Written by Nigel and the wife

5 Apr 2019

My wife is unconventional to say the least. She is 6’, quite skinny, has tiny tits and shaves her head to a No 1 cut. This all sounds a bit odd, but she is fucking hot. I am always being told by my mates how the wife is, she’s attractive but she has an amazing attitude, she will try anything once which is how we ended up with this story.

We have a villa in Florida, we go out there twice a year where we met Henry and Mary. Even though they are in their late 60’s they look after themselves and are your typical Texans, brash and mouthy. We knew them from previous visits because they live next door and they are great at keeping an eye on the property for us. The first year we visited four times, the first time we met them we were invited over for meals and they helped us out with locating trades people and so on.

The second time the Mrs and I were in the pool and she wanted to fuck, and the wife wants to fuck, you fuck. She wrapped her legs round me bollock naked and in a slid. The neighbours were out by their pool and started chatting to us. I am in the water and in the wife, who is rocking her hips back and forward so we were secretly fucking and all the time we were chatting to the Henry and Mary. Strangely enough it was fucking hot. The wife was convinced that they knew what we were doing.

Later that week we were fucking in the shallow end of the pool, I had the Mrs bent over and was fucking her doggy style, the next thing I know the Mrs tells me to look over too the other side and sure enough Mary was riding Henry’s cock on the sun bed not making any attempt to hide themselves. To be fair, Mary’s tits were surprisingly firm looking for her age which the wife mentioned first, then she got up to lay on her back to Henry could fuck her missionary and the wife let out a squeal, Henry’s cock was huge, long and fat the wife saying ‘fuck that cocks big’ adding that it was nearly as big as mine (actually it was a little bigger but I was thankful for the comment anyway).

As the week went on our mutual sex sessions became more and more in the open until ‘the day’ it all started.

The wife was topless and feeling horny and because our pools hidden behind trees only next door can see us so going topless is ok. She starts playing with her nipples which get big and hard when she’s turned on. Next, she wants me to suck her and presses her tit into my mouth so I oblige but I can see that she’s looking over towards next door. I go to look but she holds my head in place telling me to keep sucking and she takes my cock into her hand and gives me a slow wank but she’s looking next door. I pull back and ask her what’s she’s looking at but she doesn’t say anything, I turn my head and Henry’s standing by his pool with his dick in his hand tossing himself off and my wife is just watching him giving me a wank before she slides down on my shaft and gives my cock a ride but still watching Henry.

As weird as it sounds I didn’t; mind her watching him, in fact it was quite hot, and I just say there with my cock in the wife and having a good feel of her first tits which I could get in my hand and her hard nipples. Then she stopped, put her forehead on mine for a few seconds, then just said ‘ fuck me’ . She got up and knelt on the sun bed next to us, I knelt behind her and saw that Henry and Mary where doggy fucking next door. I obliged and slid my hard cock into the wife. I started to fuck her hard, but she stopped me telling me to be slow and that she wanted it to be long and slow.

I slid my shaft into the wife’s tight pussy whilst gripping on tit with one hand and holding onto the back of her neck with the other and all the time watching Mary’s tits sway whilst Henry fucked her just as slowly. The whole thing was hot as fuck but when the wife asked me if I was imagining my cock in Mary and did, I want to suck her big tits that made it even hotter. I told her to imagine Henry’s inside her and that what she was feeling was his cock. The wife dropped her head and gave a groan and said ‘fuck he’s big and he’s inside me’ and she pushed herself back.

The wife was moaning and whimpering then turned and looked at me and told me she wanted his cock in her ‘just to see’ adding ‘don’t you want to fuck her hard, put your cum in her pussy’.

I pulled the wife up by her arms, so she was kneeling up, her back arched, her small tits but big hard nipples pointing at Henry and Mary and she continued to moan and cry out as I continued to fuck her.

Then it happened. I was trying to make sure I didn’t cum, I wanted this to last, it was so hot, fucking the wife whilst another couple fucked and watched us as we watched them. I had my eyes closed and was listening to the wife repeating ‘oh yes, oh yes, this is fucking good’ and I thought it was because I was fucking her slowly whilst she watched the other two but the squeal of the gate to our pool are opening brought me back to earth. Henry and Mary were waling in to our pool area wearing little more than shorts and shirts, Mary’s tits swinging as she walked towards us.

The wife shuffled forwards causing my cock to slide out of her pussy, she looked back at me and told me that she ‘wanted it’.

Mary pulled a sun bed next to the one the wife and I were kneeling on, took her shirt and shorts off and lay on her back and opened her legs and started to play with herself. Henry, now naked, his semi hard wet cock bouncing, stood next to me and put his hand on my back ‘come on son, move over’ and gave me a gentle push. I moved to one side and watched him kneel behind my wife, take his cock in his hand and place the other on my wife’s ass and push his cock into her. I knelt between Mary’s legs and slid my shaft into her surprisingly tight pussy.

