Written by city_executives

9 Jun 2014

This is Part 3 of my story so you will have to have read my previous submissions.

Part 1: Emma’s journey to work……

Part 2: Emma’s journey to work……The Deal

Emma x

- - - - - - -

It’s Friday morning. The sun throws beams of light across the bedroom through gaps in the curtains. I can see tiny particles of dust in the air. I feel cosy under the duvet. I have mixed emotions after last night. I feel terrible guilt. Such terrible guilt. My pussy is still throbbing a little and feels very well used. I am sure more semen has leaked out of my bottom during the night as I am wet and sticky between my cheeks. My PJ’s feel very damp down there. I can’t face the office today I am going to phone in and take the day off. My husband’s flying home this evening. I must get myself together so he doesn’t suspect.

I get up and wander around the house aimlessly, lost. I wander from room to room. I can’t get last night out of my head. I am still really horny and I’m struggling not to touch myself. Still in my PJ’s I clean the house. Anything to distract me. I start to hoover the lounge. It doesn’t need doing but I do it anyway. I feel like I’m madly in love when you can think of nothing else. Then I realise that I’m hovering with one hand down my PJ’s touching my pussy. My PJ’s have a very wet crouch. This is shocking. Enough, enough, enough!

I now clean the house with purpose. I need a distraction to get last night out of my head. I’m like a teenager who’s had an illegal party and their parents are coming back from the airport any minute.

I do the weekly shop. I text my friend to see if she wants to meet for a coffee. I have to tell someone. I just have to.

I meet my friend who tells me about her husband she thinks is being unfaithful. Now I feel really shit. Really, really shit. I can’t tell her about me she just wouldn’t understand. I feel like a slut.

It is now early evening. I am consoling myself with a bottle of wine. Hubby will be home soon. I miss him when he is away. He’s been away all week. He texts me saying that is flight from Frankfurt has been cancelled so he is going to be late. I shower and go to bed. I sleep on his side so I can smell him. I am calmer now.

I am woken by a cold body snuggling in behind me. My hubby and I are spoons. I now feel so much guilt. In the darkness I ask him about his day. He says that he was disappointed that I never completed the text story from earlier in the week. I ask him to remind me where we were. Yes in our text fantasy the men on the train were feeling me up and I am about to text him back with what happened next. Boy our story now seems so tame. The words just fall out of my mouth “I CAN TELL YOU NOW”. He hugs me and his hand cups my breast. In the darkness spooned together I adapt what really happened to be more like one our text stories. I miss out the part about the deal and but the rest is pretty much what happened. The red dress, the girl on the train, the apartment, the men fucking me. As I tell the story he is getting really, really excited, so am I. His erection like iron sticking into my back. His breathing heavy. I have now finished my story and the limo has dropped me home.

No more than a few moments pass and he flips me over. He is really turned on. Oh no I think I am too sore. I wrestle with him playfully and end up sitting on his chest. I tell him not to move. “NO HANDS”. I turn on the light dimmer by the side of the bed just a little. Only a fraction, you can only just see.

Maintaining eye contact I slowly, ever so slowly slide down his body until I can feel is massive erecting between the cheeks of my bottom. I lean down and gently bit his nipples. I slowly, ever so slowly move my bottom cheeks up and down his erection. I can feel it straining. I push back just a little more so it is really taught.

I slowly move my bottom up so his tip of his penis is level with my anus. I can feel his pre-cum all sticky. I hold it there and gently rub my anus on his tip. He is almost panting. After a minute or so I move my bottom higher and move backwards so the tip of his penis it at the entrance to my pussy. I let it in just a tiny bit. I then move backwards so the tip gets dragged through my pussy lips, but doesn’t go in. I now move backwards down the bed so the tip of his penis runs down my tummy, between my breasts and up to my neck. I am now astride his legs with his penis just below my mouth. He is watching me. I very slowly take it into my mouth. He lets out a moaning. I take it in until I am half way down. This is where I would have normally stopped. I stare at him. I yawn like the Scotsman taught me and take it all in. All the way down to the base. He eyes are wide in amazement. I now suck and go all the way to the top. He closes his eyes. I slap his legs. His eyes now wide open again. I give him little love nips all the way down his shaft. He is so enjoying this. I suck his penis and take it all in, all the way to the bottom. I continue with this until balls start to tense. He starts to cum. I pump his penis up and down in long strokes in my mouth. He is trashing around in the bed grabbing my hair and pushing my head down onto him.

