Written by Hornybeard

15 Jun 2013

This was not like Tommy, was Debbie’s thought as she climbed into the taxi. Tommy was generally a laid back sort of guy but tonight had been very insistent about what she should wear and that she must not be late. Also he would usually have been home in plenty of time to get ready and accompany her to any event involving his work. He had said that tonight’s get together was particularly important as some senior ‘head office’ staff were attending and it was vital that they made a good impression. Tommy had sent her a text message late in the afternoon to say he was delayed and would go straight to the venue; Debbie was to dress as they had agreed and that a taxi had been arranged to take her.

The text message from Tommy had given her details of the venue which was not one of usual places for his works ‘do’s’, in fact she had not even heard of it before. He had also reminded her in the text exactly what they had agreed she should wear. So that is how Debbie found herself dressed in her short red dress, the one which buttoned all the way down the front, her favourite red stilettos, black hold up stockings with pretty lace tops and her red French knicker and basque set. Tommy loved her to dress like this but usually only for his viewing. Previously for his work parties he had always wanted her to dress conservatively and act like a ‘proper lady’, something she was more than comfortable to do. In reality she thought that tonight’s outfit was too ‘slutty’ for the kind of event she was expecting. However, deep down she felt quite horny about the way that she looked.

Spot on time the taxi pulled up outside “The S Club”, just as the driver asked for the £13.50 fare her phone beeped with a message. She gave the driver £15.00 and said to ‘keep the change’. He seemed to have a knowing smile when he thanked her and wished her a good night before adding “ someone is going to have a good night!” His words made Debbie slightly uncomfortable although she had no time to dwell on it as she was keen to read her text.

The message was from Tommy, it just said “Sorry Debbie not been able to get away yet, go into the event and I am sure that my head office colleagues will look after you until I arrive!” Debbie hated going into strange places alone but the taxi had driven off so other than to stand out on the street she had no real alternative. She looked up at ‘The S Club’ for the first time. Debbie did not know what she had been expecting but this was something different. It was an old stone; detached building with mullioned windows which gave nothing away, it was well maintained but still had a dark look to it. The entrance was a large and solid looking oak door. It was closed and did not look particularly inviting. Debbie took a deep breath and walked towards the door. The night was quite dark but still she sensed that she was been watched as she approached and, although it was quite irrational, she felt that there was a sense of disapproval.

Firstly Debbie tried the handle but the door was locked. The sign over the door was discrete but it clearly confirmed she was at ‘The S Club’, she was undoubtedly at the right place. There was a bell button beneath what looked like a very high quality shroud, she pressed it and could faintly hear the sound of a deep bell behind the door. After 20 seconds or so she heard movement behind the door and the door opened to reveal an elegant mature woman dressed in a very smart and expensive looking charcoal two piece with red blouse and a black chocker at her neck. Or was it a chocker, Debbie did not have chance to have a close look without appearing to stare but she was sure she saw a silver buckle and that the ‘chocker’, elegant as it was, was a collar!

“You must be Debbie” the lady said “I am Sophia; you look just as Tommy described you. Delightful, we shall have fun. Please come in”. Sophia opened the door wide enough for Debbie to enter but as she walked into an austere hallway with marble floor and oak panelling all that was repeating in Debbie’s head was Sophia’s words, Delightful, we shall have fun it seemed very odd, what did she mean?

Sophia led Debbie through double doors into a large high ceiling room which looked as though it had been a small ballroom at some time in the building’s history. There was a small bar in one corner and one long table with ten chairs around it. In addition to Sophia there were eight others in the room, six men and two women. What struck Debbie straight away was the way they were dressed, they were all in black. The men in black ‘chino’ style trousers and black open necked shirts. The women were both in short black, silk, Chinese style dresses. With the exception of one of the men, everyone in the room looked to be under thirty five. But one man was older, his hair greying slightly and he had a neatly close trimmed beard. He was clearly the most senior in the room, he exuded power and control and the others in the room seemed to look to him to take the lead.

As soon as Debbie had walked into the room everyone had stopped talking and the older man walked towards her. “Debbie it is good to meet you we have been waiting for you to join us, I am Charles from head office” he continued “It’s a pity Tommy has been held up but I am sure he will be here soon. Let me get you a drink and you can relax”.

Debbie was reeling, she had expected there to be more people here and she had not thought that everyone would be waiting for her and she was uneasy about the fact that they all seemed to be waiting for her. But Tommy had told her how important it was that tonight went well so recovered quickly and asked for a white wine.