Henry started pumping the wife hard, she moaned and squealed and in under a minute was calling out that she was cuming. I fucked Mary as hard as her husband was fucking my wife, sucking her tongue then managing to bend over just enough to take the tit she was offering to my mouth and giving her a good sucking. Neither Henry nor I lasted very long, and the two women climaxed at the same time as Henry and I poured cum into them. We continued to fuck for a little while longer until we were exhausted, but it wasn’t over.

The wife sat on her backside, neither of us quite believing what we had just done. Mary, in her deep southern drawl announced, ‘that was amazing, shit boy you made me cum hard’. Her husband announced that it wasn’t over and that was just starters. The wife looked at me wide eyed but didn’t get a chance to say anything before Henry pulls her up and inside our villa. I laughed and just said something like ‘what the hell’. Mary laughed out loud, ‘shit boy, he’ll be fucking your wife for a long time, he’ll ruin her for you I guarantee it’.

Mary and I walked into the spare bedroom next to our main one where Henry was bouncing on the wife. Mary and I fucked for a good hour both of us cuming numerous times, once over her nice fat tits and face and once again in her pussy but what kept me going and hard was listening to my wife and imagining her skinny frame and tiny tits under Henry. I listened to her calling out ‘oh fuck your big, fuck your hard’ and then ‘keep fucking me, don’t; stop you bastard’ and ‘fuck your hard’ over and over with the occasional moan and scream.

Then I listened to her have repeated orgasms, my wife gives out a deep throaty growl then she has an orgasm and I listened to her growl over and over before telling Henry that she couldn’t cope anymore as the thud, thud, thud continued. If the wife cum’s hard she convulses, she lets out squeals and I can hear the shaking in her voice, and I could her that now.

I told Mary that I think she had had enough, and she agreed. Mary and I walked into the bedroom, my wife was on her back, her arms and legs spread wide shaking as Henry continued to pound her pussy. Mary shouted at him ‘come on Henry the girls had enough’.

Henry let out a roar and was clearly impregnating my wife yet again before collapsing next to her, his dick still big even though only semi hard now. Both of them soaking wet, my wife’s nipples hard and long. She tried to lift her head and managed to say, ‘no more, I can’t do anymore’.

It was close to 20 minutes before the wife was able to get up and go to the shower to wash his cum and sweat off her skinny body. Later she admitted to me that he made her pass out, her orgasm was that hard.

He hadn’t ruined the wife for me, but we didn’t fuck for a few days because, well basically she couldn’t she was so sensitive.

We only had four days before we were leaving any way and spent most of that time out so there was no chance of another fucking. The wife kept apologising to me telling me that it wasn’t natural, and she even quietly climaxed in a restaurant thinking of her major fuck session. She kept telling me over and over that she loved me. It was quiet in the restaurant and we were in a booth near the back. I couldn’t resist asking her to tell me what he did to her but she, I reached dover and out my hand under her shirt making sure no one could see and felt her hard tits giving them a squeeze and asking her is she enjoyed him inside her (as though I didn’t know). As she came, she slapped my hand away.

The next morning, we had finished packing and the wife was out by the pool when I looked out. Mary had left some time earlier, but Henry was standing by his pool stark bollock naked with his cock in his hand, the wife was rubbing herself watching him. I walked out and she gave me this pleading look, I told her to go for it. She literally ran naked from our pool area to his dropping to her knees and sucking his cock before her pulled her up and dragged her inside. I went to sit on his sun deck and listened to my wife begging for more telling him over and over how big and hard he was and how he was making her cum. Then demanding ‘fuck my mouth’ and listening to muffled screams and gurgling sounds a she obviously filled her mouth with his cum before she started again when he slid back into her pussy. I left and wen for a swim in my pool and left them to it seeing them occasionally come out and jump in the pool and fool around.

Now and again I could hear her crying out then silence flowed by giggling. Mary came home, went inside and then came over to see me. ‘ I see they’re at it again’. She could tell I was pissed off so took her top and bra off and let me play with her soft tits before pulling my cock out and sucking me off pulling away just in time for me to shoot cum onto her big soft tits before she cleaned me with her tongue. She smiled and said that she would send my wife back home as soon as she can.

A few minutes later the wife walked back in, there was still cum on her tummy, tits and chin. Again she said that she was so sorry but she couldn’t help it.

Now, we go back twice a year and half the time my wife spends in his bed being fucked like crazy but I do get to shag his wife a lot so its not all bad.

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