Written by messer12

13 Aug 2013

After my first encounter with Linda I felt like a new man, with new found confidence I was flirting with anyone who took my fancy, but I only really wanted a repeat with Linda, we'd sexted each other every day since, and she had an orgasm playing with herself whilst on the phone to me whilst I was working which I'd enjoyed a hell of a lot although I was driving a fork lift at the time which meant that I couldn't enjoy it too much.

Anyway during one of our sexting sessions she told me that she'd been divorced for 10 years and loved being single and no way would she want to get emotionally involved with any guy ever again, perfect for me as I didn't want to leave my wife just fancied some nsa fun, so we made a pact, to be fuck buddies (horrible term but hey it describes our relationship perfectly).

cut to the chase we arranged our schedule around each others busy life and she told me when her house would be empty, we discussed all our fantasies and had quite a few in common.

We bumped into each other regularly whilst walking the dog's, but never got the chance of a repeat due to it always being busy with others walking their dogs etc, but I always had a hard on thinking we'd get a chance again, Linda absolutely loved this and continually teased me either by rubbing my cock through my trousers or bending over in front of me or flashing her stocking tops, one time she even handed me her knickers which were soaking wet with her juices, put it this way I was getting used to walking the dog with a limp.

Anyway my chance of round 2 came a couple of weeks later when I wasn't working, and she had the house to herself for the day, she text me an hour before I was due asking if I had any requests for her to wear, all sorts of things went through my mind nurse, maid all the usual but I text her to surprise me, no problem was her response, so I readied myself with a shower and shave putting my best cologne on then Sat sweating for 20 minutes waiting to go.

I text her as I got to her Street and she immediately text back saying und the back and come right in, I practically ran the last 100 yards to her house then composed myself and walked in the back door which lead into her kitchen, where I found her making a coffee, I stood looking her up and down for a minute appreciating the view of her in a tight white top showing her 32c cleavage her knee length black skirt with black either tights or stockings on and black high heeled boots which reached upto her knees, enjoying the view she asked, half tempted to just pick her up and throw her over the worktops I just said yeah looking good, well she said I decided to go for the simple yet sexy look with that she lifted her skirt to show she had stockings on and no underwear, that was all the encouragement I needed and made to grab her around the waist, ah ah cheeky bugger hold your horses she said with a devilish smile on her face, I have to finish cooking these cakes in the oven before you ravish me, she told me to grab a seat and enjoy my coffee 1st.

I sat at her table blowing my coffee cool whilst she basically teased me to within an inch of my life firstly she picked up her mixing bowl and sat on the edge of the table flashing plenty of thigh and stocking off then proceeded to scoop the remaining mixture out of the bowl with her finger tip, then she slowly licked it off whilst looking right into my eyes, I again made an attempt to grab at her waist again, but she simply hopped off the chair and out of my reach saying I have to check the cakes, I had the hardest erection I've had in my life and was aching to have her there and then but was also enjoying being teased so I sat back and watched as she bent over to check the cakes revealing her sexy ass to me as she did, I immediately got my cock out and began stroking it watching her wiggle as she took them out the oven and looked over her shoulder at me, dirty boy she said doing that in someone else's house, I smiled at her and said it was her fault for teasing me, well dirty boy, it looks like you could do with a hand she said loading her hand with the cake mix, she climbed on top of the table laying face down with her head over the edge right in front of me, and proceeded to rub the mix all over my throbbing cock, mmm I love the taste of this cake mix she said and then she went to town licking and sucking the cake from my cock, wow was it amazing, I stood up from my chair so she could get a better mouthful and whilst she continued to gobble on my cock I slid my hand down her back and hitched her skirt up over her ass and began spreading her cheeks apart and rubbing her hole with my fingers slowly sliding it in bit by bit, but she stopped me by lying in her back and began sucking on my balls whilst wanking my cock so I settled for playing with her pussy and clit which she loved and opened her legs wide for me, we carried on for a few minutes before she stopped and asked me to fuck her on the kitchen table, which of course I obliged with, sliding her towards me at the edge of the table I proceeded to slowly fuck her whilst sucking on her nipples until I could take no more and shot my seed deep in her pussy as I did this she began screaming and bucking her hips into me whilst pulling my hair, she then whispered I hope you saved some for later.