Written by holly_cd

9 Oct 2013

A bit of a fantasy but not all (part two)

I was walking to my car, in the car park across the way when I saw this gorgeous petit girl of around 20 dressed in a tiny leather mini skirt and very high heeled black boots, now I have this fantasy, that when walking through the town and if I spot a girl who takes my eye, and said the magic word, my mind would be instantly be transported into her body and I would take over her mind and live as the girl.

Well I said the words to myself “open sesame, let the cuckoo in” and in a flash I was in! My God I was actually in; my fantasy had come true, I was in the body of the gorgeous lovely girl.

Me, an old man in a girls body, surely not, the next few minutes passed in a whirl, I couldn’t believe it, I checked my bag, I was Holly Anderson, aged 23 a student at the university, living in a flat around the corner and I had the door keys, a driving licence, some bank cards. I was stunned and very excited I just had to go and explore myself.

I found the address and let myself in to a small bed-sit, ridiculously untidy, clothes, shoes knickers and bras discarded all over the place, a tiny bathroom with just a shower cubicle and a small kitchen area. Here was I an old cross dresser in a sweetie shop! I stripped off my clothes the tiny skirt and miniscule panties bra,top and boots were added to the pile; My goodness I was gorgeous! beautiful large full breasts tipped with amazing nipples which were standing proud, a flat stomach, a luxuriant bush of pubic hair, long smooth legs and dainty size 4 feet, nails neatly painted bright red. I admired myself in the full length mirror. I touched my sex for the first a time, a small bud of hardness hidden amongst the curls, I was wet already, and I couldn’t believe my luck.

I needed to take stock; I tidied the flat first, my own knickers drawer! Ten pairs of shoes, a couple of pairs of boots a multitude of bras and leggings and stockings and tights. A wardrobe full of dresses, shirts, skirts skimpy tops. A dresser full of make up, nail varnishes, lipsticks, mascaras eye shadows. Oh my! where do I start! but I couldn’t ignore my newly discovered love button, lubricating it with my wetness till it was hard and visible through the folds of the hood, gently teasing myself, the waves of pleasure tingled through me, my nipples ached for attention stiff and proud, then a slow gentle climax washed through my body, my first as a woman. Wow! Wow! Wow!

I showered, the pubes had to go I wanted to be completely bare and sensitive there, I found some cream to do the job, I did my underarms, my legs, my cunt and my arse I was smooth and hairless all over. I loved seeing my naked bald slit in the mirror, then just a dress, a tight fitting stretch mini dress in white, no underwear, no panties my nipples clearly visible through the dress, my legs bare and a pair of peep toe high heeled sandals. I wanted to flaunt myself, turn a few heads. I wanted to tease. I wanted my nails done. I wanted bright red talons. I wanted a belly piercing. I wanted a tattoo. I wanted a tramp stamp. I wanted a cock or maybe a cunt.