Written by sexycouple69_

13 Feb 2011

Well this is what happened just before Christmas we were on holiday in Tenerife, we decided to go to the nudist beach we know been many times. It was Wednesday half way through our second week, very hot and sunny.Anyway we found our usual place which is small sandy area protected on 3 sides by stones with the opening facing the beach.

We stripped off, but my wife left on he tiny thong as she said she is fed up of perves trying to see her pussy and getting off on it. We got down to some sun bathing,it was just before lunch when this very young naked guy came up to were we were asking for the time. He was Spanish good firm body dark short hair with a semi hard cock. My wife raised her self up to get her mobile phone out of our bag to tell him the time.

She was now looking straight at him I got to admit he was not at all shy or slow at coming forward. He soon started talking to us is English was very good he was around 25 and quickly asked my wife if he could see her pussy now we are in our mid 50's but my wife is a size 10 with nice size firm tits a great body for her age. He was stroking is now hard cock right in front of us. My wife smiled and said no, he said do you like the look of this my wife smiled and nodded her head he said would you like to hold it again she said no. He looked at me smiled and walked of.

I said did you not like him he was very good looking, she said why would he want to fuck me he is so young. I said because you have a great body and I know that because I still fuck you....

Anyway about hour later he came by again asking again if he could see her pussy she again said no, after about 15 mins he said I go home to get something to eat see you later we both said ok see you later, as he walked away I waved to him showing 4 fingers indicating to to him to come back around 4, he nodded he understood. If we fuck on the beach it is all ways around 5pm when she has had a drink of wine it help's her to relax.

We had something to eat that we had brought with us together with some wine, when at 4 pm our friend arrived again this time he put his towel down just to my right of my feet looking straight at my wifes body, my wife was laying on her back to my left.He said could he leave his things here while he went for a swim and with that he went of down the beach to the sea. My wife said he is very persistent, I said do you fancy him and his young cock, she again said he is to young why would he want to fuck me.

He came back dried himself then sat down on his towel is cock was semi hard quite big and thick. He was talking to us asking questions but at the same time looking at my wifes body, she was now sitting up drinking her wine with her knees up so he could see her pussy through her tiny thong. He said to her could he see her pussy looking at me for approval my wife just smiled he said do you like this pointing to his cock she smiled and said yes. I asked him if he wanted to fuck my wife, to my wife's surprise, he said yes if it was ok with me. I said it is up to my wife but she cannot understand why you would want to fuck a older women when you are so good looking and you can have many younger girls. He said she is beautiful with great body. He moved his towel next to her feet on her left side talking to her asking her if she was nervous at the same time stroking her he asked her was it her first time with someone else she reply yes, her arms were resting on her knees his cock was getting harder, he started to kiss her arm just little kiss's still stroking her thigh and leg. He then started to kiss her neck which she loves, I just kept watching them and keeping a watch out along the beach.

My wife was enjoying the the attention she was getting and relaxing a little, he managed to lower her on to her back he then started to kiss her on the lips then they were kissing passionately this I have never her seen her do before. His hands were now playing with her nipples which were rock hard. He then started to suck her nipples one at a time then back to passionate kissing. He had a tongue stud so I think she was enjoying it.

Hi cock which was now rock hard was pressing up against her side it was not long before I saw her purple finger nails moving up and down on his cock. It was so erotic watching them, he was taking his time making her squirm with pleasure not sure she had cum already. He was kissing her when his hand went down to her pussy he was rubbing her pussy through her thong, then he started to push her thong down and soon it was off. His fingers were now probing her pussy it was not long until she came, he was now sucking her nipples fingering her pussy two, three fingers she was still stroking his cock with her painted finger nails it was incredible to watch.

He started to move on top of her still sucking her tits then back to passionate kissing while he moved on top of her, she opened her legs for him is cock now lying on her mound he moved down a bit is cock now at the entrance to her pussy without any one touching his now rock hard cock he slowly slid it into her she gasped as he pushed it all in. He then started to fuck my wife what a sight this young good looking guy fucking my wife, all the time she was stoking my back with her right hand then both hands were on his arse pulling him in each time he then pulled out I think he was cumming, then back in again he did not last long he with drew and shot cum after cum over my wifes belly and pussy he just kept cumming she said after wards that she could feel his ball jerk every time he shot his cum.

There was so much cum he was a very heavy cummer. We cleaned her up he said I am sorry I came to quickly but you are so sexy I could not help my self. He cleaned himself said can I see you both again, we said yes well that's another story. She did say next time I want him to shoot inside me I would love to feel him shooting inside me.....