Written by kinkymidlands

26 Sep 2011

We’ve been in Puerto Rico for a week now, we are both very chilled out and nicely tanned, we both look healthy and fit. We’ve been on the beach for most of the day catching up on our tan’s and playing in the sand and sea, so we decide it’s time for a slow walk back to the apartment and to call in and have a couple of happy hour cocktails in a bar we like on the way back.

We grab a couple of drinks in the bar, which is quite quiet as its change over time for the holiday makers, people going to the airport to fly home and newbie’s should be arriving later in the evening. There is an English couple in the bar who we have said a casual “hello” to before and they nod as we find a table.

After about 5 minutes the lady out of the couple comes over and says that she’s admired your tattoo the last couple of times that we’ve been in and wondered if she could get a photo of it as she’d like something similar. You guys get chatting about Tatt’s etc so I say I’ll go get us another drink, when I come back I find both she and her husband have now moved to our table. “Hi mate” he says “I’m Andy and that is Jo, the girls had got in to chatting so I thought we’d come over and join you”. I say that’s fine and you throw me a little smile as I pass you your drink.

About an hour has passed along with a few more drinks and we’ve all been getting on really well, lots of laughing at the poor holiday makers who are on their way back. Andy & Jo are both from the north of England and staying in a posh hotel round the corner from our apartment. They like us are staying for another week.

I say that you and I should be getting back to our place to get showered, sobered and ready for our evening meal, both you and Jo say “bugger to getting sobered” and burst out laughing. Andy says that there is a really good restaurant near their hotel and we should try it, and that they were going this evening and we could join them if we liked. So we arrange to meet them at 8.

On the walk back to our apartment you start giggling (as you’re a bit merry) and say that this could be our “Holiday” fantasy and we crack up laughing. I say to you that I did reckon that both Andy & Jo had been checking you out when you had walked up to the bar. You say “woo hoo, I thought they were both quite cute, similar ages and build to us, maybe they are swingers and they try it on later!”

We get back to our apartment and you jump in the shower and I sit on the Balcony flicking through a couple of porno mags we bought from the shop the day before, waiting for my turn in the shower. You finish in the shower and come out to the balcony wrapped in a towel to let me know you’re finished. You tell me I’m a naughty boy, that they’re your mags and to go jump in the shower – “if you’re lucky I’ll suck your cock after” you say.

After my long hot shower I come in to the bedroom to find you lay on the bed pumping the dildo in and out of your pussy and rubbing your nipples and clit. One of the porno mags is next to you and you tell me the picture story in it had got you so hot this morning when you’d read it. And you’d been re-thinking it all day on the beach and more so when Andy & Jo had joined us.

You push the mag to me and I see the centrefold pic is of a foursome, with a man & woman fucking “missionary style”, with the other woman sat on the lady’s face getting her pussy and arse licked by the couple doing the fucking. The other guy is lubing and finger fucking the fella’s arse getting it ready to take his condom covered cock.

“Wow hot pic!” I say, and you pull out the dildo keeping your legs wide open and tell me to come fuck you. As we pump, you feed to rubber cock between our kissing lips and we suck and taste your pussy juice off of it, getting it slick with our spit. You tell me to slow down as you want us to cum together and you’re close to cumming. You tell me with a naughty glint in your eye that you’d love us to be the couple in the middle of that picture in the porno mag, and you start licking and imaginary pussy, saying “that Jo looks like she’d have a wet pussy”.

I tell you how horny you are getting me, and you say “you know we’d both love it, Jo on my face and Andy your arse”. I feel your orgasm building and you are very close to cumming, you are rubbing the slippery dildo against my arse as I pump deep in your very wet pussy. Your dildo finds its aim and slides up my arse, which causes me to gasp.

You pump the dildo in and out of me as we fuck, telling me to fill you up. This drives me over the edge and we both cum very heavily and fall in to each other’s arms panting and smiling.

I kiss down your neck, on to your nipples, down your stomach to your hot dripping cum drenched pussy and lick and suck hungrily, tasting our combined orgasms. I lick and clean as much as I can before coming back up to your face and kissing you deeply, spilling the cum in to your mouth. We both love the taste and it gets us very horny again!!

