Written by aliobaby

19 Feb 2010

As i put into parts one and 2. We are a middle aged couple whose life had become boring and routine. I had nagged her and finally she agreed to try a threesome to spice things up.

Well in part 2 i told of how things moved on to her taking one of these men as a lover for nearly the last year.

It nearly ended us but we agreed to move on and as soon as she realized she was not going to get thrown out or that we would break up. She slowly got more dominant with me.

Over a few months she used me to pleasure her and i liked it.

Then she discovered the sites i was looking at which were all about cuckolding and white wife's taking black cock.

In part 2 i told of how she tied me to a chair ,bound and gagged as she was well and truly fucked by 3 young black guys from the stores in her work.

When she was finished she released me and had me clean her up with my tongue and then went to sleep leaving me to clean up after their little party.

After i went down stairs i was amazed to find her clothes all ripped apart and torn.

The cushions from the couch were thrown on the floor and there were some very big spunk stains all over the couch.

I cleaned up everything and washed all the plates from their meal.

The next morning she awoke and reaching over she grasped my nipple in her fingers and lazily twisted it until i begged her to stop.

Please i said.

Please what she asked pinching harder.

Please mistress i pleaded i am your slave and will do all you require of me.

Ah she said smiling. Now that is better. Get down and lick my cunt, Gently you fuck she said as i am a little tender from my friends last night.

As i licked and lapped at her wet pussy she held my head and told me that from today she would be getting fucked regularly by her 3 new friends and some others as well.

AS she was saying this and telling me how i would serve her from now on she began to grind into my mouth and soon came filling my mouth with her juices.

Ah that was good she said. They can fuck like there is no tomorrow but you are the best at eating pussy.

Now put on your frilly pink coat and make me some food.

AS it was Saturday and we had a free day i was looking forward to spending some quality time with her.

I had arranged for the kids to stay in their friends for the weekend. it was my plan for us to be together but she had other ideas. When i say kids i mean teenagers and they are more trouble than small kids.

I made her breakfast and sat quietly at the foot of the bed as she ate.

When she was one she said run me a bath. I quickly did as asked, no ordered and was allowed to wash her all over. Slowly soaping all her body and making her lovely and clean.

Now she said we will be entertaining some friends again this evening and you will cook us one of your special meals and serve us wearing your little pink number.

Wont you dear she said as she dressed herself, i am off out now to do some shopping. The water is still in the bath so in you pop now and when i come back make sure that there is no man hair left on your body. Not one little hair or you will be tied up in the box room all evening , gagged and with your earphones on.

Now you do not want that do you my little cucky pussy do you.

No mistress. I said i want to be there to serve you in any way you wish.

Thats a good little cuck she said. only real men can have hair on their bodies. she bent down kissed me and left.

I went into the bathroom and lowering my body into the cooling water spent an hour removing all my body hair.

I shaved my cock balls and ass hole. very difficult. Then i noticed my chest had hair as did my legs and arms. DID she mean them as well.

Not willing to take the chance i shaved them also. AFTER a quick shower i was quite pleased with the smooth feeling off my skin and body.

Down stairs into my pink house coat and start to do all my little jobs around the house.

At around 5 there was no sign of her back so i ws relaxing down to look at a bit of porn when my phone rang.

YES I SAID as i answered it.

Yes what she shouted down the phone at me.

Yes mistress i said how may i serve you.

Thats better she said. Now honey little cucky of mine did you do as i said. are you all smooth for me.

yes mistress i am as you instructed smooth all over.

Good she said now upstairs under the bed i left another little surprise for you. Up you go and make sure to put it all on properly as it is a big night for us both and i do not want you to embarrass me in any way. Is that clear she asked.

Yes mistress i replied i am your to command.

Get to it she said i will be home soon.

I went up and took out the bag. Inside were a full set of clothes. little pink crotchless panties, a spender belt, camisole top in black and pink and my favorite thing for her to wear black fish net stockings.

These were all for me to wear and i just did it. putting hem on i felt weird but excited as well. They all fit very well and i took a look in the mirror i was pleaded with my look.

Looking into the end of the bag i saw a note. It read now sissy get my blonde wig and put it on also make sure you are wearing make up. Nothing slutty just enough to make you look as a lady. I put on the wig and began to try putting on the make up.

Hearing the front door i quickly went down stairs to greet her as instructed.

She was not alone.

Beside her was standing a very tall black man of around 45. His arm was around her waist and she was gazing up into his eyes.

Hi honey she said. This is my boss from work. His name is Johnathon bit you will refer to him as your master is that clear.

Yes mistress i said. may i fetch you and the master a drink please.

They both just laughed out loud and she said you best hurry as i need him to fuck me again .

I went to get the drinks and realized hat she had just said, fuck her again.

Bringing their drinks into the front room i saw her sit on his lap and begin to kiss him passionately.

Down her cucky she said pulling my head between her legs. I need a little cleaning before your master puts his wonderful cock into me again.

My head was pulled up under her skirt and i began to eat and lick her very wet and open pussy. It was leaking his cum from hr as i licked and ate it all.

MMM she said. he is just the best a licking cunt. I cold hear her kissing him and moaning as she came pushing a massive load of his cum into my mouth.

Ah she said pushing me away. That was good cucky now where is my dinner as you have just been giving your first course already.

At once mistress i said and shot out to serve their food.