The glass of wine which as given to her was huge and it tasted strong. She was nervous and drank quicker than usual and very soon a fresh glass was given to her which she took gladly. She continued to sip on the wine as she was introduced to everyone in the room. It was funny she had been to quite a few of Tommy’s works’ do’s in the past but she recognised none of the faces in the room nor did any of the names ring any bells as having been mentioned by Tommy at any time. Nevertheless everyone was charming although, strangely, they all seemed to know a lot about her. Each one complimented her on her outfit. She was feeling sexy that was for sure, whether that was the attention she was receiving or the wine she was not sure or the fact that being the only one in a colour other than black she stood out in the room like a red beacon. After a while she realised that she was very light headed and that as she had been moved round the room by Charles and introduced to everyone she had not acknowledged just how much she had been drinking and how often her glass had been replaced. What she now realised was that Charles and everyone else in the room was drinking just sparkling water.

Shortly after she had met the last person in the room her phone beeped again. It was Tommy “Nearly finished, not long now, I am sure that you are been well looked after. Relax and enjoy yourself!”

Relaxing was not proving to be that difficult now thanks to the wine but she would have been more comfortable with Tommy at her side.

“Right everyone” Charles announced in his clear and authoritative tone “let’s get the ice breaking underway” with this everyone seemed to know that was to happen and they made their way to the chairs around the table and sat down. Charles took Debbie’s hand and led her to a chair at the head of the table and he took the seat on her right.

“Debbie, I am sure you are familiar with the ‘introductions’ at the beginning of meetings, you know, name, position in the company, length of service and interesting fact, that sort of thing” Charles said. Debbie’s nodded and immediately started to rack her brain for some ‘fact’ about herself that would make her sound ‘interesting’. “Well” Charles continued “we find that rather boring so to properly break the ice now we know who each other is, we will und the table and everyone has to tell the group about their most erotic experience!”

“Pardon!” Debbie stuttered. Surely she had misheard Charles, it must have been the drink playing games with her mind, she also noted that once again her huge wine glass had apparently miraculously been refilled.

“I am sure you understand Debbie” Charles said in a very clear and precise tone “You just tell us about the wildest sexual encounter you have had. Is everyone okay with that?” He looked round the table and there was an immediate and positive mummer of agreement. “Right, then James let’s start with you and work round the table to Debbie” there was something about the way that Charles spoke which communicated that on one was to challenge him.

James started with a story of betting a girlfriend of the time to run naked through the showers in the rugby club if the team won the cup, which they did. But the girlfriend slipped as she tried to evade the muddy players and ended up being soaped down by the team and to all intent and purpose gang banged by anyone of the team who wanted and most did according to James’s story.

Debbie was worried by the fact that she had no idea what she was going to tell the group and also that the whole evening now had a sexual overtone that she was not entirely comfortable with. But she was starting to feel more and more turned on by the situation and was uncomfortably aware that here nipples were stiffening and the gusset of her panties was decidedly moist! Never mind, hopefully Tommy would be back and ‘save’ her before it was her turn.

There then followed a wild selection of stories which included a tale of a first lesbian encounter in the corner of a party that turned into an impromptu sex show to a group of friends and neighbours. One of the men recounted a story which involved a friend of his leaving his girlfriend’s mother tied to a picnic bench blindfolded and she had every hole used by a group of teenagers at a barbeque.

Through out the stories Debbie continued to swig on her wine and it was constantly topped up. There was not doubt that she was getting drunker but also hornier and hornier. All the stories seemed to have an element of coercion if not force and to her surprise it was this element which excited her the most. Was it that she wanted to experience the slut like behaviour of the participants of the stories but be able to convince herself she had been ‘forced’ to do it.

“Debbie? DEBBIE!” it was Charles voice which dragged her from her day dream. “What? Sorry?” Debbie said apologetically as she realised she had drifted off. “It is your turn” said Charles again in the quiet but confident tone.

“Oh, I ‘m sorry I have not done anything like that” Debbie virtually whispered apologetically. “Oh come on” chided Charles “Don’t worry we won’t be telling Tommy”. “No nothing like that, with Tommy or without” there was a hint of panic in Debbie’s voice now.

Charles sighed “You must have, look at you, you are a horny woman Debbie, you must have had some sexual adventures”. “Err, no” Debbie continued with the truth. “What you’ve never been shagged by two or more blokes in a back ally, or paraded naked for a couple of lesbians who then fucked you senseless with a cucumber” Charles suggested.