We jump in to the shower together to clean each other and get ready to our night out.

Later as we sit in the apartment bar enjoying a beer before heading off, I laugh and say “what will you say if they ask what we got up to when we meet them later”. “I’ll tell them the exact truth” you say.

“I’m chilled, we’re having a fabulous holiday, I’m very much in love and am determined during our last week to get at least a couple of our sexual fantasies fulfilled – maybe even tonight!”

And at that we head off to dinner, arms wrapped around each other.........

We arrive at the restaurant and they are already there, so we go join them at their table, Jo asked what we were laughing at when we walked in, you say “oh nothing, just something I saw in a magazine I bought yesterday”. Before she could comment the waiter walks over and seats us.

We spend a very pleasant couple of hours laughing and joking over some very drink food and a few drinks, all getting very relaxed and tipsy. Andy & Jo invite us back to their hotel for a few drinks to finish off the night. We end up sitting at the outside bar as it’s still very warm. Andy gets a pack of cards and a jug of some cocktail or other and comes back to the table, saying “the bar is going to close in ½ hour so I’ve got a jug in just in case”. I nip to the bar and buy another so we’ve covered our round in case the bar closes.

We sit there for a while just talking chit chat about the holiday and playing card games, then Jo says, “oh yeah what was in that magazine that was so funny, I’d forgot to ask?”. You smirk and say with a naughty glint in your eye “oh it was one of those picture stories that really caught my imagination”. Andy pipes up that Jo can’t talk as the first thing she usually does when they’re on holiday is go and buy a couple of porno mags!

Jo says “well the shop person is not likely to see you again so I don’t care, holiday rules and all that”. I tell them that actually the magazine in question was also in fact one of two porno’s that you had purchased and we all crack up. Jo asks which mag had the story and it only turns out that she had also bought the same edition. “OMG!” she says, “not the centrefold story was it? Because we thought that one was soooo fucking hot!”

You are nodding and laughing your head off and we all burst in to laughter. The barman looks over and shouts that he is closing up and the light s will be out in 2 mins. All of a sudden there is a bit of an awkward silence then Andy asks if we’d like to go up and finish our cocktails on their balcony. We agree and off we go.

In their hotel room is a king size bed and a large sofa along with a TV. On the sofa is an open porno mag which you pick up and giggle. Jo & Andy jump on the bed and flick on the TV, we settle on the sofa. As Andy is flicking through the channels a porn film comes up, “woah” we shout “you can leave that on”. They look at each other and Jo says to you “so Mandy, what turned you on about that story in the mag?” You tell we’ve had lots of fantasies based on sex with other people present and 3sums, 4sums.

“Oooh yummy” she says “I love to have people watch me suck Andy’s dick” and she promptly rubs his cock through his shorts. “don’t be shy on our account” I say. With that it was like I’d sounded the starting pistol, she whips down his shorts and frees his semi hard cock, rubbing it and cupping his balls.

“how about you show me your man as I’m showing you mine?”

I stand up and you pull down my shorts exposing my cock, which you immediately take in to your mouth as its soft and you want to feel it grow on your tongue.

Andy moves over to stand next to me and you and Jo are kneeling in front of us sucking our cocks, showing off your BJ skills to each other. After 5 minutes you stand up and strip your clothes off, Jo does the same. You say that we have similar size cocks and Jo wonders if they “taste the same”.

You kneel in front of the both of us now, taking both cocks in your hands, Jo lounges on the sofa naked, and tells you to suck each one and see. You lip the tip of Andy’s cock and then take it in your mouth as he gasps. My cock bounces as I watch you suck him, so you reach out and wank me slowly, looking at me as you enjoy his cock.

Jo is fingering her pussy furiously as you alternate between each cock, spit running down your chin as you try your best to deep throat each one. “how do they taste? Because you look like you are all enjoying that” she says. “but now I want some fun”. She pulls Andy down so he can lick her small breasts which have very responsive nipples, telling me to suck the other one. She then reaches down and spreads her pussy lips exposing her clit. “Come on she says to you, here’s your spot”. You are licking her pussy savouring this new taste on your tongue as me and Andy lick and suck her tits. You have your hands in-between mine and his legs, wanking our cocks and feeling our balls, running your fingers over our arseholes. Jo is bucking now, moaning how good it feels. I look down at you at just see pure lust in your eyes as you lap away at her clit. Your fingers pumping in and out of mine & Andy’s arses.