I waited on them, serving them and cleaning up as they devoured all my prepared food.

Excellent cucky she beamed now sit at my feet for a bit as i explain a few things.

I sat at her feet and began to stroke and rub them as she lay in his arms.

Now cucky she said.

I have been fucking your new master for some weeks now and as he has agreed to be your master you must agree to be his slave.

Yes mistress and master i said i am here to serve you both.

Ah she said thats great cucky. Now come up here and look at this magnificent cock.

I moved up and watched as she freed his cock from his pants.

It was huge. From my angle i could see his smile as she said touch it ,feel it cucky.

I reached out my hand and felt her slap it away. No cuck she said with that expert tongue and mouth of yours. Pleasure your masr as you have pleasured me.

I was pulled forward by my hair as his cock loomed in front of me.

I opened my mouth and started to lick it. as i licked it i began to lick up and down the shaft. sucking his ball one at a time and going back up to close my mouth over the top and susk it hard.

She was stroking my head and he was moaning as i got really into it. I felt it twitch and jerk as i tried to get mere than a couple of inches into my hungry mouth.

SHE was praising me and telling me how clever i was and how it was good to see me pleasuring my new master.

Next thing i began to feel his balls clench as e started to cum in my mouth.

I tried to pull away but she pulled my head deeper down onto his shaft as he unloaded spurt after spurt into my mouth. I was trying to swallow and not choke as it just filled my mouth until he was finished,.

I liked it clean and looking up saw him smile.

Very good cucky he said you are better with your mouth than she is.

She just laughed and said watching that has made me wet again. get over here and let me cum too. I moved over and ate her until she came in my mouth also.

Then they both went upstairs as she told me to clean up and repair my make up before i joined them.

I could hear her moan and cry out as the bed squeaked and he fucked her hard. She cried our several times as she orgasmed again and again.

I went upstairs and found them lying together on the bed totally worn out. AT LEAST SHE WAS He was begining to get hard again as i entered the room.

Ah cucky she said get that wonderful tongue of yours busy and clean me out. I slid onto the bed and ate her again swallowing yet more of his thick cum. She came quite quickly and pushing me away said honey get the lube for me.

I went into the bathroom and returned with the lube to watch her stroke and lick his entire cock.. Here hone she said help me get him hard again.

I bent down and started to lick up and down one side while she did the other.

Oh wow he moaned thats great.

She reached out and taking the lube stroked my cock and balls with her free hand as we continued to lick and suck him.

I felt her hand slide under me and begin ti finger my ass. it was heaven her mouth and mine licking him, our tongues intertwining and our mouths opening to suck him . his cock was covered in our saliva and he was moaning out loud.

Her hands were stroking my cock balls and her fingers were probing my ass hole.

Going deeper and deeper .First one finger then 3 and then 4 in and out as she stroked me. I looked into her eyes and thanked her as i came all over her hand

She pushed my leg over and taking her hand made me lick it clean

AS i licked har fingers i felt my master turn in the bed and position himself behind me.

I felt his big hard cock begin to probe at my loosened ass hole.It was well lubed up by her fingers and his cock was covered in our juices. I quivered with anticipation as i felt him enter my virgin ass. In he slid a little at a time as my wife held my face and began kissing me.

In and out a little more each time. The pain was just bearable when i felt him change position and suddenly he rammed it all up into my ass.

I cried out in pain as it felt i was getting split in 2.

Then he held it for a couple of seconds before starting to really fuck me har and deep.

She moved up the bed and shoving her cunt into my face shouted lick me, eat me cucky as you take your new master for the first time.

He was groaning and grunting calling me his bitch as he slammed into me..

I dont know how it happened but as i felt him cum in me i felt my balls xplode and i shot my cum all over the bed.

AS he kept shooting and cumming in me it was like i was beeing draind of all spunk ,it just seemed to keep on shooting from my cock.

This was too much for her and she came screaming fuck him, give it to him hard.

As he finished and pulled his still hard cock from my ass he gave me a hard smack and said that was a fine little ass and was going to be using it many times in the future.

I was then told to lick it clean as he had to leave.

I licked and sucked it as she watched and smiled at me.

When he was dressed and leaving she went to him and as she passed me pushed my head down to a big pool of my own cum and said clean up your mess cucky.

I quickly licked up and swallowed it all as ordered.

When he was gon she pulled my head up and said now cucky. Your master is too much man for one woman and as i am not willng to share him you will be getting fuced by him any time i am too sore or having a period. Is that clear cucky.

Yes mistress i replied as she slapped my very sore arse and said just as well he is bi and you look so good in your little sissy outfit.

Tomorrow is Sunday and he will be round for tea she said and my period is due as usual like clockwork tomorrow so it will be down to you to make sure he is more than happy and need not look for another lover.

Ok cucky she said.

So off you go to the bath and make sure to shave as you will want to please him for my sake, wont you baby.

I went and ran a bath, easing my sore body down into it .I could feel the water as it slid up into my well fucked arse hole.

I lay there and thought how the fuck am i in this situation, SHE has a lover and now im expected to be his woman whenever she is not able to take him.

Do i really need this i asked myself. then i heard her call my name.

Come here cucky and cuddle up to me. And i knew i would do as she wanted me to do because i loved her and needed her. And if this was to be her desire then i was hers to do with as she wished.

I went to bed , secure in the knowledge that she loved me.