He is still. I lay on his chest. We lay there together. After sometime I kiss him on the forehead and turn off the light we go back into spoons with him behind me. I just start to dose when he whispers in my ear “WHERE DID YOU LEARN THAT FROM?” I tell him my friend told me about this website which shows you what to do. I tell him I thought I would surprise him. He tells me it was fantastic, so too was my story. So much more graphic and daring than anything I had thought up before. If only he knew? I feel better that I have now confessed. Well not really I have told him a story that was in the most case actually true. “SHAME IT WASN’T REAL” he whispers in my ear. “YOU COULD HAVE FILMED IT FOR ME. I WOULD HAVE LOVE TO HAVE WATCHED”. I lay there stunned. The blood draining out of my body. What is he saying? He wants me to have sex with strangers or is he joking? He’s joking right? So much bold has now drained from my body I am now officially a corpse. I have to say something ….“WOULD YOU NOW. IN YOU DREAMS” I try to laugh it off. I think he actually . His cock is rock hard and pressing into my back. I lay there still in the darkness not knowing what to say. He keeps fidgeting. I know what he wants but I ignore him. He must be joking right? I know he is very adventurous and I am a prude in comparison but this? My emotions are all mixed up. Eventually I drift off to sleep despite his restlessness.

It’s morning. I am greeted by breakfast in bed. He says nothing of last night. I say nothing. We make the most of the day and spend every moment together as he leaves for the States tomorrow for two weeks. Two weeks! He always says that and it’s always longer when he goes to head office. Soon its early evening and we have dinner with a group of friends. He offers to drive. He never offers.

The dinner was great. Just the six of us but was a good laugh. I drunk far too much. I must have downed one and a half bottles of wine. I close my eyes and snooze as he drives home. I hear the crunch of the gravel under the tyres. We must be home. I get out of his car and the landscape just starts to turn, just a little. Oh no! I am very drunk. I hate the spinning feeling. I walk the best I can to the house.

Through the front door and I try and take off my shoes. I stand looking at them and but can’t work out what to do. Boy am I drunk. Rather than going upstairs he pulls me into the lounge. “STRIP” he says in a don’t fuck with me voice. God I love it when he is masterful. I do my best trying to remove my clothes as seductively as possible. It’s hard when you’re that drunk. I’m trying to get my knickers off but they get caught up in my heels and I almost fall over. I manage to get one leg out. “BEND OVER THAT CHAIR” he says in a raised voice. I giggle. He slaps my arse really hard. Wow! That woke me up. I bend over the chair like I had done for the men on Friday night. I hold onto the arms. He kicks my legs apart. Zipper down, trusts into me, taking my breath away. He pumps into roughly like I’m some kind of fuck toy. Oh yes!

He withdraws and walks around the other side of the chair. He pushes his cock into my mouth. He’s acting out my story, well what really happened to me on Friday night. I do my best to please him. God I am sooo turned on but I wish the room would stop spinning. If the room spins anymore there could be six of him. Mmm! Six of him. Then he’s gone. Where’s he gone? God I was almost there. I look up and he barks “DON’T MOVE” at me. I dare not. I stay bent over our white leather lounge chair griping the arms.

He’s back. I giggle. He smacks my arse. The other cheek this time. Wow! That stings. The room stops spinning. Ah! That’s cold. Ok, ok I know where this is going. He’s been to the fridge like the men and he’s rubbing butter, well we don’t have any of that must be low fat spread on my anus. No, No I don’t do this, it’s not right ……but I like it. I have never let him before but I let the men on Friday night. God the men on Friday night. I am so turned on. Well as much as you can be when you are that drunk. He slides his cock into my bottom. It doesn’t hurt, I thought it would. My pussy didn’t seem sore either must be the alcohol. But this feels good. Really good and really dirty, naughty. He is so sexually charged. He’s there. His cock’s twitching in a place it just shouldn’t be. I orgasm as well. Just a little one. He flops over me. Time stands still. I’m going to be sick. No. No I am OK. Yes I am. I push him off and rush the best I can to the downstairs toilet.

Delicate. Yes delicate is the right word to describe me in the morning. No real handover, I don’t get those. Why did I drink so much? Now I know why he kept filling my glass, to get me drunk and have his wicked way with me. I smile inside.