There was the hint of a glint in Debbie’s eye when she again answered honestly “No, never. I have only ever had one on one heterosexual contact”. Charles smiled knowingly as he said “But you are turned on by the events which my colleagues have just described?” Before she could stop herself Debbie blurted out “God yes………..”

Charles looked at her directly and asked “So would you like an adventure to match or even surpass those which you have heard to night”. Debbie hesitated before she replied “No. I couldn’t. I mustn’t.”

“Ladies and gentlemen “Charles was now addressing the others around the table and Debbie knew she was not included “shall we give Debbie an experience we will all remember?” Once again, without a second of hesitation there was a murmur of agreement. Debbie was not sure which emotion was the strongest in her at this point, fear or excitement!

“Stand up Debbie!” she knew that it was an instruction from Charles not an invitation. Hesitantly Debbie got to here feet, a little unsteadily, she was not sure if it was the alcohol, the fear or the excitement! “Walk to the head of the table” again and instruction, she made here way to the top of the table and stood about a metre and half back. “Strip!” there was a business like tone to Charles’s voice. Debbie stared at him sat at the opposite end of the table, but although her mind was racing and her pussy sopping she could not bring herself to move. “I said STRIP!” Charles voice was even more forceful. He then let out a sigh and said “Ladies, it seems as though Debbie wants a hand”.

The two women who were in the group were both sat at the end of the table nearest to her. They both wore knowing smiles as they stood up and moved towards Debbie. Although they were not big women they were powerful from what Debbie thought must be hours in the gym. Each woman took hold of one of Debbie’s wrists and pulled it behind her back before Sophia, who seemed to have appeared from no where, stood in front of her and very purposefully undid the buttons down the front of her dress and pushed it over her shoulders, her underwear was revealed and Debbie knew that the gusset of her panties must be obviously damp.

“What do you think Sophia?” Charles was saying “Is our guest turned on by what she has heard?”

Sophia moved closer to Debbie keeping eye contact all of the time, so much so that Debbie did not know what to expect. So she was not expecting it when Sophia’s hand slid inside deftly inside her French knickers and three fingers buried themselves deep in her sopping pussy. “Oh yes Charles, Debbie is most certainly excited about what she has heard and, I am sure, about what is about to happen”. As she was speaking Sophia lifted her fingers to Debbie’s mouth, without needing an instruction Debbie know what was expected and she eagerly sucked and licked her own juices from the offered fingers.

“Ladies, Gentlemen………” it was Charles again dictating what was to happen, “ you know what to do”.

It was like a dream as the two women pulled Debbie’s dress from her shoulders and, again before she know what was happening, the clasp of her bra was released and her tits bounced free as the underwear fell to the floor. Four of the men moved towards her and she was quickly whisked off her feet with one man each having an ankle or wrist as Debbie was lifted shoulder high and carried across the room. Very quickly Debbie was carried through a set of high double doors in to another wood panelled room, but this one had a very high ceiling and galleries which gave it the feel of a court room.

As Debbie was lowered on to her feet Sophia again appeared and without a word, tugged at the waist of her knickers and they were at her ankles in no time. As Sophia bent to pick up the under-garment she kicked Debbie’s legs apart until her feet were about twelve inches apart. It had been a bit of a blur but Debbie found herself restrained in front of ten people who until less than an hour ago had been strangers, in high heels and stockings and NOTHING else. She ought to have been struggling and scared but she was so turned on she almost embarrassed herself, her nipples were rock hard and her pussy was literally dripping.

The next thing which Debbie spotted was just a faint nod of Sophia’s head and the next thing she felt was herself being picked up again by the four men. This time she was carried face down and as the others parted to let them through Debbie realised that she was being carried towards what vaguely resembled a piece of furniture, but an odd looking bit of furniture. It was a bit like a narrow, padded picnic table. One of those that has the benches at either side attached to it. As they approached it Debbie could see that it was very solidly constructed and well made, it had padded leather on the narrow ‘table’ area and the narrow sections which were like the bench seats. In a bit of a panic she also realised that there were various leather straps strategically positioned. Her head was still spinning with the wine and, although she hated to admit it, excitement. She was quickly positioned astride the ‘table’, she found herself as if she was on all fours but her stomach and chest were supported and her knees were resting upon the ‘benches’, her arse was sticking up at the end of the table and her chin hanging over the opposite end of the table. Very quickly her ankles and wrists were fixed into position with straps and buckles and a collar fixed to the end of the table was also buckled round her neck. Once the fastenings were in place everyone stood back as if to admire her.

