Written by messer12

14 Aug 2013

It had been a few weeks since Linda and I had managed to steel any time together, due to work and family etc, but we had sexted a lot in that time, and she loved me telling her what I was going to do to her, to be honest I was getting frustrated at not being able to get to grips with her but it was just not possible so I had to settle for what I could get.

I had finished work one evening and as usual had my tea, tucked the kids in bed and was going to enjoy a smoke (just tobacco) in the alley at the back of my house whilst the Mrs watched corrie or some crap like that. Just as I lit up, my 'friends' daughters back gate opened and Linda appeared also with a cig in her mouth, my eyes lit up bright and I grinned ear to ear as she looked up and smiled back at me, I was about to say hello when she put her finger to her lips and pointed inside the garden to let me know we weren't as alone as I'd thought, I rolled my eyes and gave her a sad face, she just winked and signed me to watch, intrigued I looked in the house to make sure her indoors was indoors then nodded to Linda, she looked up and down the alley to make sure no one was around then began to hitch her skirt up at the front to reveal her lovely smooth legs and tiny white lacey underwear, great I thought that image is going to be in my mind for days until I can get to grips with her, but more was to come, she slowly dragged her fingers over her legs and up her thighs until her finger tips poked just in the top of her knickers, at this point she looked at me with a smile and gave me the thumbs up or down signal, like a shot both my thumbs went up, and with the go ahead given, she slid her hand inside her knickers pulling them down at the front exposing her freshly shaven pussy. I went to take a step forward but she simply wagged a finger on her other hand at me, and began to play with her clit.

She stood in the arch of her back gate which was only 20' away from me frigging her clit for all it was worth and pinching her nipples through her top, whilst I stood there unable to help her, with a raging hard on just watching, if only I'd had my mobile on me to video her. She finished herself off without a sound, which I thought was impressive as usually she's very loud when she orgasms, fixed her skirt and straightened herself up turned to walk in, but before she did she dropped her knickers stepped out of them and waved them at me, then she just disappeared into her daughters garden and shut the gate. I sneaked down to the gate and there on the outside handle was her knickers, a present for me, I took a look at the gusset and it was soaked with her juices, so I gave them a good sniff her scent made me horny as hell, as I was walking back to my garden I heard her daughter saying mum are you ok, your all flushed and your lip is bleeding, Linda simply replied oh yes love I just bit my lip.