulous."

My blood froze at her words as I realized I had brought this on myself. And yes, over the years she has had numerous black guys on the side, maybe three or four times a year that I know of, and probably more solo. I came to terms with it and enjoyed her heightened passion as we had a great sex life ourselves. I just stayed out of it except when coming home to the sounds of her being fucked in our bed, knowing I would watch and then have her after.