It’s Sunday morning. I can smell fresh coffee from the kitchen. I go downstairs and give him a big hug. We both laugh about last night. I can still see a faint hand print on my left butt cheek. Right to business, iron his shirts help him pack. He is busy fiddling with technology stuff in the study. Before I know it it’s late afternoon, we have said our goodbyes and he has left for the airport. I wander aimlessly through the empty house.

It’s so quiet in the house. Not a sound. I fold back the doors onto the deck but outside it is still. My phone bleeps and makes me jump. It’s a text:

“If you change your mind about the video the cam is in the study in a black case on my desk all good to go. You know how to use it x”

So that’s what he was doing in the study. Charging it up.

I text back “in your dreams x”

He texts: “sad puppy dog face x”

I text “I’m not sleeping with strange men to make you a porno film”

He texts: “Great! Then you haven’t ruled out sleeping with strange women. Sorted. I look forward to the video immensely. I am waiting to check in and my cock is rock hard just thinking about it. I’ll text you tomorrow. Remember I’ll be 7 hours behind”

So he wasn’t joking or is he? I’m not sure. I’m not sure how I feel about what he suggests. No he’s got to be joking. I curl up in front of the TV with a girlie film.

Monday morning. I am bright eyed and bushy tailed. Moving through the house on auto-pilot. I stare at my closet thinking what to wear. God knows why, it’s a work day. Black pencil shirt, white business blouse killer patent heels. Sorted. Now I take it all off again and try on everything else. I leave the house wearing a black pencil skirt, white business blouse killer patent heels. Grrr!

I am so early. The platform is quiet. I am standing there, my head empty. Suddenly the train is approaching. Wow! Where did all these people come from? I can see my 5 perv’s standing behind me. Oh Shit! Bloody Shit! What’s going to happen? I hadn’t thought about this. I consider running. It’s too late I am moving through the open train doors to my normal standing spot. My 5 perv’s surround me. I am excited and terrified in equal measure. My heart is going to do that alien thing out of my chest at any minute.

They ignore me. Next stop. People pile onto the already full train. Ok here goes they are going to be pervy and rub up against me and squash me. They don’t in fact they don’t invade my personal space at all. It’s like they are my bodyguards. Next stop the same. No nod, no pervy look. No sneaky peak down my blouse. Nothing.

I am so mad. I am madder than mad. I realise that I am tapping my foot on the floor of the cartridge. How dare they? How dare they? Why am I mad, this is what I wanted, this was the deal. They fuck my brains out then leave me alone.

I am fuming. By the time we get to Paddington I could kill them all with my bare hands. I push my way off of the carriage like a spoilt child and march down the platform with purpose. I am still fuming when I get to work. How can they fuck my brains out in Friday night and on Monday morning don’t acknowledge I exist. Grrrrrr!

I empty my work bag onto the desk looking for something. I don’t know what. Out falls the pay-as-you-go mobile. Shit! I forget that was in there. I open my locking desk draw and pop it inside. My desk is a mess with the contents of my handbag. Stuff rolling off onto the floor. I take a deep breath and put it all back. This is ridiculous. What did I expect? In my pile of women’s essential is the scrap of paper. The scrap of paper from the young dark haired from Friday night. I stare at her mobile number. Underneath is says Anya x. Someone knocks at my office draw. I quickly pop it in my lockable draw as if I had been caught with something I should have had.

Where has the day gone? It’s 17:30. I start to tidy my desk. I open my locked draw to put away my sensitive papers and in there is my pay-as-you-go and Anya’s number. I put my papers on top and close and lock the draw. I sit in my chair. I stare at the draw. I open it again remove my paper and stare at the pay-as-you-go and Anya’s number. I put them on my desk. I stare at them. I put them back in the draw lock it, lock my office door and walk to the lift. Half way there, I turn around and walk back to my office. I re-open my draw and put the phone and number on my desk. I sit on my chair and stare at them. I slowly pick up the phone. And text: “tube woman in red dress wonders if you fancy meeting for a drink?” I press send before I get cold feet. I stare at the phone. Before I can put it back on the desk I get a reply “Love to Love to. Can’t do tonight as working but tomorrow after work is good” I reply “good for me to” Anya responds with an address and a time. I reply “looking forward to it”. I stare at the first text and the last. In less than 60 seconds I have made a date with a woman. What on earth am I doing? Haven’t I learnt my lesson? I walk really slowly to the lift, even slower to the tube. What have I just done? Why did I do that? What was I thinking? I miss my train. But this gives me time to think. I tell myself it’s only a drink. I buy tea from M&S at Paddington.