Jo cums loudly and you lick up her orgasm. I tell them that you’ve always wanted to try two cocks at once and Andy says “perfect, which end do you want me at Mandy?”, “you choose” you shout as you jump on the bed “I just really need some cock in me”. I throw Andy a condom and he rolls it on and positions himself between your legs, I climb in to 69 with you and comment on how wet your pussy looks, as I start to lick your clit, you say “no, the first time I take 2 cocks I want to be spitroasted” and flip on to all fours, Andy’s cock slips in you without any resistance and you gasp, taking my dick in your mouth. You look across and the mirror on the wall, getting a perfect very of Andy fucking you as you suck my cock. He’s taking long strokes and as pushes and pulls you on and off my cock. The whole sensation and vision in the mirror is quickly sending you to orgasm, Jo comes over and gently starts to spank your clit, which pushes you in to a major orgasm, goosebumps appear all up your back.

Watching you cum on another guys cock sets me off and I cum in hot spurts in your mouth and over your face. Andy is close and says he’s going to cum, you quickly flip on your back and instruct him to shoot over your tits, which he does with big thick globs of cum.

The 3 of us all there breathing heavy, me and Andy with still semi erect cocks, because it was such a horny experience. Having half forgotten about Jo, she appears and starts licking the cum of your tits and face, cleaning every last drop up. Then she deep kisses you and me and Andy watch as you pass the combined cum between your hot kiss, snogging and licking.

You both stand up Jo kisses Andy and you snog me, I can still taste the cum in your mouth, as I’m sure Andy can with Jo. The whole horny experience and your amazing kiss has made my cock very hard again and Jo is on her knees sucking Andy hard.

She stands up and says “now we all know what the other tastes and feels like, and I don’t think there’s any inhibitions here, how about we role play that picture story, huh?”

I’m behind you with my arms wrapped around you, my cock pushing in to your lovely bum cheeks as you say “perfect, but who’s going to get to play the sandwich filling?”

“oh there’s a few bits of the picture story before we get anywhere near that decision, just yet” I whisper in your ear.......

You say “I wish I’d have brought the strapon with us now”. Jo laughs a pulls a bag from behind the sofa and tips it on the bed, it’s full of various toys and dildos along with a couple of strapon harnesses.

“Why did you want to strapon?” Jo asks and you tell her that I like you fucking me in the arse with it. Andy shouts out “ditto”.

You and Jo fit each other with a strapon and I lie on the bed as you kneel down to tongue fuck my arse, lubing it with your spit and stroking my throbbing cock. Andy is on all fours on the bed with Jo behind him as she lubes up her strapon and gently pushes it against his arse. She throws you the lube and you rub the oil in to your rubber cock, hooking my legs over your shoulders you ease the dildo in to my arse and I let out a gasp, the momentary paid gives way to intense pleasure as you start long deep strokes in to me. Each time you’re deep the base of the dildo bangs against your clit sending shivers through you.

You look over and Jo is copying your strokes and Andy is in heaven as the cock bangs against his prostate. You say, “aren’t you both dirty kinky boys”. Jo pipes up “we can make this even kinkier” and says to Andy “move over the top of Jason dirty boy, I want to watch you suck each other’s cocks while we fuck you”, “God Yeah” you say.

Andy positions himself over me as you are fucking me, his oily cock dangling over my face. Jo slides her rubber cock back in him hard and that forces him down and his cock drops in to my open mouth. I fondle his balls and wank his cock as I suck and lick the tip. “that looks so fucking hot” you say as you watch me in the mirror, that drives me on and I take as much of his cock in to my mouth as I dare, sucking back and forth, getting into it more and more as I know it’s turning you on.

Andy has my cock deep in his throat, my balls bouncing on his chin as you two girls fuck us good and deep with lengthy strokes. All of this is getting me very close to cumming and I drop hi s cock from my lips and say “oh god I can’t hold back any longer”, You cup my balls as Andy wanks me off, you pushing your dildo in me deep and I shoot hot streams of spunk up on to your belly and Andy’s face.

