Written by Wend

23 Nov 2015

Fantasy time.

I was relaxing whilst reading here on SH, reclined on my sofa gently rubbing my pussy through my panties.

I must have drifted off to sleep, because what I'm about to tell is a fantasy played out in role play during our date nights.

I was on a bed. Tied by my hands above my head to the headboard, in just hold up stockings, black heels blindfolded.

My husband gently tickling my body with something soft.

Every now and again I would feel a pinch to my nipples and a slap to my pussy. Each time I was slapped, I felt a surge of pleasure trough my body.

There was a knock on the door. The petting stopped and I heard talking.

A very deep voice was saying is she ready? And something about untie her hands from the headboard. She needs to be ready on her knees.

It was really happening. My husband told me that I had a surprise coming. A Dom surprise. Wow! My heart started to race.

I felt my hands released from the bed, and thick cuffs secured around them behind my back.

She's all yours he said and suddenly I felt a hand gently roaming over my nakedness. The deep voice said,"my dear, you will obey me. Or this stops right now".

I meekly replied, yes. It was then I felt a slap on my bottom. "Yes, what!"

I quickly shouted Master!

The hand began to gently stroke me again. Mmmm!

"You will wear this for me, won't you".

I said,"yes master". Thinking it was some leather wear. However I felt cold lube being rubbed into my pussy and anus. This was unexpected, but strangely erotic, so I just went with it.

Then a finger slipped into my pussy Mmmm!

After a short time the finger went into my ass without a moments warning.

It worked my ass for a short while before more lube was applied and I felt something cold enter me with a slight pop.

The deep voice said you now have a hook in you. Do you like it? I did of course and said, Yes master".

A cord was tied around my waist to secure it and my hands were then secured to my ankle cuffs.

My face was pressing against the bed, my ass sticking in the air.

Again the hands caressed my body. I was on the edge of my first orgasm of this encounter. My pussy was very wet at this point, and I really needed to be fucked.

I was dribbling all over the bed due to my face being pressed onto the sheet because of the position I was in.

I felt my hair pulled from behind and his cock enter me inch by inch until it was fully in. It felt big. Very big.

My blindfold was then released, and I saw my husband sat in a chair, erect cock in hand looking at me.

My head was pulled back hard by my hair and was then looking straight into a mirror.

I saw this very strong looking black man behind me holding my hair and smiling.

He spanked me hard and said, " Girl, your master is going to ride you".

He then fucked me hard whilst spanking me and pulling me onto him by my hair.

I woke to my husband shaking me.

He said. " I don't know what you were dreaming about, but you were saying oh fuck when I walked in".