I arrive home. This time I will totally be prepared. Right eat, shower what to wear.

It’s going to be hot tomorrow. I stare at my wardrobe and focus on the summer section. I really do have too many clothes I am truly spoilt. Line upon line of summer dresses. Ok some don’t fit, some are too revealing, some are for men. Some are stupidly expensive. Some I can’t bear to part with. What do you wear on a date with a woman? Hang on date? Its drinks. Who’s kidding who here I am meeting her for sex. Shit! Am I ? My husband texts, to say he can’t call tonight as just off out to dinner with clients. I tell him I am deciding what to wear for his video. He texts me back “?????” I turn off my phone.

I now have nothing left to try on. The bedroom in covered with dresses and shoes. Decision made. I carefully pack my selection into my black glossy Mini bag together with accessories makeup etc. Next I paint my toes and long finger nails bright pink. I sit there wiggling my toes waiting for them to dry. Time for bed.

Tuesday. I get up extra early to wash and curl my hair. My long blonde hair now has lots of gentle curls. Right hairspray and off to the station. I scamper down the stairs with my Mini bag. Set the house alarm and shut the front door. I re-open the front door, unset the alarm and scamper back to my husband’s study to collect the mini cam. Just in case you never know.

Today I feel on top of the world. I look good I feel good. The office rarely gets to see my hair done this good except for the Christmas party.

I ignore the pervs on the train, they ignore me but I am sure Lurch took note of my Mini bag. Can’t really miss it. Gloss black with Mini on the side in while. I got it one day while I was waiting for my Mini Cooper to be serviced.

I leave the train at Paddington with massive confidence, my mini bag slung over my shoulder. One foot crossing over the other making my hips swing. Today world look out the Jaguar is back.

Time flies and before I know it it’s almost five thirty. Right off to the ladies to transform from sexy executive to pretty girlie female.

I stare at the vision in the mirror. I am now wearing a white floaty summer dress with frilly bits. High wedge tan sandals showing off my little pink toes. Underneath I have a white lace balcony bra and sexy lace panties. White handbag and matching coloured accessories. I look like something out of summer Vogue. Well ok maybe not that good by really good and feminine. A sort of girl next door girlie girl look. I spray perfume everywhere and up my skirt so if wafts when I walk. I head for the station. I am not short of admirers on my journey across town.

I am a 10 minutes early. I wait outside. The meet is a well-known female gay Salsa bar near Piccadilly Circus. The women entering miss nothing. I have all sorts of propositions. I guess I sort of look like an innocent. Anya arrives. I recognise her instantly. Her face is beaming from ear to ear. Oh my God she is so young. I could be almost be her mother. She is dressed not dissimilar to me but dressed for Salsa Dancing. She gives me a peck on the check and drags me by the hand inside.

Inside it’s heaving with women dancing and the occasion gay man. The place has a carnival attitude. We order pitcher of Woo Woo and find a table. Within an hour I have Anya’s whole life history. She is from Poland and has recently got a job as a PA in a merchant bank in the City. She gets paid really well and there can be lots on bonuses and overtime. I dare not ask her her age. We dance. We laugh we drink another pitcher. It’s now late evening and in every corner of the club women are making out. I watch for a while. I turn back to look at Anya and she moves in and gives me a long and sensuous kiss. I melt into her lips. The kiss is so soft and gentle. It is so erotic. Wow! Wow Again! We kiss each other tenderly and lovingly. Our tongues lingering on each other’s lips. Ok I am definitely gay. Well definitely Bi. If this is what’s it’s like with a women I can hardly wait. We break away and I am breathless.

A woman about Anya’s age is heading in our direction with purpose. Anya sees her. She jumps off of her stool dragging me with her. She pulls me through the club. Apparently she is an ex and she’s not very nice. We escape and run up the street like naughty children.

We walk holding hands. I don’t know where we are going but have a good idea.

