Written by Tescoa 1234

29 Jun 2010

Well the next day i arrived as usual and saw hubby off to work, setting out the works for the day i went in as usual to have my morning tea.

As has been usual she came down in her dressing gown and sat beside me.

Looking her in the eye i opened my pants and took out my rapidly hardening cock.

What are you waiting for slut i said. Get down on your knees and take care of me.

She just slipped down and taking me fully into her mouth sucked for all she was worth until i rewarded her with a mouth full of my cum.

Ah i said leaning back what a way to start the day.

Reaching down i pulled her to her feet and slid off the dressing gown, Taking care to ensure i pulled the belt entirely free.

Moving my mouth and tongue onto her nipples i soon had her moaning.

My hand between her legs gently caressing her wet pussy.

Turning her around i pushed her face down on the table and taking the now free belt from the dressing gown i tied her 2 arms to the table legs.\

There she was bent over in front of me, Face down and tied with her pert little arse up in the air waiting for me to give it some attention.

I did . I spanked her a few times and also bent down to lick her pussy and all the ay around to her little brown bud.

She was moaning and i could feel her on the verge of cumming as i slowly worked my fingrs into her pussy and arse.

Using my free hand i dipped a finger in he only available item for lube, of all things the butter dish

It was soon all over my fingers and her arse hole and then my cock.

It was easy to get into her little hole and she felt just great as i fucked her hard on the table.

Looking up i aw 1 of my lads at the window, a young guy of 19 , he was up close to the window and obviouly wanking as he watched us fuck.

I watched his face and when he looked up and saw me he blushed like mad.

I crooked a finger at him and summoned him into the room.

Within seconds he was at my side. Placing my finger over my lips i motioned him to be silent as she shuddered under me to yet another orgasm . This sent me over and i could feel myself ready to unload again.

But pulling out i motioned for Chris my 19 year old apprentice to take my place.

As he undressed i was impressed by the size of his cock and saw him get bigger by the second.

It was soon obvious that no way was she going to take his monster up her arse so i signalled him to put it into her pussy. He was trying to get into her arse but i soon stopped him.

Steadying himself he slowly fed his large cock deep into her wet pussy as i moved around and lifted her head. Placing my cock in her mouth i said now chris lets see if you learnt anything from watching your old boss. fuck her like you want.

With one hard thrust he buried the whole length into her and really started to pound her good. Well the stamina of youth he was like a machine pis-toning in and out of her. She was unable to suck my cock as she was slammed into the table. But alas like all young guys he shot his load after only 2 to 3 minutes.

As he went to pull out looking a bit embarrassed i said wait chris. Stay in there while she finishes me off. I then fucked her mouth until i came and as i came i felt her move and moan as he atarted to fuck her again.

Now this time i sat down and watched as he fucked her with long and then short strokes. Some hard and deep and others just a little prod.

She was really getting vocal as he drilled her and rof the next 40 minutes i saw her cum at least 8 times on his hard young cock until with a cry he really sped up and gave her his all.

As he collapsed back onto a chair i reached out and untied her arms and helped her sit up and look back at chris. His big black face was covered in sweat and sweat was running down his body. She leaned over and kissed him deeply.

Then turning to me she said thank you master .

Standing up i handed her the phone and said you best get the hubby back to look after his not so little present.

AS we went outside i made him swear to be quiet and maybe i would let him have some more as she was on the phone to hubby.

More to come. Maybe.