Written by dog2222

28 Jul 2010

He walked round the corner and bumped right into her. She was carrying a pile of papers and they went all over the floor. He bent down to help pick them up and when she looked up their eyes met. She is a pretty thing he thought to himself. They made their apologies to each other and he used both hands to dust himself down. She straightened her pencil thin skirt and tidied up her white blouse.

You need a ‘bulldog’ clip for those papers he suggested. Where will I get one of those?, she asked. It was then he realised she was one of the new solicitors in the firm. They are kept in the stationery cupboard one floor down he said. Haven’t you had a tour?

No I haven’t, you better show me so I don’t end up throwing papers everywhere everyday!. They walked down one flight of stairs introducing themselves more formerly. He scanned her up and down and liked what he saw. For her part she knew there was something in this. She could smell that he was a guy that would turn her on if she had met him outside of work.

They got to the cupboard that was more of windowless office. She went in and he said ‘see you later’. She was just one foot in the door and she called him back. I don’t think I can reach. Can you give me a hand, she requested. He stopped, turned round and joined her in the room.

The moment the door was closed she planted a kiss right on his lips. You are one horny guy mister, she said. He mumbled his agreement and returned the kiss. Her leg wrapped it way around his back and pulled them closer together. Things were getting lively in his trousers and he loved it.

Her skirt had moved up when her leg was raised and he took advantage by placing his hand on her crotch. Her pussy was covered with the tight cotton of a smooth pair of briefs from Next. He could feel the warmth of her sex as he massaged her clitoris through the thin fabric. She could feel his fingers rubbing her, not perfectly, but it was very nice.

She lent forward and nuzzled his neck. She could smell him even more now. It was making her very hot. She didn’t know why or where it came from but she whispered in his ear, Fuck me, fuck me now.

They lent against the door. She had her back to the frame and he was squashing her against it. One of the stationery racks was within leg distance of her and she placed her right foot on the second shelf about 3 feet from the floor. This gave him all the access he wanted. He fumbled with her briefs and the seam on her right hip came apart. As a result her knickers dropped down her left leg to the floor.

She got both of her hands on his trousers and lowered them to the ground. She was delighted that this guy was up for it. His cock was hard but not too large and it was heading straight for her pussy. She was hot and ready for him. She knew his manhood was about to enter her and she was going to enjoy it.

The moment the head of his cock made contact with her she felt a rush of exhilaration. He was hard and smooth. Her body accepted his length easily and she lowered herself down to ease the entry. His thrusting began and she responded to him by rock in time to his hips. She could feel an orgasm building almost from the off. His cock was deep in her now and she loved the fullness. By lowering herself down and pushing her own hips forward to meet him she found that he was reaching those parts so often missed. Her insides began to tighten and she knew a wave of orgasm was approaching. His thrusts were becoming more intense now and she knew it was time.

Her orgasm was welcome when it came. It started low down in her pussy and moved onwards and upwards. Not the best climax she had ever had but certainly the best during working hours. She could feel her vaginal muscles tightening and shortly afterwards she could feel his cock hardening and the inevitable jet of cum being released in her.

The satisfaction she felt was reassuring. First week at work and she was happy to be here.