Written by Weshould

20 Jul 2009


This is how I became my wife slave house boy it started about three months ago; she is a very beautiful woman but is also very shy and finds it hard to express her self sexually, in fact she seems to have become more introverted than what she was when we first got together I’ve always wanted her to be more in control of our sex life as I have a high pressure job I am Director of a private company which we inherited from my father in-law and when I get home I would like to be able to relax and not have to make decisions about anything including our sex life as a result of this it was becoming very boring and we where getting less interested in it the longer it went on. I do enjoy my sex and I know that my wife also enjoys her sex so to try get her interested again I asked her if she’d be interested in becoming my sex slave and signing a contract which would give me total control of her body and mind saying that she would no longer have to feel guilty about anything we did as she would know that it was me that was telling her what to do and if she didn’t then she would be punished. To be honest I did not think she would go for the idea but after thinking about it for a couple of days she agreed to do it as long as the contract had a finish date on it to which I agreed. After signing I started things very slow not wanting to frighten her and had her do a few thing to see how she would respond like getting a xxx wax and wearing G-strings in stead of panties which she did I then told her that she was mine to do with what ever I wanted and she was my fuck slut and to remind her of this I’d renamed her “Jan” so every time she heard the name Jan it would remind her of who she was and what she was. We went out to dinner and I laid out what she was to wear a very nice shot black dress with black stay up stockings she asked about panties and I told her that she would be going out without any this evening which she did after dinner we drove to secluded car park and I had her give me a great head job and then sit in front of me and play with herself until she orgasm while she was doing this I told her a story about how I wanted her to suck another guys cock and fuck him while I watch and join in the both of us guys would be fucking her at the same time which seemed to excite her and helped to achieve her orgasm. I had her read stories and chat to people on line hoping this would help her realize that sex was to be enjoyed and as long as it was between consenting adults and no one was hurt then it was all good.

We had decided to take a break from our busy schedules and have a few days in a country hotel just the two of us. I was still calling her ‘Jan’ to remind her that she was my fuck slut more as a tease than anything else as I could see she was not really into the game but we had taken some sex toys with us just incase we wanted to play. We spend the fist day just relaxing and had dinner in the hotel the next day we took a short drive round the country side dropping into some wineries and doing a bit of wine tasting and arrived back mid afternoon I took a shower and told her she could show me a good time and pleasure me she must of gotten a few thing from our toy bag and hidden them under the pillow. When I came out of the shower she was naked telling me to lie on the bed if I wanted a good time which I did she then started kissing me and working her way down my body until she was at my dick she then licked it and played with it until it was hard which did not take long then pulling my foreskin back she lick the head of my very hard cock before talking it in her mouth and sucking it. Mean while she had lubed her fingers and started rubbing it round my arse hole which she knew I like then inserting one finger she started to fuck my ass then two a short time after that she had all four fingers in my butt and I was starting to breath heavy and pushing down wanting her to fuck me harder. She then stopped sucking my cock looked me straight in my eyes and said “Now who’s,who’s fuck slut”which took me by complete surprise all I could say that I was her fuck slut as she continued to fuck my ass she then told me that after she was finished with me she had a contract for me to sign that gave her complete control of me and my body and I would be her slave to do with what ever she wanted to do with me, I just said yes anything she wanted. Once she had finished with me she took out a piece of paper and told me to sign which I did with out reading. I had to ask what had brought about her change she replied that because the contract did not come into force until the next day because she thought it would have taken longer to get me to sign she would tell me just how she came to the decision to become my Mistress. Because I had encouraged her to go on line and chat with strangers she had learnt a lot and had chatted to some really nice people and some strange most had encouraged her to go with it and relax and enjoy the journey one guy had pointed her in the direction of a Bondage and Discipline site and told her to join as they had a chat room where she could most probably find someone to help which did.

She said she had been chatting to a dominatrix for sometime and she had talked her throw her insecurities and told her how much fun she could be having say that most guys like to be dominated and that she should look at it as doing me a favor with benefits for her she also told her that it was not just about bondage and punishment in that there did not have to be pain and beatings but it was more a mind game and control which was achieved by using excitement and pleasure their own fear in the persons mind and if they need to be smacked then it was only a small sharp hit just as to reminder as to who was in charge. She then told me that this was the last time she explain herself to me and from now on she was in charge and I would have to get use to the idea or be disciplined she took a bracelet from her bag and told me to wear it to remind me that I was her property and that she had decided on a new name for me like I had for her to help me remember my place in our relationship and because I liked to be fucked that my name should reflect this so I would be called Sally and when addressing her she would be called Mistress Jackie and I would not make eye contact with her. The next day started with me getting up and having a shower to go to breakfast as I waited for Mistress Jackie to get up and shower I started to pack our bag ready to check out Mistress Jackie told me to make sure I did not forget anything and that when we got back she had made an appointment for me to get waxed as seeing I had wanted her body hairless it was only fair that I to was hairless and after that we where going shopping for some new clothes which would be more suited to my new status.

