Written by PETE

26 Aug 2008

It was Saturday morning my husband had gone golfing for the weekend I had just showered and was sat with my coffee and opening the mail, and thinking what to do today. When the phone rang, it was the garage, morning Jill your cars ready can you pick it up at 10ish, ok see you then I replied. As I read the next letter I froze it was from a car showroom, it said that my son had damaged some cars on this mans forecourt and I was to call and see the owner today at 11-oclock. I picked up the phone and rang the car sales showroom. Hello Auto Sales, my name is Mrs Walters you have sent me a letter alleging my son has damaged some cars on your forecourt, that’s right the voice said, I think you have made a mistake my son would not do that sort of thing. It’s on our security camera’s Mrs and your son has been identified so get down here with your cheque book. I will not you horrible man I will sue you spreading lies about my son and put the phone down.

I lit a cigarette and sat there in shock, my son had been home recently from boarding school and did come home in the early hours one Saturday and gave me a tail about going to some mates. So I decided to ring back, Hello Auto Sales this is Mrs Walters, well he said, it cannot be my son he is away at boarding school you nasty man, he wasn’t a week last Saturday he was at my show room. If you do not get her at 11-oclock I will ring the police, no don’t do that I will be there. That’s better bring your cheque book you snobby tart, and for being so high and mighty I will give your arse a good spanking as well. And the phone went dead. I immediately rang back, what did you say, you heard lady, no way you disgusting man, listen you fucking bitch you will get here pay for the damage get your arse spanked, you have until 11-oclock or I will call the police, the phone went dead.

I dressed went and collected my car and drove to the car sales, it was in a very seedy part of town. I stormed into the porta cabin you nasty man I will not pay you a penny I am going straight to my solicitors, shut the fuck up and watch this, he switched on the video, and you could clearly see two lads running a screw driver along a couple of cars and to my horror one of them was my son. I felt ill and just sat there, ok I will pay, how much is the damage. First things first get your arse over my knee, I will not, I think you will, if I report this to the police your precious son will get expelled, he stood up and put his chair in the middle of the room and locked the door. He sat in the chair ok get over my knee, I stood up and walked over to him and laid over his knee. He started to spank my bottom, after a while he told me to remove my skirt.

I Stood up and took of my skirt, and bent over his knee and he started spanking me again, by bottom was on fire then he took down my knickers and spanked my bare bottom, he then stopped and stroked it and then started again. I do not no why but I felt myself raising my bottom to meet his hand, the pain was now turning to pleasure, you like it don’t you tart I did not reply but I did, Ok now go and stand in the corner face the wall with your hands on your head. I got up stood in the corner with my hands on my head; I could not believe that I was standing naked from the waist down in some stranger’s office. Now strip naked I removed my blouse and bra turn round, very nice he said I will finish your first punishment lesson with six of the best with this, he removed his belt. Over the desk tart I bent over the desk if you move I will double the dose, he then gave me six with his belt. My bottom stung like hell.

I stood up he grabbed my hair and pushed me back over the desk, did I say you could get up, no I replied, no what he snapped, no Sir I said that’s better from now on you will address me as Sir is that clear, yes Sir. He stroked my bottom and I felt myself opening my legs. That’s better wider he said I spread them as wide as I could his fingers started to work me up. I was soaking, ask me to fuck you he said, I did not reply, his fingers worked me up faster he stopped and started to spank me again. Well go on fuck me I hissed, he spanked me harder ask me properly, please fuck me Sir he stopped spanking I heard his zip go and then he fucked me. Go on fuck me I shouted, fuck me hard. As he came I had the biggest orgasm I had ever had. Kneel he said I knelt in front of him now clean it, I took his prick in my mouth and sucked him clean, very good he said look up there, I looked up and saw a camera on the wall, all this is on video, this is how it’s going to be from now on. You will be my play thing from now on is that clear, yes Sir you will be available as and when I say is that clear, yes Sir, you will obey all my instructions, yes Sir. Ok get dressed and fuck of.

As I lay in the bath my mind was in a whirl I had been spanked, fucked, and sucked a man clean. I could not believe what I had just done. What I could not understand is that the whole episode turned me on, I have never felt so randy in my life before, the following week I was on edge I could not wait for a call, and then on Friday morning he rang, I need my cock sucking get round hear now, yes Sir, dress in a very short skirt and no bra, he then hung up. I went upstairs I don’t have a short skirt and then I remembered I did have one I had been to a fancy dress with my husband some time ago, and we went as a vicar and tart. I put it on it only just covered my bottom, I slipped another skirt over the top and then drove to the showroom, as I neared the showroom I removed my long skirt, I parked up and went into the porta cabin, very good he said my blouse was very sheer and my breasts were very visible. What are you here for, to suck you off Sir I heard myself say get on with it then, I went behind his desk and knelt before him took out his prick and started to suck him off. It wasn’t long before he came in my mouth. You will go home and spend the rest of the day dressed as you are. But I have a builder coming round to give me a quote on a new patio, you will do as I say is that clear, make sure you flash, tell him you have to ring your master when he gives you a quote, yes sir.

I got home and started to clean the lounge, and then the door bell rang, there stood a very broad rough looking builder he stared at my bust and looked me up and down, hello I have called to give you a quote for your patio, come in, I took him through to the rear garden and told him what we wanted doing. Ok I will measure up, would you like anything I said a coffee would be nice in about 15 minutes. I left him to it and went back inside to finish vacuuming; I caught him watching me bending over the furniture as I cleaned so I made sure he got a good view of my knickers. I went outside he was sat working out a price but kept looking at my breasts that were very visible through my blouse. Ok he said it will be £1750, I just have to ring my master to confirm if that’s ok, who! He said, my master I replied. I phoned its Jenny sir I have the quote its £1750. Put him on the phone he said, they chattered for a while, I will adjust the bill accordingly. That’s sorted then I will start the job in 2 weeks time, I will have the coffee now I made the coffee and took it outside, I sat facing him my knickers on full display your master tells me you are very compliant is that so ?, yes sir I replied open your legs I opened my legs. Very nice you are compliant, stand by my side I stood up and stood at his side, his hand went up the back of my legs and he stroked my bottom. He then slowly lowered my knickers, take them off and give them to me, I took them off and gave them to him, now the skirt I took my skirt off. Very good we will get on fine stand in front of me legs open I stood with my legs open he felt between my legs, fucking hell you are wet through, yes sir. Shave this off I like my women clean shaven is that clear, yes sir. I will pick you up Thursday and we will go to the builder’s yard and you can select the patio slabs, you will be dressed to please with that he got up and left.

Thursday came and I dressed in a shortish button through dress and no underwear, I had shaved as instructed. He arrived and I went out and got in his truck my dress fell open, he looked at my legs and told me to unbutton 2 more buttons, that’s better have you shaved, I lifted my dress higher very nice, we dove to the builders yard he parked alongside a lorry which was being unloaded by a couple of blokes. Lift your dress above your waist I hitched it up now sit still I will open your door for you, you will spread your legs as you get out, he got out and opened my door wide both lads just stood and stared, there I was sat side on naked from the waist down ok out you get, I slowly eased my left leg round and gave the lads a full view and slowly got out.

To be cont………………..