We are now in the backstreets of I don’t know where. There is a small door between two buildings. The area looks really dodgy. I homeless person re-arranges his cardboard. We go inside and up a flight of stairs. At the top there is a blue door. Standing outside she gives me a long and lingering kiss. She opens the door and we go inside. She doesn’t have much. It’s a one bedroom apartment. Everything is second or third hand. She apologises and says every penny she makes is being saved to buy her own flat.

She beckons me to sit on the sofa. Its leather is all warn and ripped. She comes back from the kitchen with two bottles of water and jumps on my lap like a puppy straddling my legs. She drops the water bottle and holds my face with both hands and kisses my seductively. Not knowing what to do with my hangs I hold her face also as she has mine. We are lost in intertwining tongues. Ok I am gay definitely gay. This is so nice.

She jumps up. Throws back my dress so I have bare legs. Pulls up hers to her waist and jumps back on. Bare legs to bare legs. We kiss again. We are both really turned on. This makes what I have to do next all the more harder. We break from kissing. I tell her I am married. She knows. I tell her this is my first time. She knows. I tell her my husband likes to watch and I would like to film us together. It’s the only way I can justify this to my husband. She sits up and looks puzzled. I can’t read her face. If she says no do I sleep with her anyway? I would love to know what it’s like. She says nothing. She stokes my hair. She kisses my hand. She says “OK”. I almost wish she said no. I get the camera from my bag. It’s so tiny, little bigger than a matchbox. She looks at it with interest. I switch it on. The display screen on the back lights up. She grabs the camera and nuzzles into me as if to do a selfie and says to the camera “THANK YOU FOR THE LOAN OF YOUR WIFE” still holding the camera she begins to kiss me. We break from the kiss and she puts the camera on top of the TV pointing at us. She then stands behind me. Looking directly at the camera she very slowly removes my dress. Kissing every inch of flesh as it is uncovered. This is heavenly. I kick off my shoes. Now it her turn. Her in front. I stand behind and remove her dress in the same way. Oh my, she is beautiful. Her bottom is like something out of an underwear ad. So pert, so perfect, so rounded. I unfasten her bra. She has the most perfect breasts. They may only be about a B but pointy. God I desire her. I kiss down her back to her bottom. I am kneeling on the floor. I can smell her sex. I stick my tongue out as far as I can and lick between her butt cheeks in long stokes, bottom to top. God this is sensual. She responds pushing her bottom into my mouth. Wow! Double Wow! She leaves me kneeling there and walks off to get the camera.

She films me close up removing her thong. She is totally shaven. We shuffle around a bit. She now puts one foot on the sofa. I need no second invitation I slowly lick her pussy from beneath. She tastes so good. She gets a real close up of my wanton face. Her pussy juices are running down my chin. We shuffle again. Am now sitting on the floor with my head resting back on the sofa. She turns around and backs towards me. She squats and begins to sit on my face. Now I am able to get my tongue all the way into her pussy. This is so erotic. I twirl it around. Our breathing is heavy, our breasts heaving in unison. I accidently catch her anus with my tongue. She moans loudly. This time I do it deliberately slowly twirling it around. This is driving her crazy. My god I am licking someone anus. Who would have thought it? I sudden think would my husband like this? I poke my tongue inside. This is driving her really crazy. She is still holding the camera in her hand pointing it backwards to the action.

She pulls me from the floor to the bedroom and puts the camera on the dressing table. I lay on the bed. She climbs on top of me and pulls down my bra with her teeth. She wastes no time sucking my nipples. It is divine. More than divine it’s fucking fantastic. Now she gently nips them. A little at first but each time a little harder. This is driving me wild. Someone is moaning loudly. Shit it’s me!

Now she removes my pants with her teeth revealing my Brazilian I crafted in the shower last night. She puts a pillow under me head and shuffles into a 69 position. We explore each other sex with our tongues and fingers. Wow this is like the best foreplay ever! Our tongues moving in unison on each other’s citreous. She starts to cum. She tastes device. She nibbles my pussy lips with her teeth. Oh god I am so close but not quite there. I need a cock. I need a cock with fingers and a tongue.

She pulls me down the bed until my pussy is level with the end. Legs on the floor. She gets the camera so hubby can see the action close up.