“God that was fucking amazing” I say, You withdraw your strapon and drop it to the floor, “you’ll need 5 minutes to recover I guess, but I really want some cock”, “Jo do you mind if Andy fucks me, because I’m sooo fucking horny and ready for it right now”.

I sit on the sofa trying to catch my breath as Andy positions himself behind you doggies style and ploughs his cock into your sopping pussy. “oh god yes fuck me deep” you cry, reaching under you to cup his balls. You look at me with that lusty look you have and I can see just how much you are enjoying that cock in you. The sight turning me on and my cock is already starting to get hard again.

Jo slides underneath you, kissing her way down your body, sucking your nipples, across your tummy until she is licking your clit. Her teasing your clit and Andy hard cock pounding you is sending you close to orgasm, “fuck me!” you shout as you start to finger Jo’s pussy, licking her erect clit. “stick a finger in my arse” Jo says and you plunge a wet finger inside her, this pushes her over the edge and she moans heavily as she shudders in her orgasm.

She grips your arse cheeks as she licks furiously at your clit, “oh please don’t stop I’m gonna cum” Andy grips your hips and pumps harder as you moan “oh fuck I’m cumming, oh fuck, oh fuck”. Andy says “I can’t hold back any longer”, “I’m going to cum”. He withdraws from you and you flip over, Andy wanks his cock over yours and Jo’s open mouths, your tongues in the air eager for a taste. He shoots his load over both of your faces and you and Jo kiss and lick his warm cum from each other.

That’s set me off again and I’m as hard as rock. I pull you to the end of the bed and slip my cock in to your well fucked pussy, “my turn to see if I can give you goose bumps baby”.

As I fuck you I lick the sweat from your breasts and suck hard on your nipples. I kiss you and hold you as we fuck, getting the slight taste of another man’s cum as we kiss. “fuck me you turn me on” I tell you. “I love you so much”.

Jo is on her knees in front of Andy working her mouth on his cock and fingering his arse, getting him hard again.

You ask me “you say turning me on is the biggest turn on for you?”, “yeah it is” I reply.

“you’ll do anything to turn me on?”, I respond “of course I would you know that”.

“right then, that picture in the mag, the sandwich” you say with a naughty glint in your eye, as you trace your fingers down my back squeezing my arse. “and you know that shower scene in the porno at home gets me sooo wet”.

You squeeze my arse hard, spreading my cheeks as you buck your pussy on to my cock as we fuck. I feel Jo’s finger rubbing lube in to my hole. “still lubed and stretched from your strapon fucking Mandy” she says.

Jo moves round and sits on your face, her back to me and her arse in the air, you lick her wet pussy, and she looks over her shoulder and tells me to start licking her arsehole. As I lean forward to tongue her bum I get a nice close up view of you working your tongue in and out of her lips, you pause long enough to say “are you ready?”, “Andy come fuck my fella while he fucks me”.

Andy slips his cock up my arse, as I slide my cock out of your pussy it slides his deeper in to me, in the end I’m pistoning on and off his cock as I pump in and out of your wet pussy.

“oh you like that don’t you, you naughty boy”, “fuck him hard into me Andy” you cry, from between Jo’s pussy lips.

Jo can’t take any more and cums heavily on your face, rolling off on to the bed panting “god that’s a horny site”. You are able to look at the mirror now she’s off you “oh fuck yeah” you agree.

You reach and start to play with your clit bringing yourself to orgasm just as I cum in your pussy and collapse on top of you. Andy pulls his cock from my arse and pulls off the condom. I roll off you and tell him to shoot over your tits. Which he does.

“God that was fucking horny” you say, as his cum rolls down your tits. Andy bends down and starts to lick his own cum off of you and Jo joins in, the two of them cleaning you up. You look at me and tell me to fetch our cum from your pussy, so I lick and suck our juice out of you, coming up to French kiss you so we can taste our joint orgasms.

We all roll on to the bed exhausted and panting, “fucking hell that was hot” I say and we all agree.

They offer us the use of their shower to clean up and we take a joint shower soaping each other over. “god I love making love with you” I tell you. “ditto” you say “we have got to join a club when we get back home, I soooo want to do this again”.