Written by strapped4cash

10 Mar 2018

“Oh you bastard that fucking hurts like hell!”

“We’ll have no more of that foul language Mrs Reid, you’ve agreed to be punished and punished you shall be.”

After only the second stroke Heather Reid knew she was in trouble. A further ten was quite unthinkable, but that was what she had agreed to – twelve strokes of the tawse across her bare bottom as an alternative to being reported to senior management, an action that would almost certainly result in her dismissal. It was so unfair. She hadn’t done anything different from what she and her fellow reps had been doing for years. Everyone worked a flexible schedule – Christ her old boss Sam had once told her that she could work from the surface of the moon as far as he was concerned, provided she met the sales targets. And the claiming of expenses based on receipts, presented with her monthly form, was how it had always been done. Nobody had ever questioned any claim she’d made in the past, not until now at least. But things had changed since the take-over by [ ]from the South of England. Much of their management team had been paid off and the sales team had been restructured. Heather now covered most of Northern Scotland with her three remaining colleagues covering the central belt between them. Which was how she found herself bent over a desk in a hotel room in Wick while her new boss, twenty-five years her junior, was applying a heavy leather belt to her ample bottom with some vigour.

She’d been completely unaware of her impending fate when she’d pick up the fresh-faced Stephen Baxter at Inverness Airport that morning. He’d been politeness personified when they’d met several clients in the city, then Dingwall and Brora before stopping for the night at their present location. It was over dinner when he’d calmly announced that he’d been checking her time sheets and expenses claims and had concluded that neither had been in order for many years. Apparently I had been claiming excessively for mileage, meals and hotel stays, amounts which he calculated were far in excess of what could be justified for the territory I covered. While he accepted that most staff were guilty of minor exaggeration in claims, in my case he believed the amount would run to many thousands of pounds and he had no option to report his findings to senior management. I of course denied the accusations but he quickly pointed out that I had claimed to have stayed in the very hotel we now found ourselves in no less that 62 times in the past year, more than once a week and that was before taking account of holidays.

This I couldn’t deny, but my previous boss was very good at signing off my claims without question. In his late fifties, Sam normally joined me on three or four overnight stays each year and accompanied me on visits to key customers. He was only too happy to cut me some slack in return for giving me a good seeing to back in his room after dinner. I enjoyed the sex however, and Sam had a nice fat cock, which he knew how to use, so I’d been genuinely sorry to see him leave once the takeover deal was closed. I’d always submitted my monthly claims in person in Sam’s office at the end of the day. He’d sign them without question then lie back in his chair while I unzipped him and proceeded to lick him up to full erection before wanking and sucking him to a climax, always swallowing his spunk and licking his knob clean afterwards. I wasn’t stupid however, and realised that the new owners would be looking to achieve savings from the combined businesses and would scrutinise all outgoings. I hadn’t anticipated them to be quite so forensic however, and look back through all my previous expense claims for any sign of improper behaviour.

Stephen Baxter very quickly pointed out my failings and the consequences of fraudulent behaviour. Disciplinary action probably leading to dismissal. A huge stain on my career and little likelihood of a forty eight year old woman securing further employment as a result. Loss of status and a lot to explain to family and friends. He was right of course – I’d fucked up big style and my best option would be to try and resign and hope they would agree to let bygones be bygones. It would be difficult for any enquiry to corroborate my misconduct without speaking to Sam, who of course was now spending most of his time in his holiday apartment in Majorca. So that’s how I played it. I offered my resignation over coffee and had it turned down flat.

A smirking Stephen explained that the company had no wish to lose my services and my sales figures were easily the best of the combined business. On the contrary, I was in a good position to attain the vacant position of Group Sales Director Scotland, the new title for Sam’s old position. Sam had spoken very highly of me, and management hoped I would take a lead role in introducing their new products to our established customers while chasing new opportunities too. Stephen explained his dilemma. Although he was the only one who had discovered my dishonesty he felt duty bound to report it, and there was no way that management would consider my promotion once aware of my crimes.

I had much to think about. Promotion to the sales director’s job would bring additional salary, status, and a lot less driving around the Highlands. I’d get to spend more time at home and might even have time to find a steady boyfriend following my divorce from Tom last year. But how was I to persuade this young upstart to abandon any attempts at disciplinary action and allow me to get on with my career? I’d nothing to lose, so I decided to use those skills that had served me so well over the years in closing contracts with reluctant procurement managers. I’d just fuck his brains out!

“There might be another way around your dilemma if you’d let me explain?”

“Do you think so Heather? And what might that be?”

“Well you could ask that young barman for a bottle of red and a couple of glasses and then we could go up to my room for a bit of a cuddle and forget all about my expenses and things.”

“I suppose I could, couldn’t I”

“But of course you could, and I could probably give you a bit of a massage and try and relive some of the tension you’re feeling.”

“Well that does sound nice. I’ll just grab that barman”

“Good boy. And I hope you’re feeling fit Stephen, because I’m needing a good workout.”

“Oh well I’m sure I can organise that for you.”

It was like shelling peas, and I soon had him up in my room where I drew the blinds and told him to sit on the bed. I sat down beside him and without breaking eye contact reached across and squeezed his cock through his trousers.

“Goodness Stephen, you do feel like a big boy. I think I’m going to enjoy this”

“I’m not so sure you will Heather. You see this is all very nice and I’m sure I’m going to enjoy riding you just shortly, but I’m still your boss and do require to be respected as such. You have been extremely dishonest over a significant period and I certainly won’t be able to overlook your crimes and recommend you for promotion without you enduring some form of punishment. Do you understand?”

“I’m not sure I do – what exactly was it you had in mind?”

“Very simple Heather. I’m going to take you across my lap and give you a good hiding. A long hard spanking followed by a dozen stokes of the belt while you’re bent over that desk. What do you have to say about that?”

“I think you’re bloody mad, that’s what I think”

“Perhaps I am, but it’s the only way you are going to hold onto your job.”

I tried to reason with him but in the end, it was useless. He had all the cards and unless I told him to stuff his job I was going over his knee, end of story. Resigned to my fate I reluctantly agreed to take a punishment from him but begged him to go easy on me as I had never been spanked as a grown up.

“Out of the question Heather. Serious crimes deserve serious punishment and I’ll be showing you no mercy on this or any other occasion I chose to discipline you.”

Stephen pulled the chair out from the desk and turned it to face the bed. He removed his jacket and hung it over the back of the chair. He also removed his tie before taking a seat.

“Right Heather – get your arse over here and stand beside me. That’s it. Now get your skirt up and then get across my lap. Come on get it right up so I can see your bottom.”