Someone walked towards her and circled behind her. She knew it was Charles. He paused behind her, looking down at her naked back, her firm buttocks and her gapping pussy. His fingers fell lightly on the base of her back and gently traced their way through the cleft of her buttocks and onto her pussy. He inserted first one finger, then a second, a third and finally a fourth into her very well lubricated pussy. Before slowly walking round towards here head, just as Sophia had done earlier, he held his fingers to her mouth and she again eagerly sucked and licked her own juices from them.

“So Debbie, how are you feeling?” asked Charles. “Vulnerable” was Debbie’s single word of reply. “And?” Charles added. “Vulnerable and horny as fuck” was Debbie’s croaked response.

“You just have to say the word now Debbie and you will be released. You will be given your clothes back, put in a taxi and you can return home. We will tell Tommy that you were not feeling well and that you went home, nothing more will be said”. There was a long pause before he continued, “ but if you do not put a stop to it now, we get to do what we want, WHATEVER we want, with you for the rest of the night!”

Again another long pause, a very long pause, before Charles said, “So what is your decision Debbie, do you want us to release you?”

It was a cross between a shout and a cry, almost a plea as Debbie said very clearly, “Will someone please just FUCK me!” There was a laugh in Charles’s voice as he said “Ladies and gentlemen, do your worst!”

The first sensation that Debbie was aware of was hot breath on her pussy and then a fine tongue slowly tracing its way down each of her pussy lips in turn, up and down, up and down and then probed at her clit, nibbling and teasing. Debbie did not know whether the tongue belonged to a male or female; she suspected the latter but did not care. She squirmed as she tried to push her pussy onto the tongue forcing it deeper but she was held firm by her restraints.

No sooner had the tongue gone than she felt something cold at her pussy, it nudged between the lips and suddenly started to buzz and vibrate. Her whole body shuddered as the vibrator slid deep in to her pussy filling her, before being withdrawn to nestle at the edge of her gaping lips and clit before being thrust deep again in and out with a quickening pace.

The teasing with the vibrator continued for what seemed hours, edging her to the brink of orgasm and stopping and taking her higher again till she was literally begging for release. This only seemed to amuse the ‘audience’ and spur them on.

The vibrator was removed and this time was replaced by warm flesh, rampant hard warm flesh, nudging into her pussy. Soon Debbie realised that it was HUGE, rampant, hard, warm flesh. Stretching her wide, wider than she had ever been before. It was on the tightrope between pain and ecstasy, but the ecstasy was definitely the dominant sensation.

Just as the huge cock was withdrawn for the first time and then slammed back in deep Debbie felt a hand on the back of her head. Grabbing her hair her head was lifted and facing her was another massive cock. She know what was expected and greedily opened her mouth wide and she was very quickly being spit roasted. Her pussy and her mouth were both being fucked hard and deep. The cock in her mouth must have been the biggest she had ever taken o the point that she was on the point of gagging.

The pace of the cocks at each end of her quickened and in unison hardened and jetted cum into her pussy and mouth at the same time. Neither orifice could accommodate the amount of cum released and it was dribbling down her chin and legs at the same time. She had her own first orgasm as the men had spurted and she sighed and relaxed. But it was clear that was not what the others had planned. Almost instantaneously a tight, small tongue, certainly a female tongue was lapping at her pussy eating out the cum and licking it from her thighs. Her head was lifted again and in front of her was one of the women who had removed her dress earlier. She was soon French kissing Debbie fighting tongue against tongue over the cum which Debbie was eagerly trying to swallow. The girls tongue also snaked down her chin to catch all of the spilled cum.

Without chance to rest fresh hard cocks replaced those that had deposited their loads. Again she was fucked hard and deep as the exercise was repeated not just the once but twice until each man had emptied his balls into her and she had, had to ‘fight with the other women to retain their cum.

Only when the men were satisfied was Debbie released from the restraints, at that point she realised that there was someone was in the ‘viewing’ gallery. It was Tommy! Oh god she thought how much did he see? But she saw his smile as he shook hands with Charles and realised that she was right not to be ashamed that she had acted like a slut like a whore. She knew that she had impressed tonight. Her immediate thought was what next………………………………..?