She kneels gets between my legs and starts to rub my pussy with her fingers. Her fingers put pressure on my rock hard clitoris. I am so close but not quite there. The she starts to bite my pussy lips. Sometimes handing on with her teeth and stretching my lips pulling them and biting into them. She then sucks both of my lips into her mouth and runs her tongue around them. This is fantastic. Letting my lips go she traces her tongue to my anus. She circles it with her tongue. This is so pleasurable. She then sticks her tongue inside. Oh Wow!

She pushes my legs straight up and into a V. I am now spread wide apart laying on the bed. She sticks he tongue all the way into my pussy twirling it around. She removes it and replaces it with three of her little fingers and massages my G spot. I am still not there I am stuck. Jesus!

She now traces her tongue to my anus. She circles it with her tongue. This is so pleasurable. She then sticks her tongue inside. Oh Wow! I am so close now. I don’t think I have ever been this turned on, so absolutely horny. I am desperate for release.

She goes off to the dressing table and opens a draw. It’s full of toys. I can’t quite work out what she has got. It’s a dildo with straps. Hang on it massively long. I watch her with interest. Now I understand. It’s a strap on dildo where the wearer has one end inside of them. She eases it into her. There is still a good 6 inches left for me. She secures the straps tightly. I put my legs back into the V shape. She gives me the camera. She rubs lube over the rubber cock. We look at each other. Slowly but surely she enters me. Oh this is what I need. She builds up a rhythm. My breasts are moving back and forth, my nipples like bullets. She twists my left nipple between her thumb and finger. She pinches it with her nails. That’s it, that’s it I am over the hill. I start to cum and boy do I cum. She doesn’t stop. I don’t stop. Wave after wave of pleasure running through every part of my body.

She withdraws. I catch my breath. She indicates it’s her turn. She straps me up.

She goes to the bed and puts a pillow on the end. She now lays face down with her hips on the pillow raising her bottom. Her legs are in a V spread behind her, her toes on the floor. I look at her, sort of helpless. Waiting, wanting. Submissive. My husband has taken me in this position many times. I can see why he likes it. I feel dominant, powerful. In front of me a have a pretend cock. I am about to experience what it feels to be a man.

God the feeling of power. I lube the cock. I put my hands either side of her on the bed. I put the tip on her entrance. She moans. I take it away. She protests. I put it back and put it in a little. She moans louder. I tease her. She wants this. I know this feeling, I know it well. Still I tease. I have great power over her. Each time I put the cock on her entrance, she tries to push back. I move away.

The air is full of sexual tension. I dribble lube. In-between her butt cheeks I watch it run over her tiny anus and down into her pussy. She wriggles. I know what I want more than anything. I get the plastic cock and rub in between her bottom cheeks. I massage her anus with the tip. She moans loudly. I am horny beyond believe. I have become one of those men from Friday night. I slowly push the plastic cock into her bottom. She claws the sheets with her fingernails. I can see her skin tight around its width. I push so slowly mesmerised watching it disappear within her. My god this is power. Her bottom is so tight. Maybe I should buy one of these and fuck my husband with it? I remove the cock very slowly. She doesn’t move. I squirt lube all over the plastic cock. I place it back at the entrance. I start to slowly feed it in. It’s easier this time. I place my hands on her back holding her down. She is moaning so loudly now. I continue to feed it in. As I do I can feel my end moving within me. I start to slowly fuck her with my cock. Harder and harder. I can’t work out who is the most excited. He head is now up gasping for breath. I slam into her as far as it will go. She starts convulsing on the bed tearing at the sheets. I keep her pinned down. She has reached her orgasm. I have too. I have exploded inside. Waves of pleasure running through every part of my body I dig my nails into her back. We just keep cuming. Oh my God! Oh my God!

I rest a little. God I hope I haven’t hurt her. I withdraw and pull off my contraption and dive on the bed “I’M SO SORRY I DON’T KNOW WHAT CAME OVER ME. DID I HURT YOU?. I’M SO SORRY. I JUST GOT CARRIED AWAY…..”. She puts her fingers on my lips as if to say it’s ok. She starts to kiss me. We roll around the bed kissing passionately. She looks at me “YOU MAKE LOVE LIKE A MAN” we both burst into laughter. “I WILL TEACH YOU TO MAKE LOVE LIKE A WOMAN”

We lay in each other’s arms like lovers. There is such a closeness between us. We gently stroke each other’s bodies with love and tenderness.

It’s 3am she asks me to stay. I find the camera by my feet. It’s dead, the battery is flat. We both fall about laughing.