We checked out and I drove towards home Mistress Jackie told me to make sure we where at the shopping centre before 11am as that was the time I was booked in for the waxing I looked at her and said you are joking she just turned and in a stern voice said “are you questioning me” with the tone in her voice I just replied no Mistress Jackie and drove to the shopping centre. After parking the car we walked to the beauty salon she came in with me talking to the woman she said he lost the last bet and now he is going to have to pay the price for loosing and see just how it feels with a smooth hairless body and they both laughed she turned to me and said the girls here will look after you and I’ll be waiting for you in the coffee shop meet me there and we’ll go shopping. The woman directed me to a room in the back and told me the get undressed down to my g string that Mistress Jackie made me wear I now know why she did a short time later another girl came in and told me to lie down on the table and proceeded to wax my leg working her way up to my chest and then pulled my g-string down to the base of my penis and applied wax over my pubic area and before I could take a breath she removed it with a sharp pull taking with it all my pubic hair then moving my g-string to the side she did the same to both sides and between my legs after that she gave me a paper towel and told me to cover my penis as she need to wax my scrotum the only thing I could think was just how lucky I was not to be very hairy. After she had finished my front I was told to roll over and she then removed the rest of my body hair then started to wipe a cooling lotion over the areas where she had removed the hair from telling me to that I could apply it to my own penis area must say it did help. I dressed paying for my treatment and going down the mall to meet Mistress Jackie at the coffee shop.

I sat down at the table and waited for Mistress Jackie to finish her coffee she turned to me and said “you’ll look good with a smooth body in your new cloths “ she then stood up and moved out in to the mall and I followed with out question we went into Woolworths ladies department and the lingerie section she told me to turn round looking me up and down she then said for me to stand just where I was and she left walking down the isle looking at was available taking a few items and returning them to the shelves looking back towards me every time she picked an item up a short time later she returned to where I was standing and told me to follow her walking through to the dresses and again she started looking round all the rack of clothes picking them up and returning them she finally settled on a few thing and said we can now go home. We paid for the things and went back to the car and I drove home. Once inside Mistress Jackie told me to shower and come back naked and she would have something for me to wear I turned and left to shower, returning to the lounge room Mistress Jackie gave me a collar and a belt to wear and said “that’s all you will wear when your home until you have proven that you are worthy of the clothes and when you go to work I’ll tell you what your allowed to wear”. She then told me to turn round and bend forward as I did this she took a butt plug out she applied KY jelly and inserted it firmly it into my bum and said that I could remove it when she said and not before or I would be punished. Then told me to go to the garage and bring in the luggage and unpack which I did with out question. Mistress Jackie told me to bring her a Champaign and start to get dinner ready as she wanted to eat early so she could spend more time with her new slave making sure that I got to know my new duties and what she expected of her fuck slut. Once dinner was over I was told to draw a bath while the bath was filling she had me give her a massage she then went into bathroom saying I could clean up the dinning room and do the dishes after that bring her another Champaign and wait in the bedroom until she had finished incase she needed anything else. When she returned to the bedroom she was dressed in a black corset which pushed her breast up with matching black panties, black stay up stockings and black knee high boots with stiletto heels, Mistress Jackie looked fantastic I instantly got a hard on she told me to stand and that she never told me I could get hard so to get rid of it before she punished me from the tone of her voice I know she was not kidding so I cleared my mind and allowed my hard cock to soften.

Mistress Jackie went to the wardrobe and returned with some leather bracelets with D-ring attached she placed one on each wrist and ankle then took a cock harness and strapped my cock securely and said that if I was the get a hard on then I’d find it quiet painful and this would help control my urges. Attaching a lead to my color she lead me thru the house and into the back yard the cold air made my penis shrink even more Mistress Jackie just smiled and said “that better now remember that‘s the way I want it unless I tell you otherwise” turning and walked me back to the bedroom where she lay on the bed and told me to give her the best head job she’d ever had or expect punishment and no relief for myself. I climbed on the bed between her legs removing her panties and started licking her pussy for all I was worth it must have been good for a short time later she had an orgasm. Mistress Jackie then moved her legs and told me to lie on my back removing my cock harness and stated to play with my cock which was already oozing pre cum which she wiped with her finger and placed it on my lips telling me to lick it clean asking me how it tasted and she know I’d like the taste of cum when I was hard she straddled me and lowered her wet hot pussy on to my erection telling me to control my orgasm she would let me know when she wanted me to cum. She then started to move slowly up and down my hard cock it took all my concentration to stop from Cumming straight away but I thought I did quiet well as I was afraid what Mistress Jackie would do if I failed I lay there just hoping that she would allow me to cum but she just kept moving up and down my cock. Mistress Jackie then said “I want you to cum now “which I was only to happy to comply with and shot a massive load of cum deep into her pussy.

Mistress Jackie sat still for a moment then lifted her self of my now soft cock and moved up my body placing a knee on each side of my head looking me in the eyes and said “it’s good to see you can do what your told .now remember when you told me to swallow your cum and that I’d enjoy it once I got use to the taste now its time for you to acquire the taste for it. NOW START CLEANING UP YOUR MESS AND MAKE A GOOD JOB BECAUSE YOU’LL BE THERE UNTIL I’M HAPPY WITH HOW YOU DO IT “ her voice told me that no matter how I felt about it I’d better do just what she had commanded. With that she moved forward and pushed her dripping pussy right over my mouth I felt her wet thighs slip passed my checks I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to taste my own cum now oozing from her pussy which she place right over my mouth and she seemed to force a huge load of cum dropping straight to the back of my mouth causing me to gag but managed to swallow the taste was quiet salty with a mixture of Mistress Jackie’s juices I licked and swallowed as quickly as I could it seems I was licking for 30 minutes or more and as I did Mistress Jackie was telling me what a little cum loving slut I was and telling me how much I’d enjoy a real cock . Finally Mistress Jackie moved and said “you’ve done a good job and I could now go to bed and sleep but to make sure I was up early to get her breakfast and making sure I was showered before waking her at 8:30 am for her breakfast while I was waiting for Mistress Jackie to wake I could start to clean the floors and bathrooms.