Written by MRP

18 Jun 2017

Some of you may have read my previous stories of my lust for Katie my daughters 19 year old friend. I haven't written on here for a while, but seeing her this weekend at a friends BBQ in a little summer dress got me horny and l am sure when she leant forward in front of me letting me get a good look at her tits she knew exactly what she was doing, as she caught me looking from the way she smiled and winked at me!

Like l said before she is such a flirt.

Anyway back to my fantasy, Katie and l would meet up once a week and l would fuck her, she was getting more adventurous and wanting to try new things, which l was up for! She suggested a threesome, but unfortunately it wasn't with another woman, but with a guy. I wasn't keen at first, but reluctantly agreed. After a few weeks of looking on various sites, she was messaging a man called Andy, he was 40 and local to us.

We arranged to met one Saturday night in a pub and take it from there. We got to the pub and waited for Andy. 'I am so horny, but scared too' said Katie, l was too! Andy arrived, we got talking, he seemed a decent guy. After a few drinks, l suggested we all go back to mine. Katie sat on the sofa with me and Andy either side of her. I stared to kiss her and fondle her tits, l could see Andy's hand working it's way up her thigh as she parted her legs making it easier for him, this carried on for a few minutes, till Katie said 'This little slut needs a good fucking!' Me and Andy looked at each other 'Who's first?' I said. 'Both of you' said Katie, as she started unzipping Andy's jeans and began sucking on his already hard cock. I unzipped and got my cock out and started to wank, Katie saw and leaned over and began sucking on my cock, alternating between me and Andy. 'Fuck my pussy' said Katie as she continued sucking on Andy's cock. I got behind Katie who was on all fours, lifted her little dress up and pushed my cock into her soaking wet cunt. Katie was now experiencing 2 cocks for the first time. 'Oh my god' said Katie 'fuck your little whore!' I was fucking her as hard as l could, she was still sucking Andy's cock, he was making her choke and gag. 'I want you both to cum in me' she said. I couldn't wait any longer and came inside her cunt, about a minute later Andy said 'l am going to come' and sent his spunk down her throat. 'That was so fucking horny!' said Katie 'l loved being used like a worthless dirty fucking whore'. After a while Andy left and we agreed to meet up again for another session.

I will continue to lust over Katie and my fantasy of fucking my little teenage slut!