Written by Helen

22 May 2015

I have a fantasy, in my spare time I sell Avon cosmetics to friends and neighbours. This gave me an idea for a fantasy.

I was out selling my wares when I came upon a house with the curtains shut and quite a few cars parked on the drive. Good I thought plenty of customers.

I ring the door bell and wait for a reply, what met me when the door opened was a man dressed only in a black thong. Excuse me I said nevously but is the lady of the house avaliable. I was shown into the hallway and given a peek through the lounge doors.

The lady of the house was busy - being spit roasted!, Shall I call back later I asked.

No come on in and see if you can sell some lipstick, said the host.

Well what met me in the lounge apart from the hostess being spit roasted, which I must admit made me wet, were ladies and gents watching the action.

I was invited to show my samples to the ladies and the small talk soon turned to what was I wearing under my suit (stockigs and matching black underwear), why I asked?

We want to see your wares they cried. Music is put on and before i know it I am dancing in the middle of the room, my head is spinning shall I strip. YES PLEASE my fantasy!!

So strip I do down to my stockings and suspender belt, then it's my turn to be spit roasted time and time again.

And do I sell any lipstick - who cares - I'm enjoying my fantasy.